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Snippets and Whispers - Choice Guild documentation for the discerning

By order of the Guild Council

The following document is to remain available to Guild personnel of any clearance

Subsections and linked documents may be subject to alterations of this rule - be sure to read warning information carefully, and desist from attempted viewing of documentation above your clearance level. The Guild is not responsible for any harm, mental, physical or spiritual, that may come about as a result of disregarding this warning.

An Introduction

I've decided to leave a little something here. A point of orientation, if you will. Chances are, you're an operative of the Guild. If not - not really an issue at this point in time. Sure, you may have stumbled onto this slip of paper, and it piqued your interest. As long as you don't go on to read past, say, the next few lines, you
probably won't have your mind destroyed by any form of security measure of enchantment. Probably. I'd put away this document now, if I were you, and forget it ever even existed. Alright? Glad we understand each other.

Still with me? Good. Now, featured below are some choice documents. With the way we've structured this, they'll probably be added to as time goes on - the wonders of bibliomancy, eh? Each of them tells a... story, of a sort. It really all boils down to stories, sooner or later. Information is scattered throughout, of course, but they all serve as an account. A literary ballad, if you will. Hopefully something to remember us by, at the very least. Now, whatever your clearance is, it shouldn't matter. Each document should be sealed in accordance to access levels - if you get somewhere you shouldn't be, don't read past the warning messages and you'll be fine. Aside from that, I wish you an interesting read - after all, what's the point of having records if nobody ever reads the damn things?

-Vinzenz Kresge, The Iron Hand, Founder and Guildmaster of Eisenstern


Notable Operatives of the Guild

For camraderie and profit.

Relics and Remnants - a small sampling of the Vault

Trinkets and baubles, equals of gods.

External Subject Dossier - "Persephone"

In the birdcage.

External Subject Dossier - "Medea"

Tinker, tailor, soldier, traitor.


Operation Cloudbreak

In which one very angry man and his magic army wage war on heaven for kidnapping his girlfriend.

On the gathering storm

A deal is struck.

Take a little walk to the edge of town

To pierce thine walls.

As it shook and cracked

And one by one.

Where secrets lie - COMING "SOON"

The pieces fall.

In a dusty black coat with a red right hand - COMING "SOON"

And now as one we stand.