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Sabira Vetui, Lady of Brass (HEAVY WIP)

Sixth Seat of the Council
Sabira Vetui

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Nicknames & Titles:

Lady of Brass
Maniac of K'vehl
The Thousand-Toothed

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"I'm not interested in the "if". There is no "if". Or "why", generally speaking - borders exist solely to be tested. In all walks of life, the only question one should concern themselves with is... "how?" And maybe also "when" and "where". On occasion."
-Sabira Vetui

Sabira Vetui, often nicknamed the Lady of Brass, is the first and current occupant of the Sixth Seat on the Council of Seven, as well as the duly-appointed Grand Engineer of the Guild of Eisenstern. The innovative mind behind many of the mechanisms and technologies employed by the Guild, including a large portion of the Tower itself, Sabira may come across as somewhat eccentric in her drive towards progress. She cares not for such petty distinctions - with little concern for anything save what she sees as an eternal march towards advancement, she goes on tinkering and inventing evermore - oft without directions or basic ethical guidance, but never without results.



Sabira is best described, in a word, as eccentric. One will typically find her in a distracted, daydream-esque state regardless of what she is doing, and she rarely imparts any significant measure of her attention to conversational topics or her immediate surroundings. Once she finds something she is interested in, however (typically in the form of some complex mechanism or constructive challenge), she gains a measure of focus that could almost be considered inhuman (or in this case, in-elven). Recorded as having once had several fingers torn off by a rabid Felhound amidst repairing a clock, she was seen to finish her task by grasping a spanner in her teeth, and keeping the beast at bay using only her leg. According to eyewitnesses, she then proceeded to eviscerate the daemon with "a look of minor annoyance", reattach her fingers, and return to tinkering.


"Ooooh! What does this button do?"

"You're in my way. Please relocate, or I will relocate you. You're making me waste time talking to you - that gets me in a relocatory sort of mood."

"This is it! The peak of my engineering career! For the next five minutes at the very least! Now where did I put that uranium?"

"Ah yes, you've stepped on the mine. Or was it supposed to be a medic-bot? Well, in the latter case it doesn't appear to have worked. In the former case, it seems to have worked very well. Oh, don't be such a baby. Your leg's over there, in the corner - still sort of intact."


Sabira is wholly unconcerned with politics, and has never really had any measure of interest in them. Kresge allows her to ply her trade, and so she has no objections to his maintenance of power.

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Whatever lets her carry on her day-to-day work in peace

  • Neutral: Most things

  • Anti: Luddites, Primitivism

Personal Life

Abilities & Equipment

When examining Sabira, one may easily forget that despite her mannerisms she remains a member of the Council of Seven, and is thus commeasurately threatening in a combat scenario. And indeed, she may be among the most terrifying combatants to occupy a seat, for the bulk of her martial prowess is sourced from her ever-changing, ever-expanding array of inventions and sundry devices. It is functionally impossible to know what to expect from her - from reality-rending clockwork aberrations to bioengineered plagues and weaponized algebra, the sheer volume of diverse and creative means by which she may do battle is staggering. Her own body is oft utilized as a testbed for inventions - pseudocybernetics and genetic tinkering ensure that her physical capabilities remain far out of proportion with her petite exterior, and any number of internal weapons may be deployed at practically any time in a great and concerning number of ways. She is also a surprisingly competent mage, and will often leverage her inherent arcane talents in tandem with her artificing knowledge, resulting in a unique and highly unpredictable form of technomancy.

Known Spells & Techniques