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Sonnel History Timeline [Canon][3.1.1]


Here's a timeline of most of recorded history for Sonnel. Any nation can add events that are semi-important to the international stage to it, upon request. You may notice it's been declared version 3.0+, since we've done an official revamping and upgrading of it. Feel free to help us expand it, just let me know. Enjoy!



GREEN EVENTS are events that have to do with nations being founded or discovered.
PURPLE EVENTS are events about important people or figures, whether it be a birth or an important action.
BLUE EVENTS are events that have to do with national or international relations between countries, whether it be pacts, alliances, discoveries, or joint operations.
RED EVENTS are simply wars or other conflicts, whether international or domestic.
GREY EVENTS are events that have to do with deaths or endings, of countries, people, entities, organizations, or the like.
ORANGE EVENTS are events that are discoveries or other innovations, generally having to do with technology.

"~" Denotes that the date/year is an approximation.

  1. PREDATE AGE (Historic Era)

    • ~ -20000 First Drawkian species estimated to have evolved.

    • ~ -10000: Seed of Elstrund the Tree estimated to have been planted, by an angel from the realm that became Luminitia. The tree grows to be massive/slightly indestructible because it was planted on top of Obiditus (angel of death)'s soul-dumping ground.

    • ~ -5500: Drawkian species have settled via landbridges in most continents to Drawkland's east. Genetic divergence occurs over the next several millenia that creates different subspecies throughout different regions.

    • ~ -5000: "The Great Catastrophe," a devastating meteor strike, occurs. While it didn't cause global mass extinctions, it did end up raising the sea levels, destroying most existant land bridges.

    • ~ -4400 Written Language and Permanent Settlements now commonplace in most Drawkian peoples.

  2. FIRST AGE (Castle Era)

    • -0416: Ellzidan is born in Southwest Dra (Half Drawkian, half Elf). Her soul is imprinted with part of Elstrund's.

    • -0031: Lelliux and other refugee angels escape from their mirror dimension "heaven" as it's soon to collapse, eventually settle in North Droo and create the nation of Luminitia.

    • -0031: Iarocav is born in Northern Dra.

    • -0030: Kanyo is born in Eastern Dra.

    • -0030: Malicoll is born in Southern Dra.

    • -0029: Callagard is born in Western Dra.

    • 0000: "Valsumet" is founded by Iarocav and the other 4 Drawkionels.

    • 0025: Valsumet is renamed to Drawkland by Iarocav.

    • 0034-36: Starkian Towers (A small isle slightly north of Drawkland) wars for independence against Drawkland. Ends in a Drawkian victory.

    • 0055: Iarocav and the Drawkionels gain immortality via the Tricon Fountain in Tisofah.

    • 0065: Iarocav meets Mistyfang via portal in an unnamed forest in Drawkland. This establishes relations with Sonnel and Katrasen, and Iarocav names the forest "Katrasen Forest" in honor of the event.

    • 0093: First instances of a "newspaper" or similar publications begin to be circulated. They're generally posted monthly or yearly.

    • 0111: Paceman of the alternate dimensional planet of Mushcap estimated to have traveled to the Shrooman Isles via portal.

    • 0132: Jaketh the Great born in Central Dre.

    • 0144: Nicerford is born in South Dre.

    • 0145: Mushcap fully claims each of the Shrooman Isles.

    • 0168: Jaketh the Great conquers/unites North and Central Dre and founds Dreaglelun.

    • 0176: Nicerford unites nearby kingdoms and queendoms under one banner, named after herself.

    • 0183: The cannon is invented. Primitive guns are in the works.

    • 0197-0201: Ayetore Plague, an epidemic which causes blood vessels to burst in random places, rips through Northern Dreaglelun, killing thousands and diminishing Dreaglelun's population for a time.

    • 0200: Jaketh the Great dies of the Ayetore Plague.

    • 0217-0220: Virtaskan war of unification. The Virtask dynasty fights a war to take over the region of Lamixia.

    • 0220: The kingdom of Virtaska is formed after the end of the Virtaskan war of unification.

    • 0239: Nicerford dies of old age, her daughter is named new ruler of Nicerford.

    • 0250: A sporting event, basically like the Olympics, is held in Drawkland, but only among the 5 Drawkian territories.

    • 0273: Calagama ascends to the position of ruler in the Madmania isles. His rule lasts for many years.

