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Random Facts

This is a collection of information that I posted on the forum, which are not yet integrated into any of the more formal factbooks.

Random Questions About YN

1. Your nation's population? 73 267 449
2. What is the most popular political party in your nation? The most popular political movement is the Anarchist Society, comprised of various social anarchists, eco-anarchists, individualists and queers.
3. How many seats are in the legislative body of your nation, if you have one? How are they elected? There is the Fultiŋ (full assembly), a digital platform which allows all 73 million members of the commune to cast their votes on issues of nationwide importance.
4. Was your nation ever an empire? For how long, and how much territory did it have at its peak? A few of our predecessors, namely the Netherlands and Belgium, had colonial empires back in the day.
5. Was your nation ever a colony/state? For how long, and how did you gain independence (through war or diplomacy)? We were subsumed into Prussia in 1871, and only gained independence in 1944 from Nazi Germany.
6. What and when was your nations worst economic crisis? Riots of the late nineteen-sixties.
7. Are school uniforms popular in your nation? There is not a single uniform in the whole country.
8. Does your nation have a big standardized test for college/high school students, ex. the SAT/MCAT? No.
9. How long do doctors in your nation go through med school/internship (counting pre-med)? 4 years of studies and 2 years of practical schooling.
10. Is healthcare universal in your nation? Yes.
11. What is the most popular name for boys in your nation? Varies from region to region, but Hinak and variations thereof are currently very popular.
12. What is the most popular name for girls in your nation? Varies from region to region, but Eske and variations thereof are currently very popular.
13. What is the most common cause of deaths in your nation? Old age, heart disease, and cancer.
14. Is your country currently at war? If yes, with who, and can you briefly explain why/the current status of the war? Is it a total war? Sassony is devoted to pacifism and currently at peace.
15. What was the bloodiest war your nation has ever endured? Was it a total war? It was World War II.
16. What was the least bloodiest war your nation has ever endured?
17. Are GMOS legal in your nation? Do they have to be labeled? Researching them is allowed, introducing them out into the open is considered seriously endangering the planet. They have to be labeled.
18. Has your nation ever committed or been a victim of a genocide? What was it? We both took part in and fell victim to the genocides commited by Nazi Germany.
19. Is your nation interstellar (does it have territory on other planets)? We are currently starting to explore space.
20. Has your nation ever had a major epidemic? What disease was it and how did YN stop it? Spanish Flu, back in 1919.
21. What is the most popular dog breed in your nation? All kinds of mongrels. German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are relatively common.
22. What is the most popular cat breed in your nation? European Shorthair
23. Other than dogs/cats/fish, what is the most popular pet in your nation? Small breeds of domestic pigs as well as semi-tamed corvids.
24. Are there any requirements people must meet to purchase a gun in your nation? You swear an oath and are entered into an online register that can be viewed by anyone.
25. What is the most popular sport in your nation? Football/soccer, handball, athletics.
26. What is the average income of your nation? See here for a rough comparison.
27. What is the worth of currency in your nation (compare to USD/British pound if possible)? Hard to say because we have labor vouchers for specific things. We also have the spliff, which is equal in value to a Standard Monetary Unit in terms of production cost and market value.
28. What is your leader's favorite color? According to the issue we got, black. But we have no leader, and red is a close second among the population.

Random details on YN's society

Sci-fi, modern or fantasy? Modern
Tolerant of other races and cultures or xenophobic? Extremely tolerant
Open or closed Borders? Open borders
Free trade or no free trade? Free trade, but no entrepreneurial freedom
Overseas manufacturing or local manufacturing? Mostly local
Communism/socialism or capitalism? Socialism
Federal or centralist government? Extremely federated
Religious or secular? Secular and spiritual
Diplomatic or militaristic? Diplomatic
Homosexuality is a right or sin? A right

Freedom in your nation

Are Citizens allowed to purchase firearms and use them: Yes
Can police use guns: There is no police. But the emergency services may use guns like everybody else.
Are Women allowed into politics: Yes. All genders are allowed into everything.
Are blacks allowed in politics: Yes. All skin colors are allowed in everything.
Is Homosexuality legal?: Of course.
Is Bisexuality legal?: Definitely.
Is Asexuality legal?: Yes. What are you gonna do, force people to have sex once a year?
Is Heterosexuality legal?: Yes.
Is Homosexual marriage legal: Yes, but marriage doesn't actually mean anything for legislature.
Can anyone practice any religion: Yes, as long as it does not involve chopping off other people's heads, or raising your kids to hate gay people and jews. They can still practice the religion, but without the violent parts.
Can citizens use drugs?: Yes.
Can citizens drink alcohol: Yes. Alcohol is drugs.
Is euthanasia legal: A patient can be assisted in suicide if they wish it.
Is abortion legal: Yeah.
Are armed militias legal: The whole population is an armed militia. Militias for the purpose of killing or oppressing other people are illegal.
Is public coitus legal: Yes
Is public nudity legal: Yes

Ruling Political Party in YN?

