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Iarocav [WIP]



07/10/-0031 Present

Name: Iarocav

Nicknames: The Drawkionel, The First Drawkian,
Old Iaro, Sonnel's Representative

Birth Date: 07/10/-0031

Immortalization Date: 25/07/0055

Age: 5530

Gender: Male

Species: Drawkian

Nationality: Drawkian

Occupation: Supreme Drawkionel of Drawkland
Term: 01/01/0000 - Present

Other Professions: Explorer, Businessman, General,
Historian, Musician, Philanthropist, Writer

Residence: Centivar County, Metro District, Drawkland

Parents: Spartacav (father), Fornaka (mother)

Spouse: Meliauden, (m. 0819, b. 0770)

Children: Lerocav (b. 0935)
Whitney Cavenn (b. 1389)
Damon Cavenn (b. 1400)
Aurora Cavenn (b. 1953)
Mason Cavenn (b. 3261)

Height: 7 feet 5 inches

Weight: 307 pounds

Eye Color: Dark Grey, sometimes Black

Hair Color: Jet Black

Skin Color: Very Lightly Tanned

Iarocav, (pronounced eye•row•cav) born in Northern Drawkland, is the Founder of The Interstellar Empire of Drawkland, the first (and only) Supreme Drawkionel, and proclaimed representative of Sonnel to the multiverse. He's most famous for uniting Drawkland under its initial state of feudal anarchy, as well as being well-versed in many different occupations, as a sort of master of all trades. He is immortal, conditionally via the Tricon Fount. He is married to Meliauden, who is also a major public figure in Sonnel. He is the father of several children, the most notable being Lerocav, and is now the ancestor of an estimated 700+ people.

Iarocav is renowned to defending and shaping both Drawkland and Sonnel throughout its millennia of history. Many historians and politicians have inferred that Drawkland may not have lasted so long in its current state had it not been for Iarocav's immortal guiding hand. In addition, his skills as a general and leader have defended the borders of Drawkland and Sonnel, both physical and metaphysical. While his views on key issues has fluctuated over the years, as have political attitudes, he generally has a moderate, somewhat pragmatic view in regards to running the nation and its policies.

Early Life

Iarocav was born on the 7th of Octanoren, in the year -0031, in Sadeg Valley of Northern Drawkland. His parents were Spartacav, a noted warrior, and Fornaka, a well-loved community figure. He was the 7th and youngest child of his siblings, Aramorcav, Serocav, Tanigocav, Tashanacav, Ashellocav, and Rylocav.

In the old feudal system of "old" Drawkland (even though the land was not united at that time and did not identify as such), the sons of warriors generally trained to become warriors as well, and the daughters to be loyal house workers and eventually wives of the warriors of other families. Thus, Iarocav was trained to become a warrior of the kingdom of Sadeg.

At that point, Sadeg was on the brink of war with the relatively nearby kingdom of Hellenmack, noted for their feared fire archers. Sadeg's foot soldiers, however, were vastly superior to Hellenmack's. Iarocav knew that he was due to become a soldier in the war, and decided that he wanted to become a leader of a squad or patrol. He requested to study under Major Redonak, famed in areas around Sadeg for his ingenious small-scale military strategy. By -0012, Iarocav was promoted to the leader of a small patrol of a dozen men, one of which was his brother Aramorcav, and achieved the rank of Corporal.

War never formally broke out between Sadeg and Hellenmack, but small strike teams and patrols (like Patrol 89, the one Iarocav was head of) from both sides performed small acts of aggression on each other's territories. Iarocav's Patrol got within sight distance of Hellenmack's blazing walls on a night raid on inner-lying farms, but never was involved in a direct attack on the walls.

Outside of military command, Iarocav also studied small amounts of music theory as part of a side project to expand his mental horizons, as he was instructed to do by Redonak. He never did much with the knowledge until many many years later, but he did write a simple chorale which was used in his local church and complemented by many mothers and wives. He also took an affinity to archiving and worked with his friend Charlolad at Sadeg's Library, helping the head librarian in his various record-keeping.

