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The Federal Republic of
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Quick Facts about Eglaecia

The Federal Republic of Eglaecia

Basic Facts

Full Nation Name: The Federal Republic of Eglaecia
Colloquial Name(s): Eglaecia
National Language: Eglaecian (French)
Official Languages: Eglaecian
Population: 53.4 Million
Capital: Roussay
Largest City: Roussay
Number and type of Subdivisions: 8 (6 Provinces, 2 Autonomous Communities)
Largest Subdivision (area): Monnetay
Largest Subdivision (population): Grand Roussay
Current Head of State: President William Lafaille
Current Head of Government: Prime Minister Vincent Carre

Timeline of Events

1366: Unification of Main Eglaecia
1459: Gobre annexed into Eglaecia
1503: Kernor annexed into Eglaecia
1744: Clerisseau Dynasty assumes the throne
1847: Eglaecian Revolution
1893: Federal Republic of Eglaecia declared

Leaders - Past and Present

Leader Name

Political Party

Years in office

Mathis Joguet

Conservative Party


Guillaume Pasteur

Workers' Party


Abelin Jacquard

Republican Party


Isaac Barreau

Republican Party


Edouard Lortier

Workers' Party


Milo Levasseur

People's Party


Michel Belyea

Popular Republican Union


Jean-Baptiste Deshaies

Popular Republican Union


Charles Mattier

Popular Republican Union


Lťo Philidor

Center Liberal Party


Laurent Philippon

Workers' Party


Samuel Brazier

Catholic Democrats


Benjamin Belyea

Christian Democratic Center


Jean-Philippe Bouhier

Workers' Party


Marcus Gagnon

Christian Democratic Center


Adam Gaudreau

Workers' Party


Fabien Trottier

Christian Democratic Center


Gabriel Wathelet

Worker's Party


Marie Girard

Christian Democratic Center


Vincent Carre

Christian Democratic Center



Term Limits
Eglaecia HAS NOT got any federal term limits.
Length/Additional Notes: Term limits may be implemented on any role as long as the body that holds the role to account decides so. For example, placing term limits on the Governorship of any province or autonomous community requires the backing of the legislature of the province of autonomous community.

Legal Ages
Drinking: 18
Smoking: 21
Driving: 16
Voting: 21
Serving in Military: 18
Marriage: 18
Homeowning: 16

LGBTQ Rights
Legal status of LGBTQ relations: Legal
Legal status of LGBTQ Marriage: Illegal
Are LGBTQ citizens protected from discrimination: Yes
Does Eglaecia Accept refugees based on LGBTQ persecution: Yes
Additional Notes: Eglaecia is a highly religious nation, however civil liberties are taken seriously. Discrimination is against the law, plain and simple, however religious institutions are allowed to refuse to perform or recognise same-sex marriages as part of their religious liberties. The federal government does not recognise marriage as a secular institution, and instead offers civil unions for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Drug Laws
Eglaecia has a LIBERTARIAN drug policy
What Drugs are Legal in Eglaecia: Marijuana and Tobacco are both legal for recreational purposes.
Penalty for Drug Use in Eglaecia: The use of illegal substances is not illegal, however possession or dealing them is.
Additional Notes:

Eglaecia has an AUTHORITARIAN stance on abortion.
When is abortion allowed in Eglaecia: Abortion is only allowed if the mother's life is at risk as a result of pregnancy and there is a chance it can be saved by performing an abortion.
Additional Notes: Only around 35% of Eglaecians support liberalising the current abortion laws. Eglaecia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world when it comes to abortion.

Nuclear Weaponry
Eglaecia DOES NOT own nuclear weaponry
Additional Notes: An Eglaecian nuclear program was started during the [COLD WAR PLACEHOLDER], however within half a decade it became focused on researching ways to prevent nuclear weapons from striking Eglaecia, instead of the creation of nuclear weaponry.

Eglaecia DOES NOT endorse a religion
What is Eglaecia's official Religion: Eglaecia is a secular country.
What is the most practised religion in Eglaecia: Roman Catholicism.

Government Subsidiaries
Is healthcare government/taxpayer funded in Eglaecia: Partly
Is education government/taxpayer funded in Eglaecia: Partly