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The Republic of
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Government Overview WIP

Judicial Branch
Judicial Branch Overview: interprets laws, decides if laws violate the Constitution
Supreme Court: 9 members, appointed for life, simple 5-4 majority needed to decide cases
Chief Justice: Longest standing justice of the Supreme Court

Current Justices
Robert Salimbene (Chief Justice)(D)
Ruth Miller(D)
Paul Ginsberg(D)
Rory Bush (R)
George Reagan (R)
Frank Finney (D)
John Aldrete (R)
Wilson Johnson (D)
Timothy Duffy (D)

Legislative Branch
The legislative branch is made up of the House of Representatives. Each of the different regions receives a representative for every 500,000 citizens.

Executive Branch
President: John Biden
Vice President: Joe McCain
Secretary of State: Jack Ryan

How the President is elected:The President is elected through a popular election of all Dothraki citizens over the age of 18. The President serves for a term of 4 years.

$713,013,429,240x.8=$570,410,743,392 taxable GDP
Standard Tax rate: 60%
.60x$570,410,743,392=$342,246,446,035 total Budget
Military/Law and Order:22% $75,294,218,127.7
Administration Costs: 1%.
Commerce: 1%.
Treasury and Minting Costs:1%.
International Affairs (Including Foreign Aid and Foreign Relations):1%.
Infrastructure/Community Management/Social Policy/Welfare: 35%
Energy and the Environment (Oversight and Regulation):1%
Basic Education: 2%
Healthcare: 35%

Foreign Affairs
General Overview
Dothraki Foreign Policy is usually through the Big Stick philosophy. In summary, it is the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis. This generally means negotiating peacefully whenever possible, but also always being in a position of strength should the need arise.
Specific Nations
Razzgriz:Razzgriz has been a long time partner of Dothrakia, the two of whom have fought alongside each other from the South Sea Pirate Wars of the early 1700's to the Imperial War of of the 1950s. Dothrakia has been a long time trading partner of Razzgriz and as a result of Dothrakias help during the Southern Seas Expeditions Dothrakia was granted a military base in the Ocean Southern Sea Administration, which it has kept to this day. In 2002 Dothrakia joined the Southern Sea Administration with Razzgriz.

Greater pretoria:Dothrakia begins deploying peacekeepers to Greater Pretoria to combat the Crimson Scars terrorist movement, and to help train local security forces. Dothrakia has deployed detachments of the 212th Attack Battalion, along with JSOC Knights and several UH-70 Blackgull helicopters to the nation.

Mandatory Civil Service:
For many years, there was a mandatory military conscription of 2 years that began when people were 18 or finished high school, with the only exemptions being consciences objectors, for whom civil service was required. Later, in 1921, this was changed to must have been served or be in service by the age of 23 to allow people the chance to get a college degree, and thus better placement into the military. This was again changed in 1983 to allow for "civil service" for all citizens. This gave citizens the ability to serve their conscription in a variety of other ways within the government structure. In addition, citizens as young as 16 can apply to join the armed forces and can be accepted if they pass additional tests to prove they are physically and mentally mature enough to enter the armed forces.

Gun Control:
Gun control has been an issue long debated in Dothrakia. Due to the military heritage of the nation, gun ownership has always been something that has been looked on favorably by a large part of the population. Despite incidents like the Northern Uprising of 1984, most Dothraki's were still in favor of minimal gun control.
However, after a string of mass shootings in the early 1990's, Dothrakia began to implement tougher gun control. Most of these gun reforms have been deemed "common sense" gun laws. Although these laws were initially met with strong resistance, a mass shooting at Sandy Shores Elementary school in 1998 that left 38 dead silenced most objectors. Gun laws revolve around a series of background checks and firearm control to allow law abiding citizens access to weapons while still keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Although there are still some that object to gun laws and warn that they may lead to tyranny in the future, the vast majority of the population has gotten behind these reforms and now supports them whole-heartedly.
No fully automatic guns are allowed to be sold. Families that had full-auto guns before the 1998 gun laws were allowed to retain them so long as they were cleared with the government. Guns like pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles, and single shot assault rifles (with some exceptions) are allowed to be privately owned. To get a gun one most go through a background check as well as a written and field test to prove that you are capable of properly owning and maintaining a gun. After this, every 5 years an individual must check in with a government office to make sure they are still deemed fit to own a firearm. People can get their license revoked for a variety of crimes, or a history of mental illness IF they are deemed to be a threat to the community.

Drug Laws:
Marijuana is legal in Dothrakia beginning at age 18.

The Dothraki Currency is called the Note. The government has all but eliminated coins from circulation, citing increased costs of production. Since 2000, the first polymer banknotes have been introduced and have since taken over. Although these banknotes are more expensive than standard banknotes, they last longer and are harder to counterfeit. Each value of banknote has a different color, making them easier to distinguish.
The units are as follows
$0.25 (coin)
$1 (green)
$5 (green)
$10 (blue)
$20 (pink)
$50 (yellow)
$100 (red)

Dothraki Space Agency
The DSA is building the Hub Module for the Space Station.