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Military overview

Secretary of Defense: Chester Kenobi
Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence: Jim Bond
XXXXXX: Lon Shevu
XXXXXX: Jori Lekauf

Branches of Military
ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence): ONI is in charge of gathering intelligence on foreign militaries.
Air Force:
FIA (Foreign Intelligence Agency): The FIA is in charge of intelligence gathering in foreign countries. Whereas ONI focuses solely on foreign militaries, the FIA works with a more holistic approach.
Home Guard: The Home Guard is Dothrakia's reserve force
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC): JSOC is the branch of the military that controls all of the spec ops forces Dothrakia has. They communicate and liaison between all of the different branches of the military to coordinate.

Anaxes Military Academy: Anaxes Military Academy is the premier officer training school and military academy for the Dothraki Military.

Nuclear Weapons
Dothrakia began developing a nuclear weapon in 1939 and successfully created an atomic weapon in 1954. Since then, Dothrakia has maintained a small, but powerful nuclear arsenal what is known as the nuclear triad, as a way of ensuring the security of Dothrakia. The nuclear triad consists of submarines, bombers, and ground based missiles. Dothrakia has never had to use its nuclear stockpile against another nation.

Military Bases: Most military bases are joint military bases with several branches of the military using one base. This allows for an ease in communication and supply chain logistics. When several branches use the same base, usually one branch has "priority", and that base is under the command of someone from that branch, for example, Naval Base Pyke is run by a Navy Rear Admiral but has an airfield used by the Air Force on the grounds.

Scopo Flow Joint Naval Base: Is the main base for Dothrakian Special Forces and is also used as a testing site for a wide variety of classified military technology.

Nexus Complex, Brisbane: At the capital of Dothrakia, Brisbane contains the command and control nexus of the entire Dothraki armed forces. This building is known as the Nexus. It contains members, and offices for all of the branches of the Dothraki Armed Forces. The Nexus Complex is a large Heptagon building with one side being reserved for each of the Armed Forces. It consists of 5 stories above ground and 3 below ground. The building has a large number of solar panels on the roof, and around the grounds that generate electricity for the building, and generators located below ground to store power.

Brisbane Air Force Base: Brisbane Air Force Base was designed to hold a large number of aircraft in the event of war. However, it is only home to the 181st Fighter Wing and a wide variety of support Aircraft. The Presidents plane, Air Force One, is also located here in the event the president needs to travel quickly.

Hardhome Naval Station: Hardhome Naval Station is the home base of Dothrakia's submarine fleet. It was chosen for its remoteness and easy access to the sea. This easy access makes it very hard to blockade, ensuring some chance that the submarines will be able to escape into the open seas to complete their missions.

Camp Novak, Umber: Camp Novak is a small army base located near Umber, Mandalore. It is a common training ground for cold weather environments.

Anvegad Joint Army Base: Anvegad contains one of the oldest military bases in the region. Although the walled city was itself a fortress in ancient times, the current military bases are away from the city. The Anvegad Army Base is located into the mountains somewhat and is home to the 10th Mountain Division, and also contains an air base operated by the Air Force.

Dothrakian Aerospace Defense Command: Anvegad is also home to the Dothrakian Aerospace Defense Command (DAD), and the Presidential bunker. This base contains an airfield and a large amount of the base is built into mountainside and is designed to withstand a direct hit from a Nuclear Missile. The bunker can operate as the command and control center for the entire country for an extended period of time in the event of a nuclear fallout.

Naval Station Cydonia: This is one of the largest in Dothrakia. It is capable of docking most of the Dothraki fleet at once.

Naval Base Pyke:Is a medium sized naval base with an airfield.

Camp Pendelton, Casterly Rock:

Hickam Air Force Base

Overseas Military Bases
Unnamed Southern Sea Military Base: Dothrakia has maintained a military base in the Southern Sea since the mid 1700's as a forward operating base and in an effort to curb pirates in the region. For a time in the 1930's and 40's it was used as a forward operating base with a carrier battle group stationed there, but with the start of the Imperial War, only a small number of destroyers and PT boats were stationed there, and the base was used more to rearm submarines out on patrol hunting Imperialist convoys in the Southern Sea.
In modern times it is home to an airfield and a forward operating base for power projection and anti piracy operations in the region. Although capable of holding more forces, it's usually the home base to 2 frigates and a small complement of aircraft, as well as a company of marines.

Overall Philosophy and Strategy
The overarching philosophy of the Dothraki Armed Forces is based around units that are able to respond to a wide variety of threats at any time. As a result, forces are usually built around generic parts with specialist forces used as needed. For example, the Air Forces doesn't focus on interceptors and bombers, instead opting for a large fleet of general purpose aircraft, like the F-16, with a small contingent of interceptors and ground attack aircraft like the F-55 and A-10 for more specialized operations.
In addition, the armed forces favor a combination of a large number of smaller, generalized, cheaper units, with a smaller number of larger, more expensive units. This can be seen best with the Navy with over 30 escort vessels to protect a single carrier and amphibious assault ship.


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