Rise To Power

In the year -0012, the "king" of Sadeg, Sirvatal, went on an expedition to the large volcano far to the South of Sadeg, due to some sort of prophetic dream he'd had calling him to it. He'd instructed his advisers and interim ruler to hold a sort of competition for his successor if he did not return or send word by the end of -0011 (or rather, the equivalent of it in the local calendar). As he did not return or send word by this time, the competition was held, and Iarocav joined in.

The competition was of brutal gladiatorial combat, in a bracket arranged in a 64-member structure. Fights were not meant to be to the death, as instructed by Sirvatal, for he wished his successor to know when to show restraint. In an event that a competitor kills another, they would be disqualified, and their intended opponent for next round would simply bye into the round after. However, to get into the tournament, participants would have to complete a complex obstacle regimen that required agility and quick-thinking. The 64 fastest finishers were allowed into the bracket. Iarocav was the youngest, at a mere age 20. The next youngest competitor was a man named Jakifipon, at age 28.

After qualifying, Iarocav practiced for a week leading up to the beginning of the tournament by dueling members of his squad by sword, and even some less traditional weapons, like maces, axes, and bows, in case an odd weapon choice was presented. Each match in the tournament was won by the sword, Iarocav fighting long and hard against each opponent, and against all odds, winning and continuing. Iarocav expertly showed restraint by sparing all his opponents while causing as little permanent damage as he could during the battle. This impressed the council in charge of overseeing the tournament to make sure Sirvatal's wishes were maintained, although it didn't pump up the crowd as much (matches were held in a medium-small arena, with many of Sadeg's citizens in attendance (when they weren't working).

This all lasted until the final match, which, instead of being the final 2 competitors, was actually a group match, consisting of the final four. Because of the limited amount of swords (and one competitor taking a dual-wield to purposely keep a competitor from being equipped), Iarocav was forced to use a double-bladed axe with a spear point on the end, rather than his favored choice of sword. This turned out to be a good thing, however, as Iarocav turned out to be very skilled with the axe, incapacitating a female opponent in the first minutes of the fight with it, and doing a very decent job at defending against the dual-wielder's attacks. At point point, the axe was forced from his hands, but he kicked a sword from the dual-wielder's hand a moment later, and fought him with it. He grabbed a sword from the woman he'd defeated and dual wielded the now singular opponent, and fought both other competitors at the same time. After taking out the one, he quickly swiped his axe up and used the hilt to shove the final opponent on the ground and force surrender.

Iarocav's show of power and restraint in the tournament was certainly enough to distinguish him as the rightful heir to Sirvatal's position, and so, despite his relatively young age (about a 2nd year college student in modern Drawkland). There was slight backlash, as many doubted his capacity to effectively lead an influential kingdom in the area. However, these doubts were quashed when, as the leader of several Sadegan Brigades, Iarocav led a highly successful attack on the areas surrounding Hellenmack, doing everything short of a full-on siege of the capital castle. Uniting the entirety of the forces of Sadeg about the size of a modern-day Division, Iarocav came back to the still-recovering Hellenmack and laid siege to the city, forcing surrender in just 7 short days, under a single Sonnelian week.

Instead of razing the kingdom and killing or enslaving its people, however, Iarocav met King Eksmack of Hellenmack, requesting that instead of being destroyed, that he and his lands joined with Sadeg to become an empire. In exchange, Eksmack was made governor of his former kingdom, and Iarocav became the ruler of this new empire, which he very pridefully called "Iarocavet" (which roughly translates to "land owned by Iarocav" in older, native Drawk).

Uniting Drawkland

Drawing of Iarocav in an early expedition

Iarocav didn't stop with Hellenmack. He soon spread out to other known and nearby kingdoms, and conquered or forced surrender from all of them (except Jaffro, an outerlying area, which gave themselves willingly after witnessing what had happened to their neighbors). Once the map of all commonly known kingdoms and lands was all under Iarocav's grasp, he went on expeditionary trips to outside the map's bounds, taking with him his trusted advisors, a small troop of soldiers, and a handful of cartographers and writers to record the journey and its paths. He decided he would march upstream along the banks of the Drawk River (then called the Great Waters) until he reached its source.

