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Special Forces

Dothrakia is known for having some of the most renowned special forces groups in the world. Each branch has their Special Forces units that all fall under the command of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). Because of the advanced training these forces go through, most of these forces are capable of performing the same missions, but with slight variations. Most of the teams on this list are primarily trained to operate in groups of 12 or less. Foreign internal defense and unconventional warfare missions are the bread and butter of Special Forces soldiers. For this reason SF candidates are trained extensively in weapons, engineering, communications and medicine. SF soldiers are taught to be warriors first and teachers second because they must be able to train their team and be able to train their allies during a FID or UW mission. Often SF units are required to perform additional, or collateral, activities outside their primary missions. These collateral activities are coalition warfare/support, combat search and rescue, security assistance, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian de-mining and counter-drug operations.
Due to their elite training, these units are often given a long leash in terms of their uniforms and other personal equipment they choose to use. They also have less stringent regulations about personal hygiene and upkeep. For example there is a general rule against beards (thats not very enforced) in the armed forces due to their tendency to inhibit the use of gas masks, however special forces are allowed "operator scruff" and Zed Teams are given free reign on facial hair, as it is believed this will allow them to better blend in to their surroundings.

Marines- (1000)
Marine Raider Regiment: Is meant to serve as a direct action and reconnaissance gathering force. They are most often used in counter insurgency operations and with foreign internal security operations. They are designed to act alone, and with conventional units. For example, leading an assault on an enemy strongpoint and being able to exploit the gap created quickly while calling in fire support better than the standard marine could.

Army- (2000)
Army 75th Ranger Regiment:
Army 41st Ranger Regiment:
Is primarily designed to act as a large force when special operators are required. For example being dropped in just before an invasion on a large scale to disrupt enemy movements and communications.

SEALS: SEALS specialize and covert insertion and extraction. They are meant to operate behind enemy lines in hit and run attacks and in intelligence gathering roles. Among the SEALs' main functions are conducting small-unit maritime military operations that originate from, and return to, a river, ocean, swamp, delta, or coastline. The SEALs are trained to operate in all environments (sea, air, and land) for which they are named.

Air Force-
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment: Is a helicopter force that specializes in stealth insertion and extraction. This force usually works with the other special units listed here in a support role. For example stealthily infiltrating a SEAL team or Knights team behind enemy lines.

Special Intelligence Agency- (200)
Zed Teams: Zed teams are covert operations teams. They act as the "military arm" of ONI and the FIA, meant to act as kill squads in foreign nations, or assist in extracting assets from hostile environments. Zed teams differ from other special forces units in that they are meant to work undercover/undetected in their environment. As a result they often act without support, heavy weapons, or even body armor. However, they are still trained in a military capacity and specialize in missions such as hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, direct action, and advanced reconnaissance. Like the Knights, Zed members are recruited from other special forces groups like the 75th Rangers, SEAL's, and Marine Raiders.

JSOC- (300)
Knights: The Knights are considered Dothrakias most elite special operations unit. The Knights are comprised of special operators from all other branches and units. They are one of the newest units on the list, officially born from developments in the past 25 years. However, the idea for this units has been around for much longer and was an initiative approved after the first Aftermath War Games when the idea for an elite special forces unit capable of taking on any conventional or unconventional warfare scenario was first devised. This is a unit designed to handle any operation tasked for them at any time. For example performing a stealth infiltration's like SEALS and then linking up with conventional forces and using their superior training and skillset to operate as a force larger than they actually are(a fire team holding down a position it would take a platoon to hold down as an exaggerated example). As a result members have to be trained in any and all types of combat and support roles including calling in air support, pararescue, sniper overwatch, in addition to heavy weapons training and small and large scale tactics.

The Home Guard: Also known as the National Guard is the reserve force that all males join after their compulsory service. Units meet on a semi-annual basis to keep up their skills and training. In times of war these men can be called into active duty. Their other role is to work as a guerrilla resistance force against a hostile invasion.
When called into active service the Home Guard units will use the weapons used by active military forces.
In the event of an invasion Home Guard units will report to stash houses and bunkers around Dothrakia and arm up to fight a guerrilla resistance against the invaders. Home Guard weaponry in these cases includes
-M3A1 submachine guns
-RS-47 Assault Rifles
-AT-4 RPG's
-Welrod pistols

- Ronin Ballistic Face Mask
-mtek G4 Ballistic Face Mask

-Riverine Special Operations Craft
-RQ-11 Ravens Handheld Drones

History of Special Forces

Dothraki Ranger at the time of the First Central Argus War.

The original special forces unit was the Army Rangers, first founded in 1769. They were founded by Major Robert Rogers, and were based off of his "28 Rules for Ranging" which was in an essence the first guidebook for Guerrilla Warfare. Dothraki Special Forces recruits are all given a copy of his 28 Rules and some special forces operators are known to worship some rules religiously. The Rangers would go on to serve with distinction during the Invasion of Cydonia, operating deep behind enemy lines with hit and run tactics, harassing enemy supply lines and communications systems.
The Rangers would go on to serve with Distinction during the First Central Argus War and the Great Gael War, they usually participated in hit and run raids.
The Rangers would be the only special forces unit in the Dothraki Military until the Imperial War. With the beginning of the war the Marine Raider Regiment was formed in early 1944. They would serve with distinction in hit and run raids and as scouts for amphibious operations. Both the Raiders, and Rangers would play a large part in the invasion of Flandrian during Operation Cinder.
With the introduction of the helicopter the military soon realized their effectiveness for infiltration and exfiltration and it wasn't long before a specialized unit was created. In 1969 the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment was created for the sole purpose of working with special forces.