Name: Anarchist Society (Anacistʃe Gemeenʃap)
Founded: In 1934 through a unification of various anarchist groups. Those movements have existed at least since 1848.
Leader(s): None
Political Orientation: Libertarian from extreme left to moderate right
Ideologies: Communist, Collectivist, Syndicalist, Mutualist, Green, Feminist, Queer, and Individualist Anarchism
Members: < 20 million
Youth Organization: Juŋe Anacistn̩

Schooling in your nation

Are schools in your nation exclusively public or private, or do both types of schools exist? All schools are collectively operated.
Is education compulsory? If yes, until what age? Nothing is compulsory in East Angria.
Are uniforms required? If yes, what do they look like? No uniforms.
What values do your nations' schools instill? Freedom, equality, critical thinking, openness, acceptance of other lifestyles, individual empowerment, happiness and how to achieve it
Is religion allowed in schools? Individuals can live out their spirituality and beliefs however they like. Religious organizations and cults are banned from schools, however.
What language(s) are classes conducted in? Mostly in the local Franconian, Frisian, Low German or Jutlandic dialect. Advanced classes may be conducted in the East Angrian standard of Low German. In urban areas, there are schools or classes held in minority languages.

How long is a typical school day? What days of the week are classes held? Four to six hours, and four or five days of the week, if you attend all offered classes.
What classes are compulsory? Nothing is compulsory in East Angria. Special care is taken to teach children basic math, logic, happiness, writing and reading, as well as useful common knowledge.
What kinds of elective classes are available, if any? household and community economics, sciences and humanities, language courses, ethics, medicine, various handicrafts, communication, spiritual self-discovery, cooking, and others.
Do students get lunch/break periods? They can take breaks whenever they like, but usually there is a lunch period to allow everyone to eat communally without missing out on a lesson.
Most popular after-school programs? sports and play.
How is discipline handled in your nations' schools? Students are asked to leave the classroom if they cause too much trouble.
Can students be held back for poor performance? There is no rigid class system. Students may be advised to take up other classes if they don't seem to be making any progress though.

What is your nations attitude toward the "disabled" ?

We see disability as a scale rather than an "On or Off" condition. Many of our people have some form of disability, the most widespread being impaired vision.
Sassony is in the top 3% worldwide for the most inclusive nations, currently scoring 231.82 on the Mandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index.
This is reflected in our culture, our infrastructure, and our economy.

Our collective economy supplies everything for your basic needs. This means that the people who have severe disabilities which prevent them from working don't have to worry about bringing in money. In most cases, a job can be found even for people who are bound to wheelchairs or who have severe learning disabilities. Thus they can still contribute to society with their work.
Almost all public buildings, appartment complexes and public transportation facilities are completely accessible.
Care for children, elderly, sick, or disabled is one of the communal jobs that people may take up to earn their basic income. Widespread automatization and our need-based economy has enabled us to provide one-to-one care in many cases.

How does your nation deal with hurricanes?

We don't really get hurricans in western Europe. But if we do, we'll get in as much info as possible, inform the people of potental dangers, establish evacuation routes, let people stay in private houses and public buildings outside of the endangered areas, and rebuild by means of MUTUAL AID.

Known World Political Systems Index

Official Nation Name: Anarchist Commune of Sassony - Anarcistše Komune Zasn

Name(s) Of The Major Ideology/Ideologies Of The Nation (If Any): Anarchism, communism, socialism, libertarianism, syndicalism, mutualism, democracy, environmentalism, pacifism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, anti-authoritarianism

Government Type: Free territory/federation of anarchist communes and councils

How Does The Government Function? (5 Sentences Minimum): Nominally, East Angria is an anarchist commune with very little bureaucracy and governmental control over the population. Instead of a parliament, the country employs a direct democratic system in which the whole population votes on passing and abolishing legislation. Representatives and government officials can be appointed and deposed directly by the group which they represent, requiring the support and trust of at least 50% of their voters.
East Angria’s economy is socialist in the sense that the means of production are firmly in the hands of the workers who use them. The survival of businesses does not depend on arbitrary monetary value, but on the available resources and the needs of the people. Cooperatives are state-owned only on paper, as they are actually used and horizontally managed by the workers themselves.
Foreign capitalist investments are allowed, but carefully observed and firmly regulated, so that no harm may come to the East Angrian population, environment and natural resources.
Instead of social welfare, a universal basic income of a thousand spliffs per month is in place, saving administrative work and cost and enabling everybody to live a life of peace, dignity and relative prosperity. All other income is regulated with a minimum wage of fifteen spliffs per hour and bonuses for especially dangerous, difficult, boring, repetitive, dirty, or necessary jobs, as well as for unpopular work hours at night and on weekends. Education and scientific research are almost universally regarded as especially important for progress.
The state has been replaced by a decentralized system of individually organized work towards the common good. All value that is produced by the citizens of East Angria goes back to benefit either themselves or their peers in a very direct way. The “Average Income Tax” stat denotes the percentage of value that is brought into public domain for everybody to use, instead of being used or sold by the workers themselves. Thus, in a way, the stat denotes the balance of anarchist socialism vs. communism in East Angria.