  3. SECOND AGE (Seafare Era)

    • 0327: Invention of the Barque by Drawkian explorers ushers in a new Age/Technological Era.

    • 0329: Dreaglelun invents their own long-range ship.

    • 0335: Mushcap attempts to expand westward into Dreaglelun, but is stopped in its tracks by unusually dangerous weather. The nation decides to only hold the isles so more effort can be put into claiming more land on the home planet of Mushcap.

    • 0357: An unexpectedly harsh winter strikes Virtaska, killing thousands and decimating its economy.

    • 0376: Dreaglelani expedition sends ship East, the explorers land in the Shrooman Isles and are eaten alive by various carnivorous fungi. The expedition is a failure and no further ships are sent east for a while.

    • 0388: Drawkland sends its first long-scale expedition east into the Oreme Ocean. Unknowingly, Dreaglelun sends a ship in the same year. By chance or fate, the two voyages meet in a small island in the middle of the ocean and establish offical relations with one another.

    • 0389: Meliauden born in Coravkey District, Drawkland.

    • 0400: Mushcap invents new state of the art ships meant for long distance travel.

    • 0401: Shrooman explorers set out on expedition to attempt to circumnavigate the planet, however they are unsuccessful.

    • 0431: Iarocav marries Meliauden, she is immortalized soon after.

    • 0450+ Drawkland sends many voyages across Sonnel to find new places, colonizing a lot of the planet in the process. Dreaglelun undergoes a similar process. The true end of this colonization does not end until the late 700s.

    • 0463: Expedition is sent by Drawkland into the north Oreme Ocean. The sailors get lost in a storm and lose their bearings. They crash into a smaller island and decide to not try traveling back to Drawkland. They found the nation of Gofflien.

    • 0465: Mushcap makes first contact with Drawkland.

    • 0478: Drawkian explorers travel West through the Navis Ocean, and find themselves in East Dree. They settle the area and eventually name it New Drawkia due to it seeming a lot like native Drawkland.

    • 0500: An international Olympics, is held in in Drawkland. Only 7 delegations are sent: from Drawkland, Starkian Towers, Dreaglelun, Nicerford, Dubbo Krish, New Drawkia (technically under Drawkland's flag), and "Various Colonial Territories," which was a conglomerate of all colonies and such places too small to sustain their own delegations, regardless of nationality.

    • 0546: Kickerball (Soccer) is invented in Drawkland.

    • ~0550: Mononymous names go out of style in Drawkland and consequently, many other places.

    • 0555: Football (Gridiron) is introduced in Drawkland.

    • 0556: Hyuke the Desecrator is born in Northern Dreaglelun.

    • 0569: A band of several explorers hailing from Drawkland set sail, seeking magical artifacts from unmapped locations. After going from island to island, finding nothing of significance, at last they found something on a rather large, mountainous island far south of Yizzardopolis. Within a rock in the side of a cliff, there was a strange red metal unlike anything ever seen. Malleable, yet stronger and lighter than the finest steel. They quickly used the stars to map their location, gathered as much of the metal as could be carried, and set sail back to Drawkland, and began research on it. However, still unknown how to this day, word spread. Both of this mystery metal, and its location.

    • 0578: A native of Southeast Dree named Ekimoto Weep unites native tribes and creates a nation known as Ghatumatalashunda, directly south of New Drawkia.

    • 0590: Hyuke takes over Dreaglelun by force, establishing himself as supreme Ruler/Emperor.

    • 0594: On Dhay, the closest planet to Sonnel, the Hagedi species evolves into existence.

    • 0595-0605: Hyuke, in his first major move as ruler of Dreaglelun, directly assaults Drawkian trade ships and severs friendly ties between the nations. This triggers the First Oreme War. Drawkland edges an advantage via slightly more advanced technology and an alliance with Nicerford, Dreaglelun's neighbor.

    • 600: Mushcapian ships set out to Dreaglelun to establish relations, but are attacked, leading to skirmishes between the two nations, and Mushcap being an unknowing ally to Drawkland in the Oreme war.

    • 0602: An official alliance is made between Mushcap and Drawkland.

    • 0609: More and more people settled on the island discovered in 0569, and before long, Sonnel recognized the island as a sovereign nation. This nation was named Burtale unanimously from the group of people who'd started the largest official government on the isle.