He found it, in the Iarokannet Bay (then unnamed). He then decided to march along the coast of this fabled "ocean" until finding the highest power in that land. It was that he found in Kayo, which was led by Kanyo, a female rule with a just hand, who was fresh out of exiling her cruel and torturous father, who'd killed his own wife (Kanyo's mother) for power over the kingdom, and killed many dissenters, including 2 discreet attempts at Kanyo's life. Iarocav decided to stay in Kayo for a few months, during which a plot to kill him was realized by Kanyo's envious and secretly malicious advisor, Gasper (pronounced Jasper). Kanyo was briefly hypnotized and almost succeeded in outcasting or killing Iarocav, but he broke the trance, to which Kanyo was grateful, and after which she decided to not join Iarocav's empire, but simply become a strong ally with it (as her rule was equally powerful to Iarocav's, and neither wanted to start a war for supremacy).

Together, Iarocav and Kanyo explored much more of the northern, eastern, and central continent, uniting and conquering as needed. It wasn't until -0007 that they met the other rulers whose power was similar to theirs, Malicoll and Callagard, respectively; -0007 is when Iarocav, on a solo expedition, ventured far into the southeast forests and met Ellzidan and discovered the massive tree Elstrund. Unfortunately, with the large amounts of power and slight greed on accounts of all 5 major powers (except Ellzidan), conflict was bound to break out, and it did in Huntren, -0005. The two factions, one of the northeast Iarocav and Kanyo, and another of the southwest Malicoll and Callagard, held together to fight one another, while Ellzidan remained neutral, occasionally warranting help to Iarocav.

The war lasted for 5 or so years, during which both factions attempted to gain land from each other. It was a brutal standstill, and the casualties were high, which was not a very popular occurrence. In the spring of 0000, after the hardest and least lucrative winter yet, the leaders agreed to meet and conference together near the volcano in the center of the continent, face to face, and without advisers. This turned out to be the most productive part of the war as a whole. The leaders debated for several months in this exotic locale, and eventually they had come to a conclusion: uniting was the best possible option. After sending word to troops and citizens that the war had concluded and to cease attacks and battle plans, they settled in for another month-long conference among themselves over who would be crowned as supreme ruler of the land. It was no question that they'd rule on an equal council, but the question lied in who would lead such council, and therefore, the nation.

At the end of the month, Reydocen 0000, it was decided that Iarocav would become leader, due to his initiative as a leader and the fact that he was the main reason these leaders had ever come to meet and unite in such a manner. In honor of the meeting at the central volcano, which was called Valsum, the new nation was called Valsumet. It wasn't until 0025 that Iarocav renamed it Drawkland (see below).

Early Rule

As the new ruler of a new nation, Iarocav surprisingly didn't take for much luxury. He personally felt very awkward or even absurd in massive halls and brash clothing. While he did procure his own castle in the countryside near Sadeg, he only filled it with collections of whatever interested him at the time - usually maps or manuscripts.

The early rule mainly comprised of exploring, mapping, and uniting the remainder of the continent, to create the full nation of Valsumet. Once the mapping was very nearly complete and almost all land accounted for, Iarocav and the other leaders drew out their borders, and split the land into 5 territories (one for each), and each territory into 5 districts (and then counties and such). They decided to name it after themselves, so their legacy would live on beyond their lifetimes. Therefore, they were named Iarocavet, Kanyoet, Ellzidanet, Malicollet, and Callagardet (meaning "Land of Iarocav," "Land of Kanyo," and so on).

However, while adventuring through the Ellzidanian jungle to map it, Iarocav came across a curious creature. It had a beak and head like a hawk, but short horns on its head like a drake dragon, 6 limbs (4 legs and 2 wings) like a drake, a feathered tail like a hawk, and could both fly and crawl on the ground. After asking some natives, they identified it as a "Drawk." Iarocav was so enthralled by this creature that he captured a few (which was not an easy task) and brought them back to his home, to study them. After finding how incredibly versatile, powerful, and majestic the creatures were, Iarocav decided that, at the meeting which divided the territories among the leaders, that he'd rename the country "Drawkland" (place in honor of Drawks) because of it. This fateful meeting also is where the leaders titled themselves "Drawkionels," and named the Drawk the official animal of the nation.