What Are Some Of The Government's Positions/Policies? (5 Sentences Minimum): The government is constantly striving to reduce itself from a true authority to a helpful institution that enables people to work together for the common good. They seek to give people the largest possible degree of political and civil freedoms, social equality, and non-violent solutions to conflicts.
The long term goal is the implementation of communism by completely abolishing private property, money, the state, and social classes. Short term initiatives include the establishment of better education, scientific progress, renewable energy sources, integration, cultural platforms, and extensive public transit. Self-administration, federalization, and separatist movements are supported and encouraged. The representatives of the free territory also try to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts and establish mutualist trade and cooperation agreements with nations and communities all around the world.

Fascism and Neo-Fascism in your country

Does your country have an active fascist or neo-fascist party?
Our political system is based upon movements rather than parties, but yes, there is an active group of totalitarian right-wing extremists.

Flag of the East Angrian Nationalist Movement

Is this party (or these parties) have representation in your parliament?
Technically yes, since the parliament is the people, and the people don't have an election threshold.
Is a fascist or neo-fascist party in power in your nation?
Thankfully not. They are a tiny minority and universally ostracized and hated.
Are your fascists millitant or electoral or both?
Their actions are mostly non-violent, since violent aggression is usually answered by armed resistance by the people.
How active is the anti-fascist (antifa) movement in your country?
Since the communist and anarchist factions are the strongest political movements, and most others despise fascism as well, you could say the country is founded on anti-fascism.

The people recently decided that the pasteurized beer product of Beck's Brewery in Brēm must not be traded as "beer" anymore. Instead, they now sell "Beck's Bīrerzats" (beer substitute).

The people of Sassony have succesfully conserved or reintroduced a number of threatened and extinct species in the country. Those species include, but aren't limited to:

  • Brown Bear

  • Eurasian Lynx

  • Golden Eagle

  • Osprey

  • Common Raven

  • Great and Little Bittern

  • Black-Capped Night Heron and

  • Several Species of Wading Birds

We conserve species that are threatened within our territory (the night heron, for example, can be found all around the world; it used to be on the verge of extinction within our territory though).
And we reintroduced species that used to be extinct in our territory, such as the Eurasian Lynx. Those can still be found throughout most of Asia and Eastern Europe.

The five million people of Rūrstat, city of cities, our de facto capital, are currently holding a referendum to rename the place to "de Pot". Yes, that does translate to "the pot".

The Sasson erotic media industry is alive and kicking. Instead of portraying unrealistic physical standards and propagating the suppression of women (and others), it focuses on the natural, beautiful and liberating aspects of sexuality. Essentially, people make movies of themselves having real and wholesome sex. There are also lots of erotic short stories, pictures, audiobooks, live performances and services available, all tailored to the sexual liberation of all people.

Vulfsborc is the youngest city in the Sasson land Eastphalia, having been founded by the Nazis in 1938 to accomodate a huge new factory for cars and military equipment. The factory was the seat of Volkswagen between 1945 and 1971, when the unionized workers transformed it into a syndicate. Today, Zyndikāt Vulfsborɣ remains the most important developer and producer of personal, freight and utility road vehicles in Sassony, followed by the Ōpl Cooperative in Hezn. Both organizations have driven forward the development of electric cars in the last 30 years to eventually completely free Sassony from combustion engines.

Zyndikāt Vulfsborɣ, the country's largest automobile and utility vehicle producer, is currently experimenting with bodyworks based on cotton and phenolic resin.
Yes, Zyndikāt Vulfsborɣ is our alternative timeline's version of Volkswagen. And yes, old Soviet Bloc cars such as the GDR's Trabant also had cotton and phenolic resin bodyworks.

While the Germanic languages are clearly the most widespread within Sassony, we also have a significant minority of speakers of langues d'oïl. There are Chtimi/Picard speakers near our westernmost point at Dœyŋkerke, Walloon speakers in and around Brysl, and speakers of Lorrain in the southernmost communities of Lothringia.