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Dothrakia is split up into several geographic regions. The northern most island is called Mandalore, the main island is called Bohemia, and the bottom most island is called Corellia. Yo the west of Dothrakia is the Eterna Sea.
Dothrakia's geography is most similar too Switzerland. With large mountain ranges covering a large portion of the country, especially in Mandalore.

The rugged mountainous region in the Northern part of the main island. The capital city is Starkhold. Mandalore was the region most populated and colonized by the Mandalorians, hence the name. Mandalore is also known for being sparsely populated and its wide expanses of wilderness.
Notable Cities: Anvegad (translation Anvil Gate), Jeddha, Eyrarfell, Kambr, Hardhome, Osfjoll, Starkhold

The diverse region making up the lower half of the main island of the country. Known for moderate climate. Capital city Tyra.
Notable Cities: Tyra, Brisbane, Knidamos, Terrenheim, Casterly Rock, Dubrovnik, Mereen, Kepyros, Alderaan

Capital City is Cydonia. It is made up of the Paclam Islands just off the Southeast Coast. Its culture is heavily influenced by the group of Christian Warrior monks who heavily colonized the Islands beginning around 600 AD, the Order of the Peutonic Knights. As a result, Corellia is the only part of the islands that are majority christian.
Notable Cities: Cydonia, Aloton, Actinia, Thuricea, Alexandria