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National Factbook of Dominioan

The Second Weimar Republic of Dominioan


Motto: Forever and a Day (English)



Capital: Weimar
Largest City: Weimar

Official Language: German

National Language: Dominish and German

Demonym: Dominish

- Prime Minister: PM Alexuis Venus
- Vice Minister: VM Jason Axolian
- Speaker of the House: Speaker Tory Seriuas
- Chief Justice: Chief Justice Enigma Lakiun

- Upper House: The Senate
-Lower House: The House of Commons

Establishment: from the German Confederation
Independence: September 18, 1956

Land Area: 145,988 mi²
234,961 km²

Highest Point: Galdhørren, 2469 miles
Lowest Point: Gortenglahd, .5 mile below sea level

GDP (nominal): $13.34 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $69,445

Human Development Index (NS Version): 94.34

Currency: Kiren, k

Time Zone: Central Daylight Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +39

Internet TLD: .dom


The Second Weimar Republic of Dominioan, commonly called Dominioan, is a Parliamentary Monarchist Republic in Europe. It is bordered on the north by Scandinavia, on the south by Rome, by the east by Poland and the Balkans and on the west by France. Dominioan covers 145,988 square miles and has has an estimated population of about 91 million. Dominioan comprises of 30 Provinces (like the States in the Americas), and zero territories.

Dominioan plays a relatively low role in the world, being pretty neutral overall. However, it has close economic and cultural ties to many nations, and is the worlds largest iron ore producer. It is a member of the European Union, and a member of the Open Borders Pact within it. It is not, however, part of the Eurozone, and uses its kiren instead. It has embassies in every country but Korea.


The name "Dominioan" has a pretty obvious source. Dominioan was once full of many tribes, fighting wars. But one tribe soon dominated over the others, a tribe called the Domanors. They slowly but surely made their way across the land, conquering other native tribes and eventually became the dominant tribe. Dominioans second name, Weimar, comes from its capital.

The pretitle is very obvious, as Dominioan is the spirtual successor to the Weimar Republic, a short lived nation in the same area Dominioan is now. And it is as the name says, a Republic "ruled" by a powerless monarch, who has little influence.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Dominioan is as a "Dominish."


The prehistory of Dominioan is vague and unknown. The first humans arrived at the same time they did in Europe. Dominioan is also the second known location of a homo sapiens sapiens, and people evolved there before the rest of Europe.

The tribes formed a long time ago, over a long period of time. Dominioan is also the first site of a sort of war between primal humans, as a large amount of dead bodies were found in one area, along with primitive weapons. We don't know what they were fighting for.

Age of Kingdoms

After the Dominish tribes formed, they eventually united under one tribal power-the Domanors. They were very warlike, and continued their ruthless expansion under their Korgensfurt (old Dominish for King) Juikol Fuursi, eventually covering most of Germany, and reaching down into the Balkans. This was the second kingdom of Europe, it was called the Fuursi Empire. It lasted for only 20 years before Fuursi died, and it split among many warring kingdoms. Eventually, the first dated event happened. It 804, the Vikings from the furthest north invaded. They conquered the bewildered Dominish, who were baffled by their technology. So came the Nursil Cunfaderiutien, or the Norse Confederation. Dominioan was not norse however, and was a far territory.

The Dominish eventually accepted their occupation, and many of them liked the Vikings. They were immersed into their culture, and many helped on raids. The Dominish continued like this, advancing along with Europe. The Dominish remained somewhat affected, by Roman culture, and their history largely goes along with the Viking history-just more isolated and much longer.

Eventually, the Viking raids stopped, and many began to settle down. Dominish slowly were more and more oppressed, as the Vikings used the for all sorts of slave labor. In 1098, the Dominish rebelled, and retook the northern areas. Then born was the second Dominish kingdom, the Sorin Kongdum (Siren Kingdom). Ruled by House Siren, the Dominish began immersing with the rest of Europe while never partaking in any wars. The Siren Empire stayed alive until 1712, when the cruel King Deriol Siren II took power.

The Republic, and The Dominioan-Daarthen War

Dominish across the nation rebelled, in whats known as the "Five Red Nights". They took the capital, and beheaded the King. The first Meeting of Parliament was held, and the people voted war commander Nalion Bapearte as the first President of the Dominish Republic. He was very imperialist, and wanted to expand Dominioan. So he set his eyes on a small little nation called Pual.

