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Earth Industries, LLC is a company based off of three main industries which controls most of the Home Sector and portions of the Outer Sector. The three main industries are Inter-stellar and inter-planetary transport, Asteroid and moon mining, and Industrial/natural manufacturing. To contact us, try one of the three resources above, including our Customer Support line, our artificial intelligence "EILBOT", or our forum! Thank you, and have a EIL-tastic day!

Earth Industries, LLC, is considered a Tier 9 civilization.

Tier 9 societies have begun to unravel the very fabric of physics. Reactionless drives, utilization of zero-point energy, energy shields, and/or FTL weapons systems may be utilized. FTL communications not involving the use of ships likely exists. Cybernetic or Genetic enhancements have likely rendered baseline members of the civilization's species obsolete. Construction of Megastructures such as Dyson Spheres is possible, but likely extremely difficult or impractical. It may be possible to destroy whole planets with some weapons.