by Max Barry

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Dragons, Men, and the founding of Dragonizle

Dragons. The idea of them, throughout the world, was that they were a mythological creature invented to explain hardships. But, they were real breathing beasts. Out of fear, man worldwide slaughtered them as they fed, slept, and lived. But there were those who believed these creatures should be respected and protected. That these creatures were simply misunderstood, and were extremely intelligent and powerful beings in their own right, with their own language and lives. So, these men communicated with these beings, and together sought out a land uninhabited by the rest of the world to begin a nation where man and dragon can be at peace. This was how the nation of Dragonizle began, and this peace drives this nation into today.

Dov. Fin mindol do niin, zeim fin lein, lost daar nust lost aan sahvot sivaas wahlaan wah ofan drun wah faaz. Nuz, nust lost vahzah su'um sunvaar. Nol do faas, mun enook golt kriivah niin ol nust nahkip, bo, ahrk, lahney. Nuz til lost daar wo mindok kos vahzah daar sivaas lost ni mindoraan, ahrk lost rinik onik ahrk suleykaar sunvaar ko gein vahzah, voth tinvaak ahrk voth tinvaak ahrk lahney. Ful, daar muz tinvaak voth daar sivaas, ahrk voth enook wah siiv aan gol ni mindok wah fin lein wah kiin aan goraan lein kolos mun ahrk dovah fen kos ahst drem. Daar lost fah fin drun fin lein do Dragonizle drey kiin, ahrk daar drem dah daar lein kotin nu.