    • 0610: Drawkian sailors heading for New Drawkia are thrown off course by a storm and end up south of it, in the land previously united by Weep. The sailors set up a small city called Flantar, and eventually gain connections to New Drawkia.

    • 0611: Drawkian settlers find a new race which they call "Veckians." They are similar to Drawkians and appear to come from the common ancestor, but predominantly they are shorter and have blue skin. The natives of that land are all Veckians.

    • 0616: Ekimoto Weep dies, and Ghatumatalashunda is in shambles.

    • 0617: Flantar becomes a large port, and with support from New Drawkia and Drawkland's mainland, the Drawkians begin to move into this new land and conquer/claim as much as they can. The new territory is simply added to New Drawkia's land. The entire peninsula is colonized or claimed by 620.

    • 0649-0657: Natives of the Veckian lands become unhappy with the current Drawkian regime and decide to revolt. This is facilitated by a man named Alex Zelly, a famous explorer whom the strait to the south of the land is named. Zelly wanted the Veckians to have freedom, as they've lived on the land for a long time, and are a separate species. Zelly combined his name with the Veckians and made their group called the Zleveckians. And thus began the Great Zleveckian Revolt, led by Zelly and his personal assets. The Drawkian military is still relatively weakened from the recent war with Dreaglelun and is spending most of its resources to protect against future Dreaglelani threats, so the Drawkian forces in East Dree are rather scant. Eventually, the Zleveckians capture key points in the revolt, and Drawkland relinquishes power of the territory, allowing the Zleveckians to have their own sovereign state, which they name Zlevecky. It is mostly populated by Veckians and a few Drawkians who like Zlevecky's land more than New Drawkia's.

    • 0670: Rebanon Iracain, daughter of a wealthy colonizer of New Drawkia, arranges her own westward expedition, landing on Droo west of Zlevecky. She, with her crew, builds a settlement/fort and names it Razabewn, the Drawkian name of her friend Razabeth.

    • 0672: Razabeth Elizabewn, daughter of a wealthy colonizer of Zlevecky, not wanting to be outdone by her friend Rebanon, arranges her own expedition to the same area Rebanon set off too. She also creates a settlement/fort and names it after Rebanon's Drawkian name, Rebicain, and erects a small statue of her friend's likeness in the center of the settlement to be more impressive.

    • 0678-0690: The friendly rivalry between Razabeth and Rebanon, based in the acts of not wanting to be outdone in showering each other in frivolous generosity, continues for many years, resulting in many different things created in each other's likenesses, sending extravagant gifts to each other, performing courageous and commendable acts in each other's name, etc.

    • 0690: The impromptu contest between Rebanon and Razabeth culminates in this year, where Rebanon lobbies the Drawkian government to allow her lands to be considered a sovereign nation. This is allowed, and as such, Razabewn, named in Razabeth's honor as the first settlement was, becomes a nation.

    • 0692: However, Razabeth continues the contest by similarly marking her lands a sovereign nation, and thus Rebicain came to be as a nation. To "1-up" Rebanon, Razabeth decides to conquer/claim lands deeper in the wilderness, but then give the lands to Rebanon to add to Razabewn's territory. Predictably, the contest continues from there, albeit less extravagant and visible.

    • 0701: Baseball is invented in Drawkland.

    • 0750: New Drawkia, after having been a colony for Drawkland peacefully the entire time, is awarded independence with no conflict.

    • 0764: The Confederacy of Nationalism, after being relatively inactive on the international scale, looks to expand its empire, starting by colonizing an island in the Navis Ocean, which they call Verrica.

    • 0775: Attempts to colonize the Shrooman Isles by C.N. are foiled, and the two nations break out into minor skirmishes, but not outright war.

    • 0800: After being exploited for many years, both socially and economically, many Verricans flee west to the continent of Droo and found a new land known as West Verrica.

    • 0803-0805: The Confederacy of Nationalism attempts to colonize the United Tribes of West Verrica, but the natives fight back. West Verrica is not as profitable as the original Verrican islands, and the conflict is costly, so The Confederacy soon withdraws and leaves West Verrica to be a sovereign state.

    • 0805: The islands of Verrica are renamed East Verrica due to the acknowledged establishment of West Verrica.

  4. THIRD AGE (Steamsystem Era)

    • 0888: The invention of steam-powered ships and vessels starts the "Steamsystem" age, and makes Sonnel a little "smaller" as voyages are easier and quicker to complete.

