by Max Barry

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The Wandering City of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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READ ME (at the very least)

This nation and its factbooks are HEAVILY WIP, and it currently does not use NS stats (because they wouldn't make very much sense). Here is a short rundown of its key points:

- It isn't quite a nation in the conventional sense. Much closer to a micronation or an independent city-state.

- It is a mobile, floating, dimension-hopping tower with non-euclidean geometry (bigger on the inside), ruled by a meritocratic council. Interior size is comparable to a large city.

- Tech level is FanT for the most part - think hybrid steampunk/high fantasy. Though you'll see hints of other tech levels here and there, mostly taken from world's that have been visited.

- Considers itself an independent, sovereign state regardless of current location.

- Municipal government is democratic. While technically overseen and controlled by the council, their actions are rarely interfered with (as the council pursues its own agenda, and leaves the city to run itself for the most part).

- Founded by an old adventurer, who still occupies the first seat on the council. He is the de-facto leader, though he does not directly order the other council members around. He's more of a mediator (a la Kodlak Whitemane)

- State capitalism is probably the best way to describe the economy, although said economy is rather atypical, and can be likened mostly to a trading/merchant republic.

- Despite its small size, can still chew through pretty much any MT army and stand toe-to-toe with quite a few FT armies. Can churn out hivemind-driven golems ad infinitum, and fields an elite force of superhuman warriors for when the golems aren't enough.