One of the first tests of the new, fledgling nation was the Starkian War. A small island to the north of Drawkland, known as Starkian Towers, became aggravated due to Drawkland claiming to annex the land shortly after its discovery from Drawkian explorers. For 3 years (34-36), Starkian forces performed various raids on the northern coast of Drawkland, while Drawkland did its best to unify its forces and fight back. However, the favor eventually shifted into Drawkian favor, and in late 0036, an invasion force secretly infiltrated the island and laid siege to the capital, Darae-Sagut. Iarocav himself was present and in command of the siege, and thus when called for negotiations, they occurred immediately. After about a day of negotiations, it was conceded that Starkian Towers would remain its own sovereign nation, but under heavy Drawkian influence, including military presence and may trade agreements. While it seemed rather weak that the end result was not conquering, many applauded Iarocav's efforts to compromise, while still keeping core demands in place. This really set a precedent for Iarocav's future career (which ended up being much, much longer than expected).


In the early 0050's, the Drawkionels began finding ancient artifacts, old hags, and various other sources of information that pointed towards the reasons for the mysterious disappearances of their predecessors. It was speculated that the magma chamber of Valsum was not just a huge magma-filled cavern, but also contained a massive underground network of magma-river tunnels which lead to many portals to other lands.

Now, the obvious issue was the fact that these portals were only accessible via assumed deadly magma. However, it was found by Ellzidan that those who have "approval" from whatever entity controls the volcano could actually enter the magma without any injury to themselves. Willing to test the theory, it appeared that all 5 of the Drawkionels had this mysterious immunity to the substance. After consulting with a small council of southern mages, it was determined that there was in fact a realm accessible by the volcano portal system which contained a method to obtain immortality, or so the legends indicated. As the 5 Drawkionels (minus Ellzidan, being half Elf) were beginning to bump on the expected lifespan, they decided it would be worth at least a shot to try and achieve the honor/curse of immortality.

After making sure plans for their successors was in place, the 5 embarked on the journey into the core of Valsum, hopefully to reach the land they were searching for, which they found out to be called TiSoFaH. After very careful research and practice, they managed to correctly land in TiSoFaH. This was early in 0055 Sonnel time, and the Drawkionels spent a good few months finding as much information as they could concerning the immortality method from the "locals" of TiSoFaH. Immortality was achieved by drinking from the Fount of Van-Torm Unaz, which was nestled at the end of a massive, deadly labyrinth. They made the necessary preparations they could, and journeyed through the unfamiliar land to the intricate maze. Surviving and navigating the creatures, mechanics, and general confusion of the maze took the Drawkians nearly a month, and being separated then reunited several times did not help matters.

Clearly, the Drawkionels were worthy of the prize at the very end, for after their toil, they made it to the complex containing the Fount, and drank from it. Their quest was complete, and they had achieved their goal. In this Fountain Complex were written the various "terms" of the immortality. Their minds were modified to be sharper and allow for much larger memory banks, as well as being impervious to most forms of damage, and repaired with regeneration of whatever parts of the body were harmed. However, they weren't fully invulnerable, every century or so, a volcano in TiSoFaH, called Tricon, would produce a special form of obsidian called Triconite. Triconite is the only material that can fully harm or kill them, and thus, people like them (who've drunk from the Fount of Van Torm) are known as Triconads. This was mainly made because Van Torm wished for immortality to be achievable, but for their to be a contingency plan in case one of evil heart made it through to the Fount or if an originally good-natured person was corrupted and needed to be killed in either case.

Successful, the Drawkionels returned to Drawkland, informing the citizens that they were now immortal, and would keep their positions for as long as they would be needed. There was some backlash, but this was still in old times, where people would be apathetic about geopolitical shifts in power provided their daily life didn't experience any negative changes. Thus, the idea of immortal leaders was culturally ingrained, and by the time a generation that would normally backlash against this was produced, the concept was so normalized that no real backlash occurred until many millennia later (which was mainly triggered by shaky political standings elsewhere in the world which leaked into the public mindset in Drawkland).