    • 0901: First track-based locomotive invented in Drawkland.

    • 0944: Invention of the Zeppelin, Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, and other such dirigibles.

    • 0948-0976: Daniel II "the inventor" Rules over Virtaska. His governing period is known as the Virtaskan golden Age, in which the nation improves heavily its economy, quality of life and technology.

    • 0970: After many years of exploitation by the Nationalists, the fragile ecosystem of East Verrica collapses and the islands quickly erode into the sea. The Nationalists return to the Hegemony and the East Verricans move to West Verrica. West Verrica keeps the name "West" in remembrance of their lost home.

    • 0975: Most nations have adopted trains, Drawkland has a well-established train network.

    • 1000: With the help of multiple major nations, the "Intra-Sonnelian Embassy," a union of nations meant to act as an international regulating body, is created. Several bureaus and departments of the ISE improve the state of Sonnel.

    • 1027: Drawkian postal worker, working independently, creates a text-based electrical communications system for long-range communications. It becomes an instant hit in cities.

    • 1050-1060: With the advent of more advanced scientific principles and inventions, and with the old nature of magic usage, a range of residents in many countries have small, civilian conflicts over which method is superior or correct. It ranges from heated debates to bloody riots or even small battles in city streets, depending on the background of the nation and citizens involved. It ends after 5 years of conflict. In places like Zlevecky, science triumphs as the "correct" view while places like Burtale remain steady with a "correct" magic view. Drawkland ended in a moderate hybrid view, but with science edging a slight foothold in the general mindset. The average mindset of Sonnel reflects this in most manners.

    • 1172: Multiple Sonnelian nations begin inventing rocket-propelled explosives, or missiles. Over the next several hundred years, this technology will be improved and made more accurate.

  5. FOURTH AGE (Communications Era)

    • 1180: Drawkland creates a nationalized communications wiring network to connect the entire continent together. This begins the first instances of long-range communications and denotes a new technological era, the aptly-named "Communications Era."

    • 1223: Astronomers in Drawkland discover that some form of intelligent life has been living on several moons orbiting the gas giant of Talcent further away in the solar system. The main one of these is discovered to be Oteshknir.

    • 1255: Drawkian scientist invents machine to record and save piano sequences (piano rolls).

    • 1255: Zleveckian scientist invents machine to playback recorded rolls (speakers).

    • 1279: A team of Drawkian scientists create the first "light exposure machine", or LEM, which leads to the invention of the camera.

    • 1281: Team of Drawkian and Zleveckian scientists create the first "telephones."

    • 1285: Drawkland begins adding telephone wiring to the national network.

    • 1301: Five seconds before the radio is invented, Sulsu is estimated to have arrived on the little-known Fruenzia isles and puts an end to the long and bloody civil war.

    • 1301: Radio signals first harnessed and manipulated to create the first radio communications system.

    • 1302: A week after the radio is created (during a test of transmission antennae) the nation of Fruenzia is completely dissolved and all contact is lost, a mysterious transmission is heard on the radio saying "WaiT, ThIs iSnT WheRe suLsUíS FisH Is. OoPs."

    • 1335: Telephone addition to Drawkian wiring complete, work on international wiring begins with a transoremic wire to Juvencus and Suntae.

    • 1337: Commercial radios commonplace in both Drawkland and other advanced countries. Military radios are also in major use at this point.

    • 1341: Use of cameras are now commonplace for those that can afford them.

    • 1352: ISE scientists create the first instances of "moving image" technology, which records multiple pictures and assembles them into a sequence to create a "video."

    • 1360: Press organizations and the newly-forming entertainment industry begin building "movie theaters" and similar buildings and begin showing news and entertainment movies to the general public.

    • 1384: The "television," a device to play videos and shows from home, is released to the market. Drawkland, in secret, had already begun to add appropriate wiring to the national wiring system.

    • 1400: Intra-Sonnelian Embassy creates the "Sonnelian Communications Bureau" to oversee and regulate international communications. This improves the state of international connections.

    • 1412: Basketball is invented in Drawkland.

    • 1460: Mushcap, in an attempt to merge better with the outside world, invents its first prototype of a spore-proof suit, allowing non-shroomans to safely venture into the isles.

    • 1475: ISE scientists begin work on international wireless communication systems for several mediums.

