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Kiriko Castillo

Kiriko Castillo

Personal Info


Wednesday, 7th May 1980 (passport)


State of Las Palmeras (passport)




Gabriel Virginia Castillo (passport)


Patricia Irene Castillo (passport)



Sexual Orientation:


"Take Home A Dozen!" - Kiriko Castillo
More quotes will eventually be found here.


Kiriko is a 20-year-old local activist who enjoys listening to music and jigsaw puzzles. She is compassionate and creative, but can also be very harsh and a bit untidy. She is resident alien who defines herself as straight. She didn't finish schooling but is taking acting classes. Physically, Rebecca is in pretty good shape. She is short with pale skin, dyed blue hair and reddish eyes.

She is currently single.

Early Life

Kiriko was born on May 7, 1980, in Las Palmeras, in a small village, the daughter of Patricia Irene Castillo, an administrator, and Gabriel Virginia Castillo, a seaman aboard a spanish cargo vessel. One of three children, Kirko Castillo received limited schooling. In 1990, when she was 10 years old, her mother died of medical complications and she lived aboard her fatherís cargo ship From 1990Ė1999, Kiriko lived aboard the ship, where she participated in various ship duties.


In 1998, when she was 18, her ship was boarded by pirates and her father was killed. Kiriko was in the Neko sex trafficking industry until she and her captors were blocked attempting to enter Monsone. Kiriko was then given as a gift to the New England Commonwealth in 2000 due to not having the right vaccinations to enter Monsone. Kiriko was hired on by Dukin Donuts as a commercial actor for Dukin Franchise/Advertising Department.


Kiriko is presupposed Catholic with interviews suggesting a Spanish upbringing.

Since becoming a commercial actor, Kiriko has worked in a series of commercials, they have resulted in:
  • Heightened doughnut sales

  • Increase in merchandise sales

  • A new hair style

  • Increased employee productivity and morale

  • A Fanclub

Political Opinions

She is apathetic to most political opinions but does support Dukin Donuts in itís ventures.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Doughnuts, Going to Dukin Donuts, private healthcare,

  • Neutral: Abortion, LGBTQ rights, Gun control, Nuclear disarmament, Protecting the environment

  • Anti: Death penalty, slavery, other food chains

Personal Life
Kiriko hobbies include listening to music, jigsaw puzzles, binge-watching boxed sets, theatre, chess, running, social card games, blogging, and hockey.

She currently lives in a single story home in the Boston metropolitan area.


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