Being immortal, Iarocav decided that a good use of his time was to learn cartography and wilderness survival skills. This was due to Iarocav's newfound goal was to explore as much of the land of Drawkland that he could. And that he did; with some advisers or the other Drawkionels staying behind to make sure the new nation stayed stable, he traveled along the coast of Drawkland, taking him almost a century to complete (although he did return to the capital every few months to confirm his existence and the state of the union). Thus, Iarocav was the first Drawkian to successfully map out Drawkland's coast, although it of course isn't completely accurate to the actual shape and proportions.

Iarocav enjoyed the exploration very much, citing the peacefulness and the sights/people/things found during the tenure spent. He absolved to explore lands other than Drawkland, remembering the various portals within the roots of Valsum. The much larger project took expectedly longer than the mapping of Drawkland due to the sheer complexity and difficulty to navigate the root tunnels. Iarocav found various ways to map out the tunnels themselves, and wrote a large reference guide to navigating the tunnels. After figuring out the way the tunnels worked, he proceeded to explore each and every realm which each and every portal led to (including a full exploration of TiSoFaH). During these travels, Iarocav picked up skills, trinkets, and tidbits, many of which he continues to have in use to this day.

Even in present day, whenever Iarocav finds a new realm or land to explore, he tries his best to explore much of it as he can. It has become a central part of his life/mythos. Predictably, it's estimate that he is the most traveled Sonnelian in history, with perhaps a Drawkionel like Ellzidan coming in a far second.

Personal Life

Iarocav, being obviously long-lived, has made many upon many friends and acquaintances over the years. He has talked about his old friends and family since as long as it was asked about them, and he is the one who championed the Drawkian tradition of talking straight and rationally of those who've died.


In the days before assuming leadership of Sadeg and later Drawkland, Iarocav had developed a close relationship with Charlolad, who he worked at the Sadeg Library/Archive with. In a private conversation between Iarocav and Charlolad's mothers (which was recorded in Fornaka's personal diary afterwards), the two were much expected to grow into a deeper relationship and eventually marry. However, matters between the two were complicated when Iarocav was thrust into power, and spent much of his time exploring. Once the nation was relatively united and the war ended, Iarocav returned to Sadeg and spent lots of his time there, where he rekindled a relationship with Charlolad, who was the head librarian of the library where they both used to work. However, when Iarocav adventured into TiSoFaH with the other Drawkionels to attempt to gain immortality, Charlolad stayed behind, and grew ill. She died in her illness before Iarocav returned, and when he did, he was emotionally crushed. Centuries later, when Drawkland was building a standard paper currency, Iarocav named it the "Lolad" in her memory. In 4000, when a set of limited edition Lolad coins were minted, Charlolad's likeness was featured on the 1-Lolad coin.

In the late 100s, after sufficiently mourning Charlolad, Iarocav decided to try again with a personal relationship. As he'd been spending large amounts of time with Ellzidan in her area of the country, he first tried to pursue her. However, he soon found Ellzidan had no interest in such relationships, and that observation has remained true for millenia since.

Next he attempted to get in a similar relationship with Kanyo, as they'd grown close, being the first future Drawkionels to meet before the uniting of the country. It seemed Kanyo, unlike Ellzidan, was interested in having such a relationship, and it was agreed by both that it would be a better idea to be in a close emotional relationship with a fellow immortal, to prevent chance of terrible heartbreak. However, as they got to know each other more and more, and they looked further and further into the political and social implications of truly marrying, they both slowly backed out from the relationship, and ended it.

By the mid-300s, Iarocav decided to bite the bullet and look into the pool of mortal citizens. However, this proved to be a problem, because as soon as he did so, he was immediately pursued by dozens of women, young, old, rich, poor, no matter the demograph, wanting to be the woman who finally won his heart. However, it was quite clear that nearly all of them wanted to be his wife merely for the political, social, and economical benefits of the situation. Iarocav found it was immensely difficult to have a fully personal and deep relationship with any of these initial suitors, so he gave up for awhile.