    • 1503: A deposit of Plutonium in Zlevecky creates a large demand for the material and a "Nuclear Hunt" ensues, similar to Gold Rushes of old.

    • 1511: Drawkian manufacturer creates the first "computer," a large device which filled a room, but assisted his employees with accounting.

    • 1522: Drawkian scientists, working for several decades, using plutonium from Zlevecky, creates the first atomic weapon in Sonnelian history. They set it off in the Malicoll desert wastelands, making this region of Drawkland a hub for modern scientific discovery.

    • 1527: Scientists from Drawkland finish improving the manufacturer's design, and create a compact, but low-power, computer.

    • 1550: Use of computers is widespread in the professional realm, but the designs are still not as powerful.

  6. FIFTH AGE (Spacefaring Era)

    • 1569: Drawkland invents the first "atmosphere penetrating rocket," or, APR, and launches it. It's the true paragon of the previous 500 years of progress, containing both computers, wireless communications, and rocket engines. It also is the first object of man-made origin to knowingly enter space, and thus, the next Age, the Spacefaring Era, begins.

    • 1571: Zlevecky, who was close behind Drawkland in technological advancement, is inspired by the rocket launch and launches their own rocket.

    • 1574: Drawkland sends one man, Jon Hammor, into space aboard a rocket. The operation is a success and Jon returns home safely. However, Jon returns to the Sonnelian surface mere hours before Zlevecky sends a similar mission into space. This event is a major publicity generator, and incites an official "competition" between Drawkland and Zlevecky to complete more spacefaring feats before the other.

    • 1580: Zlevecky succeeds in sending a small-crewed space station into orbit, containing a crew of 4 Veckians. Drawkland did not send a similar expedition for another year, which turns the Space Race in Zlevecky's favor.

    • 1585: Personal Computers are released to the public, requiring specialized discs for many programs and operations.

    • 1586: Mushcap (thru the Shrooman Isles) attempts to create its own space program, however, being farther behind than nations like Drawkland and Zlevecky, it does not attempt to compete with either nation.

    • 1588: Drawkland takes the race back in their favor by sending a crew of 5 men to Flayy, one of Sonnel's 16 moons. Every 3 years until 1610, at least some Sonnelian nation or a conglomerate thereof sends a crew to each moon. However, colonization is not common until later. Drawkland held the record of most moons landed on first, with 9.

    • 1590: Mushcap creates its own space station, however, its achievements are dimmed by the efforts of Drawkland and Zlevecky's space race.

    • 1594: Pocket-sized cellular phones are released to the public.

    • 1600: The "Interwire-network" (called the "Wirenet" or just the "Net"), a computer network that everyone with a computer and a connection can access, is released to the public. As soon as it was developed privately in 4000, Drawkland and several other advanced nations like Zlevecky and Dreaglelun begin adding wiring to the national system. Computer sales skyrocket.

    • 1608: Smartphones, touchscreen phones with Wirenet and other capabilities, are released to the public, and are an instant hit.

    • 1611: Memes become a common occurrence on the Wirenet.

    • 1632: The first permanent intended colony on a Sonnelian moon, Alerea, is established by Drawkland. It is successful, and more colonies are to come from many nations, a lot more than who initially landed on such moons.

    • 1664: Drawkland achieves the largest and most final achievement of the Space Race by sending a crew of 7 astronauts to the closest planet of Dhay. The voyage is long and hard, and it's estimated that Dhay has a slightly breathable atmosphere, but a freezing cold surface, so Drawkland doesn't account for a return voyage. They send a huge rocket with lots of supplies, and sent supplies prematurely, so the 7 can establish a permanent settlement, as if they were simply stranded in a tundra environment. The mission is a success and all 7 astronauts survive, long enough for Drawkland to send more colonists. It's the only expedition meant to set up a permanent settlement on the first landing. The colonists are essentially sent back to the Castle Era, save for several communication devices they use.

    • 1675: Dhay is named an official Outerlying Territory of Drawkland, after they send an official founding expedition to the planet. It brings the official count of "Dhay citizens" to 17 in total, as they sent 10 more explorers.

    • 1685: After 10 years of exploring the Dhay surface, and the gathering of new tools, Drawkian explorers drilled into a cave, and break into the inner layer of the planet, discovering the land called "Heparia" and inhabited by a species (relatively primitive) known as the Hagedi.

