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Army and Marines WIP

The Dothrakian Army is made up of approximately 155,216 frontline active personnel.

Infantry: Foot Soldiers
Cavalry: Mechanized Infantry (also called Dragoons)
Armor: Tanks and other IFV's/APC's
Air Cavalry: Helicopter Cavalry
Tactical Air Squadrons: Close Air support Fixed Wing Aircraft
Battalion Tactical Group?
Airborne: Airborne Units are trained in parachuting into an operation. Airborne forces are also used as shock troopers in certain cases because of their advanced training.
Shocktroopers: Are more highly trained and well equipped versions of regular infantry. Shock Units are also trained in airborne assault.

Army Organization
Fireteam: 2-5 men
Squad: 10-12 men
Platoon: 2-5 squads
Company: 100 men (2-5 platoons)
Battalion: 4-5 companies (400-500 men)
Regiment: 1000 men (10 companies)
Brigade: 2000-3000 men (2-3regiments)
Division: 5000 men (5 regiments/2 brigades)
Legion: 10000 men (2 divisions)
Corps: 20000 men (4 divisions)
Army: 2 or more corps

Army Organization Specifics
Squad Leader (M04 w/M203); Heavy Weapons (Negev 5.56)
Team Leader/Grenadier (M04 w/M203); Rifleman (M68); Rifleman (M68); Rifleman (M04 w/ACOG)
Team Leader/Grenadier (M04 w/M203); Rifleman (M68); Rifleman (M68); Rifleman (Mk. 55 EBR)
3 Squads
1 Weapons Squad (2x2 man MG team, 1x2 man SMAW team, Squad leader)
1 Platoon Squad (Platoon Leader, Platoon 2nd in command, medic, radioman, 2 scouts)
2 Platoons
1 Co. HQ (CO, XO, "First Sergeant, radioman, Driver)
1 Weapons Platoon (

Guns/Uniform of Dothrakian Military
Dothrakian Military Guns
Dothraki Military Uniform

Armored/Vehicles Units Organization
Platoon: 3-4 tanks
Armor Company: 3 platoons (10 tanks)
Armor Battalion: 3 companies ( 31 tanks)
Armor Brigades: 2 tank battalions (63 tanks)
Armored Division: 2 Brigades (130 tanks)

Air Cavalry: Always a Battalion level Organization
4 Air Cavalry Troops
3 platoons in a troop
Aero-Scout Platoon: 6 OH-58A Kiowa Scout Helicopters
Aero-Rifle Platoon: 6 UH-70 Blackgull Helicopters (carrying 50 men)
Aero-Weapon Platoon: 10 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters

Marine Expeditionary Unit:
2,200 Men with standard weapons and attached heavy weapons
4 Main Battle Tanks
12 Light Armored Vehicles (LAV-25-A2)
15 Assault Amphibious Vehicles
60 Humvees
3 D7 Combat Bulldozer
30 Medium Tactical Vehicles
6 M777 Howitzers
(Aircraft Loadout Varies based on ship load out)
4-6 Attack Helicopters
6 VTOL Fighters
12 MV-22 Storks
10 Utility Helicopters

Brigade Combat Team?

Notable Units
327th Shock Corps : The 327th consists of all elite non special forces units in Dothrakia and is made up of several smaller units. Although some of these units have specific special skills, these are units designed to operate in any circumstances and act as shock troops capable of defeating any unit their size. These units are capable of conducting special operations in conventional warfare, and in utilizing unconventional methods. These units all utilize special equipment capable of being used on any missions they are sent on like the M252 81mm mortar. All of these units have been trained in airborne operations and include:
82nd Airborne Division: "Dothrakia's Division"
101st Airborne Division: "Helljumpers"
501st Legion (Shocktroopers): "The Iron Fist"
26th Royal Tyran Infantry Regiment (26th RTI) (Shocktroopers): "The Unvanquished"
2nd Airborne Company:
212th Attack Battalion: Because of its smaller size compared to the other elite units on this list, the 212th is commonly used as a QRF and is often the first, large scale troop deployment into a new combat area. They are also used heavily in humanitarian relief and in peacekeeping roles.

Specialist Units
10th Mountain Division: The 10th Mountain is the only division specially trained to fight in mountainous conditions in the Dothrakian Armed Forces to such an extent. Training includes using skis to quickly move around the battlefield and training with specific vehicles designed for snowy or rugged terrain more than any other army unit.
Brigade of Royal Engineers: The Royal Engineers is comprised of the three regiments that provides military engineering and other technical support functions to the entire Dothraki military. In combat, they are usually deployed into smaller subunits usually in the platoon or company size. However, this unit is often deployed in a peacekeeping or humanitarian role because their skills as engineers allow them to act as both peacekeepers and engineers for construction. They utilize a variety of special vehicles and equipment, the most notable of which being the Centurion AVRE 165 and T-81 Assault Breacher. Seax are also standard issue for soldiers in this brigade.

Modern Day Seax

List of Units:
1st Armored Division: "Old Ironsides"
4th Armored Division: "Iron Horse Division"
1st Cavalry Division: "First Team"
2nd Cavalry Regiment: "2nd Dragoons"
5th Cavalry Regiment: "The Lancers"
7th Cavalry Regiment:"Sky Soldiers" (Air Cavalry)
11th Cavalry Regiment: "Blackhorse"
91st Cavalry Regiment: "Black Diamonds"
1st Infantry Division: "The Fighting First"
3rd Infantry Division: "The Brave Rifles
4th Infantry Division: "Ivy Division"
5th Infantry Division: "Bloody Fifth"
7th Infantry Division: "Lucky Seventh"
32nd Infantry Division: "The Old Guard"
44th Infantry Division: "The Fighting Forty Fourth"
87th Infantry Division: "The Sentinel Division"
100th Infantry Division: "The Century Division"
104th Infantry Division: "The Wolfpack Division"
203rd Infantry Division: "The Devil Dogs"
224th Infantry Division: "The Mud Jumpers"

Attack Helicopters
40 AH-86 Arapaho
40 AH-98 Sky Shark Attack Helicopter

Transport Helicopters
40 Mi-24 Kangaroo Assault Helicopters
160 UH-80 Blackgull
20 UH-1 Swallows
30 MV-22 Stork

150 T-81 Lion MBT

Armored Personnel Carriers
300 M-3 Hercules
400 Aurochs LSV
60 LSV-30
40 LSV-105

Armored Vehicles
50 BAE Bison
170 Cougar MRAP
68 Bobcat

Lightly Armored Vehicles
1900 HUMVEEs
450 LMWV

Specialty Vehicles
10 AB-81 Assault Breachers
30 Centurion AVRE 165
40 D9 Armored Bulldozer
60 Assault Amphibious Vehicles

50 M-114 Alakran 120mm mortar system
100 M-109 155mm self propelled howitzers
120 M777 155mm Howitzer
168 M119 105mm Howitzer

Ranks of Dothraki Army and Marines
Enlisted Personnel
Private First Class
Lance Corporal
Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Special Ranks
Master Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer
Commissioned Officers
2nd Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
General of the Army