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Air Force WIP

Division of aircraft
Flight: A flight of aircraft is the division of the aircraft within a single squadron. A flight can be anywhere from 2-10 aircraft depending on the mission.
Squadron: A squadron is the basic unit of aircraft. A squadron can be anywhere from 10-20 aircraft depending on aircraft type.
Group: A group is usually two squadrons.
Wing: A wing is usually two groups, or four squadrons of aircraft.

List of Aircraft by number in service

Fighter Aircraft
40 F-55 Zeus II
120 F-16 Fierce Falcon

Ground Attack Aircraft
Ground attack aircraft are aircraft used primarily in support of troops on the ground. Ground attack aircraft are best utilized in environments where there is allied air power controlling the sky overhead. They are considered apart of the army and not Air Force because of their role usually means they are working directly with troops on the ground as opposed to strategic bombers.
10 A-100 Ares Boar :
20 A-29 Sky Viper
5 AC-100J Ghostrider

Strategic Bombers
15 TU-55

30 MQ-1 Predator
60 MQ-9 Reaper
15 RQ-170 Sentinel

Support Aircraft
1o E-3 Sentry AWACs aircraft
10 EA-18G Growler E-Warfare Aircraft
15 KC-135 Stratotanker Tanker aircraft
10KC-100 Sky Ox Tanker
75C-100 (Cargo/ Search and Rescue/ Spec Ops)
30 C-71 Globetrotter III (Cargo)
10 C-5M Super Galaxy (Cargo)
5 MC-12W Liberty (Spec Ops)


181st Interceptor Wing
185th Interceptor Squadron (F-55's)
182nd Interceptor Squadron (F-55's)
184th Interceptor Squadron (F-55's)
180th Interceptor Squadron (F-55's)

68th Attack Wing
666th Attack Squadron (A-10's)
62nd Attack Squadron (A-29's)
64th Attack Squadron (A-29's)
69th Attack Squadron (AC-100's)

Mission Overview by Aircraft
F-55: The F-55 is Dothrakias 5th generation fighter. Although capable of being used in any role, it is currently mostly used as an air superiority fighter.
F-16: The F-16 is the all purpose aircraft of the DAF.

Svallin Defense System
The Svallin Defense system is a missile defense system named after an ancient Mando hero who protected his city from the wraith of the sun god Apollo. This system makes Dothrakia one of the few countries in the world with an anti ballistic missile system operational on the national level.
The defense system is comprised of several different types of missiles capable of protecting Dothrakia from ballistic missiles. The newest stage of this system is capable of knocking out satellites.

Nuclear Arsenal
The Air Force is also responsible for guarding Dothrakias nuclear arsenal that is carried by strategic bombers and through missile bases. The Dothtraki military first developed nuclear capabilities following the nuclear testing done throughout the Imperial War and in the years afterwards.
The Dothraki nuclear arsenal is small and is only maintained for use as a deterrent.