    • 1690-1693: The Hagedi, unhappy with the forced Drawkian rule via the Dhay explorers (which is now increasing in numbers), decide to rebel. The Drawkian government had anticipated this and sent weapons in previous rocket launches, so the Drawkians were prepared to fight back. The Hagedi, being unprepared and undersupplied, do not succeed.

    • 1694: To punctuate the end of the war, Drawkland annexes Heparia as part of Dhay.

    • 1699-1787: The Freedom Front of Dhay/Heparia (FFDH) is organized by Kolpye Bevroren. The FFDH organizes protests, but after a particularly aggressive protest, some Drawkian law enforcement present fire shots into the crowd. This begins one of the longest conflicts in Sonnelian history, as the FFDH forms a militia, mainly from Hagedi and Drawkian Hagedi sympathizers. The war goes on from 88 years, the 2nd Hagedi Revolution. It reaches a turning point in 1787, where Drawkland forces attack Parga, Dhay. The FFDH, now accustomed to guerrilla warfare, attacks every incoming reinforcement until the force within Parga, until the Drawkian force is overwhelmed. The army is pushed back out of the city, and the commander radios to Iarocav. Iarocav decided that the defense of Dhay is not worth it anymore, and the army withdraws.

    • 1788: Kolpye Bevroren and other leaders of the FFDH meet with Iarocav and the other Drawkionels in Metropolon, to discuss matters of Dhay's independence. The "Freedom Concordat of Gold" is signed, and the planet is a sovereign state, called Dhay/Heparia.

    • 1800: Many experts claim that paper records of any sort are completely archaic and obsolete. This is due to the massive technologization of even the more primitive nations of Sonnel. Computers are fast, compact, and advanced, and a range of similar products exist on the market.

  7. SIXTH AGE (Holo Era)

    • 1850: Projection and display technologies become hyper-advanced; with the advent of high-quality virtual reality equipment (goggles and such) and nearly-3D projections, the Holo tech Era has begun.

    • 1870-1891: After centuries of oppression by the Virtask dynasty, a rebellion is fought in an attempt to dethrone the current king and establish a democracy. Despite the rebels' best efforts, Virtaska remains a monarchy.

    • 1880: Drawkland, along with the ISSE, creates a massive ring-shaped space station surrounding Sonnel, corresponding with Sonnel's natural ring layer, become an outer, artificial ring. It's considered a hub for most space-type business, such as simplified travel between the planet and moons, and more outerlying destinations like Dhayparia.

    • 1900: After much deliberation, technological levitation is achieved, allowing for reliable turbolifts, flying cars, hyper-speed trains, and low-fuel spacecraft. This was technically previously possible using magical means, but they were conditional and less reliable.

    • 1910: Space scientists, who'd been waiting on better-tech spacecraft, immediately send many expeditions to every other planet in Sonnel's solar system. These expeditions, known as "The Outer-Trallena Explorations," all succeed in starting small colonies.

    • 1913: After almost 700 years of being visible but unreachable, a TOTE ship lands on Oteshknir, truly linking with it for the first time.

    • 1950: Holographic technology is fully expanded upon, with sports away matches being projected onto home courts for convenience, holographic phones and televisions owned by nearly every citizen, hyper-intuitive design methods, and the like, all examples of common occurrences due to the innovation.

    • 1969: Iarocav, likely the most influential being in Sonnel's history, turns 2000 years old.

    • 2000: Commercial high-speed, high-safety spaceship flight is achieved, and with it, the solar system of Trallena seems to get "smaller," echoing the revolution in transportation found in the beginning of the Steamsystem era, except on a much larger scale. Transport and communication on Sonnel itself is so advanced and fast it's quickly becoming a massive global utopia of sorts.

    • 2002: Dhay/Heparia, after being renamed Dhayparia earlier, is finally renamed Xhayparia (to signify the cross between the 2 sections of the planet). The planet itself is renamed Xhayparia to reflect this.

    • 2020: Normal commercial travel between planets, moons, space stations, and really any object within Trallena's general impact, is commonplace and will take a few days at most.

    • 2025: Super-tall skyscrapers, over a mile high, are a common occurrence. Urban centers continue to skyrocket in population, but never seem to run out of room. With artificial and natural food methods at their height, the population of Sonnel itself explodes, housing literally tens of billions of people.

