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The Benevolent Empire of Dune-Aemiliana is the heir of the Aemilian Empire after its demise. The Aemilian Empire, being neglected by its ruler, was crumbling from the inside. It was feared that our beautiful homeland would succumb to foreign or internal pressure. Either a civil war or an external invasion was feared unavoidable. It was our glorious leader Noam Kadima who rose from the red dunes of the Great Aemilian Empty Quarter to shepherd our massive land and people into a new age of prosperity, justice and well-being. Only a tiny area of the original Aemilian Empire was able to resist reunification, now called upper-Aemiliana, but has since then become a valued ally, tied to Dune-Aemiliana in a personal union, but having full automony.
Noam Kadima led a bloodless revolution against the withering remnants of the once glorious Aemilian Empire. The Aemilian has a long history over a vast territory first unified under Holy Empress Aemilia. This territory ranges from frozen tundras, tropical beaches, from evergreen coniferous, to deciduous and rainforests, deserts, mountain ranges, high plains, low valleys, meandering rivers, torrentuous waterfalls, ... Dune-Aemiliana is truly a world on its own.
Through sheer strength of will and intelligence, Noam Kadima rose from the humble Empty Quarter to force the dying embers of the former Empire to be extinguished and set aflame a new Benevolent Empire, called Dune-Aemiliana. Like tiny grains of sand form a dune, so form over five billion people Dune-Aemiliana. Strength Through Unity!