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Vehn, the Crafted (HEAVY WIP)

Second Seat of the Council
Vehn, the Crafted

One of Vehn's most notable proxy bodies.
Personal Info


Impossible to determine

Place of Creation:

The Guild Forge, Eisenstern Tower


N/A, Male Identifying


200cm (Primary proxy)

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

Luminescent blue (occasionally)


34 (de jure)
Unknown, potentially infinite (de facto)


Vinzenz Kresge





Nicknames & Titles:

Master of Puppets
Vehn of the Strings
The All-Seeing
The Black Legate
The Unending
One of All

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:


Economic Ideology:

State Capitalism

"I was built with a single purpose in mind. Over time, that purpose has expanded to encompass a wide variety of things. And yet, war is still at the core of my being. It and I are indivisible."
-Vehn, the Crafted

Vehn the Crafted, often nicknamed Master of Puppets, is the first and current occupant of the Second Seat on the Council of Seven, as well as the duly-appointed Warmaster of the Guild of Eisenstern, and commander of its Black Legion. Built by Vinzenz Kresge within the Tower's legendary forge, he was envisioned as a unifying force for the so-called Black Legion - the Guild's unending army of golems. Aside from his duty as Warmaster, he also fulfills an administrative role in the Guild, acting as something of a chief accountant.



Vehn is, unsurprisingly, often described as cold or mechanical in his manner of speech - rarely slipping into informal jargon, he generally tries to convey his points in as precise a manner as possible. Over the course of his existence, he has learned to express certain hints of emotion, and has slowly grown accustomed to human conversational dynamics, though he still has much to learn in that regard. He is extremely loyal to Kresge, and will defend him with absolute conviction no matter the situation.


"Violence is, in some ways, regrettable - but it remains merely a tool. It is up to the workman to determine its use."

"I am many, and we are one - cliché, I know."

"To see with a thousand eyes is to lend oneself a greater breadth of inputs. Depth does not necessarily coincide."


As the current occupant of the Second Seat on the Council of Seven, Vehn remains an influential figure in the runnings of the guild. Despite this, he rarely chooses to involve himself in most decisions, save when Kresge requires his support (which he will generally give without question). He considers politics to be a distraction from his intended function and purpose, and so treats them dismissvely. A notable exception are matters of war - as the Guild's Warmaster, Vehn is deeply involved in the coordination and leadership of forces during wartime. He also exhibits absolute authority over the actions of the Black Legion, due to his role as their controlling intelligence.

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Militarization, Meritocracy, Scientific Advancement, Magical Advancement, Realpolitik

  • Neutral: Most things

  • Anti: Disarmament, Theocracy

Personal Life

Technically, Vehn doesn't have leisure time or breaks from his position. This is because, across a large number of bodies, he is constantly performing at least some tasks for the guild. However, he often allocates unneeded portions of his processing power to the study of foreign technologies and cultural staples. He is particularly fascinated with music, and will almost always be analyzing (i.e. listening to) some form of musical track, regardless of what else he is doing.

Abilities & Equipment

As a purposefully-created arcane construct, Vehn's mental processing power is far superior to any human. It allows for a far greater degree of bodily regulation, the simultaneous control of large numbers of individual bodies, and a speed of calculation far outstripping most mundane supercomputers. It also makes him far less susceptible to mental attack (in both a mundane and magical sense).

Vehn's most notable "equipment" is likely the many surrogate bodies he inhabits and controls. While most are production models of the Black Legion, a few are uniquely built as personal proxies. The primary example of this is the body he utilizes in everyday dealings with the rest of the Guild, along with most "fieldwork" - an approximately human-sized construct, with a featureless, glassy surface covering the facial area. This surface may be used as a form of display, and will typically change to convey pseudo-emotions or information. This body is also fitted with various hidden weaponry, including several high-grade magical projectors. Many of his signature magical techniques involve the creation of semi-corporeal "strings", which may be applied for a wide variety of purposes.

Known Spells & Techniques

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