    • 2100: Not wanting to let the already-advanced achievements of Sonnelians remain stagnant, scientists, business, and military experts alike come together to create a massive ship, dwarfing all other ships in size, to travel to nearby star systems. The very height of technology, sublight travel, superfast communications, and basic energy weapons are all used to make the ship as effective as possible. Sonnel's first steps into the larger universe are taken when the voyage of the D.S.F. Leviathan succeeds in making contact in another star system, allowing it to get into contact with organizations such as the "World Assembly" and other such multiversal entities. The journey was extremely expensive and didn't have as much gains as expected, so future voyages of similar intent were postponed.

    • 2150: A small fleet of ships similar to the D.S.F. Leviathan, scientific/commercial/military conglomerate megaspacecraft, is completed. However, plans for another voyage are deliberated in favor of building more similar fleets and simply patrolling the space within and surrounding the Trallena system.

    • 2200: The builders of the Leviathan-esque fleet complete many several more fleets, with better engine, communication, and military technology embedded within them. The Drawkian military begins adapting some of these ships to exclusively military purposes, expanding the Drawkian Space Fleet and providing better transport options for the Drawkian Land, Water, and Air fleets of Drawkland.

    • 2250: Through a mixture of magic and science, Drawkland creates an air portal in one of its port cities that links it to The Isles of Avon in Rushmore.

    • 2275: Content with simply advancing the ship technology within its own borders, Sonnelian, especially Drawkian, builders create enormous ships, capable of containing up to 5 Leviathan-sized crafts within them and having plenty of room to spare. 4 of these "Ovarch"-class ships are built, creating the Drawkian Overall Fleet. However, 1 more is created that is so massive, it can fit 5 Ovarc-sized vessels within it. The ship (D.O.F. Grand Drawk) is so massive it cause artificial eclipses over cities, and accidentally alters the orbit of asteroids during space travel. The D.O.F. Grand Drawk was too large to only be made for military purpose, and so plans to use it as a flagship in future interstellar expeditions are concocted.

    • 2300: With the D.O.F. Grand Drawk and 4 other Ovarch-sized ships arranged in a fleet, exploration of all surrounding star systems is achieved. Permanent colonies are set up among these systems, almost exclusively Drawkian, and are used for resource and such usage. By now, travel within all reaches of the Trallena system takes only a few hours, and the closest star systems are reachable in under a week. One can ride in an air shuttle from one side of Sonnel to the opposite side takes less than an hour. Ground vehicles, like cars, are surprisingly still in common use, due to their now dirt-cheap price, and hybrid (ground/air) cars are the most popular.

    • 2312: The meteor which would've been the catalyst for creating Mushcap's timeline narrowly misses Xhayparia and flies off into space.

    • 2365: Silverian explorers stumble upon the portal to Sonnel via the Isles of Avon and visit Drawkland, informing local government officials of their search for land for a colony for the Hebrew ethnic population of Silver Beach.

    • 2368: The Silverian explorers, after exploring unoccupied lands for a few years, establish the colony of New Silveria on a stretch of coastline technically owned by the Dubbo Krish, near Ghirapur.

    • 2396: After no contact with Silver Beach for 2 years due to nuclear war in the homeland, New Silveria sends explorers to Vvarderenfell to see what happened to the Sultan. Out of 15, only one survives the journey, making it home to tell the people that Vvarderenfell has been devastated, and that functionally, Silver Beach is no more.

    • 2400: Drawkland creates the Drawkian Mobile Fleet, a fleet of 15 large ships (5 Ovarch, 5 Grand (Leviathan-sized), and 5 smaller classes, and not counting small personal vessels), whose main purpose is exploration and conquest. It travels to far reaches of space, and helps establish large and permanent colonies.

    • 2400: After a second group of explorers confirm the lack of life in Vvarderenfell, New Silveria declares itself the legal successor state of Silver Beach, with all rights and responsibilities as such. They establish themselves as the Hebrew Republic of Silver Beach.

    • 2500: FURTHEST DATE RP'D. No canon will be created beyond the year 2500. Most "present time" RPs will take place between 2000 and 2499. Any information in factbooks and such should be considered "accurate" to 01/01/2500.
      At this point, Drawkland and other continental conglomerates have ties reaching many star systems away. Relative geopolitical peace has been achieved, for the most part, and life is easy.