He waited one generation, perhaps hoping that it was only the problem of that particular generation, but again a similar situation occurred. It was clear he needed to change his tactics. One day in the mid-600s, Iarocav came up with a genius idea: to slightly change his appearance. This was a time long before the photograph, where paintings were few and far between, and the only recordings of one's appearance. Until that point in time, Iarocav had kept himself clean-shaven. But then he decided to grow out his facial hair, starting with faint stubble and progressing into a full-fledged beard and mustache, which majorly changed his appearance and actually worked.

He kept his identity a secret and dated some women as a normal citizen, even attempting to have relationships with women from overseas (as this was a period of initial exploration and meeting of other cultures). This was a period which Iarocav cited to have enjoyed, as it was a period of genuine emotional connections, even though all the relationships failed, he said he grew as a person and as a leader quite well.

In 812, Iarocav met a woman named Meliauden, who was 42 at the time (Iarocav himself was 843, but told Meliauden he was 43 to remain discreet), worked at a shipyard in Hessport, Coravkey. Iarocav had just arrived from a roundabout voyage from the island chain which would eventually be called MadMania, and she caught his eye with her strength in carrying 2 large crates full of MadManian meats from the cargo hold. He would've talked to her at that point, but he knew that she would be able to guess his identity at that point since the voyage was a government sanctioned one with an escort. So he asked the dock manager of who she was, and when she would be working next. Of course the manager thought it was odd, but you don't exactly defy the leader of your nation when he asks you a simple question. So he told Iarocav she worked consistently from lunch to dinner and likely would work the same hours the next day.

So the next day, Iarocav waited until dinnertime and took a walk near the shipyards until he spotted her, sitting alone outside a small restaurant eating her large meal. He bought some food and came back outside, asking Meliauden if he could sit at her table. She gave a small grin and said yes, and the two engaged in a short conversation, generally just small talk. But when it was time for Meliauden to go home for the night, as it was nearly dark, Iarocav asked if he would be able to see her again, which she could, due to having the next day off (Crismed). The next day, they met, but Iarocav knew he had to return to his home in Sadeg afterwards. Meliauden, however, was planning to take a vacation for the season in Sadeg in a few months after, and promised to meet him then.

The months passed and Iarocav waited for her to appear, and eventually, she did. They courted for the months that she stayed in Sadeg. And to his surprise, Meliauden decided to quit her job at the dockyards and find work in Sadeg, doing smithwork. Iarocav continue to keep his true identity secret to her, afraid that she would change if she found out. They continued to see each other, growing deeper and deeper in love. Iarocav put his old music theory skills to work at one point by writing a song for Meliauden, which she reportedly really enjoyed.

Eventually, Iarocav realized that Meliauden was truly his match, and that he had to marry her. But first he had to break the news that he was actually the leader of Drawkland, and so without warning, he shaved his face, and revealed the truth to her, explaining why he did what he did. Meliauden was shocked but not appalled, and was understanding of the situation. He was afraid that she would be different, but she was relatively unfazed, which convinced him that she was the one. He then proposed after receiving her parent's blessing, and they were married in grand fashion in the Drawkian Cathedral in Drawk City, in 819. The nation itself celebrated for a couple weeks afterward, as Iarocav was the first Drawkionel to be married.

But then came the issue which is Meliauden's mortality. Iarocav and Meliauden talked for days about what to do, and after taking a tour of the nation, they both traveled to TiSoFaH, and traveled to the Fount of Van-Torm Unaz hoping that they'd survive and that Meliauden would make it to the center and become inmortal. Their efforts thankfully succeeded, much to the invulnerability and prior experience of Iarocav himself.

And thus, the couple become the beloved Drawkionel Family which still stands and exists today. Meliauden has taken her position quite seriously, and has given many efforts to the longevity and advancement of Drawkland.


War Career

Later Politics

Other Occupations

Modern Roles


Info Accurate as of 01/01/5500