Right below Dominioan was primitive little Pual (Part of the Balkan Empire now), a Kingdom of barely any. Dominioan's army marched in, slaughtered the royal family, and claimed the kingdom their own. The neighbours at the time panicked. Dominioan was shown to be a power that the colonial empires should be afraid of. Dominioan eventually started making overseas colonies as well, and signed a pact with France-another republic-for military aid. And then, they ran out of coast to conquer.

Dominioans neighbours at the time were Daarthen, a weak Confederation, and Poora, a Daarthen dominion. Russia was another neighbour, as they controlled Poland at the time. Dominioan decided to attack Daarthen, and annex it. On May 1st, 1743, the Dominish Army marched into Poora, and annexed it for Dominioan. At the time, Dominish sentiment was getting worse, as the President has ruled for far to long. Then Daarthen declared war, and thanks to the pact, France declared war. The Dominioan-Daarthen war had begun.

It lasted for a very short time however-thanks to an unexpected ally. Dominioan easily trounced the Daarthen forces, and France intimidated its neighbours into not intervening-but they couldnt reach one. The Holy Russian Kingdom was a huge nation in the East, which felt threatened by growing Dominish expansion. They intervened on Daarthen side, and reversed the fighting amazingly. In the end, Dominioan surrendered, and lost 70% of its land to Daarthen and Russia. The old government was replaced with a pro-Russia government.

The Russian Confederation

Just three years after the end of the war, in 1749, Dominioan held a referendum. Russia was reforming into a Confederation of States, in order to become more democratic. The populace hated their current government, and the poverty and inequality. Dominioan voted 72% Join, and 38% stay. Dominioan was officially part of the Confederation.

The Dominish people were given equal status and more rights than they ever had, and they liked it. They had a very democratic government, and a good economy. This was very temporary though. The monarchists seized power and turned it into a new Russian Empire, with an autocratic government. But the Dominish kept their rights, so they were satisfied...for a while.

They stayed with this Empire for a long time, throughout the Decolonization, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and other events. This peace eventually went away, however. Dominioan was released when a weakened Russian Emprie was forced to give up large territory, and WW1 was coming-and Dominioan was a main player in its grand and bloody game. For problems had been festering in Europe, and they were soon coming to a boil.

WW1 and WW2

One cold October day, the King was in his garden. King Jason LIV was surrounded by highly trained guards, and everyone thought this to be a normal morning. But then, disaster struck. The castle guards traitorous Herold shot the king-killing him. He was soon found to be of British origin-and he said he was on a sanctioned infiltration mission. After intense pressure, the 13 year old Queen Aliea II declared war on Britain.

This lead to a trigger of multiple alliances. Dominioan and France. being close allies, were on the same side. Britain called upon its ally Spain, which called on Balania, which scared Hungary, which allied with Dominioan and France, and France called on its ally Scandinavia, which scared Russia, which joined Britain. So came the sides. Britains allies, the Alliance, and Dominioans allies, the United Powers.

Dominioan launched the first attack, and marched through a neutral nation (Boloringa) to reach Britains coast (at the time Dominioan had no north coast). Britain retaliated, and attacked France. Russia and Scandinavia began fighting, and kept each other occupied for the rest of the war. Hungary tried to fend off a joint attack from both Balania and Rome, who had just joined on Britains side.

The war remained at a stalemate until the Union and the Confederacy from America joined in on the side of Britain. Then the tides began to turn. Weimars allies all began surrendering slowly over time. Hungary ended up occupied during the later stages, and eventually Dominioan surrendered. The Queen, now aged 17, commited suicide when she saw British forces entering the capital.

Dominioans government was replaced with a British puppet one, called the Weimar Republic. They were also forced to pay almost all the repairs. This lead to the rise of rebellious groups, evetually resulting in the Dominish Rebellion of '31. The kiren at the time had almost no value, and eventually the rebellions managed to win and overthrow the government. They had angry people to deal with, and they needed a scapegoat. So through subtle propaganda and influence, they blamed minrities for their problems-specifically the remenants of the tribal Seeioks, who used to inahbit the land, and were a large minority at the time.

Eventually the attitude turned darker. Dominioan started taking all Seeioks into a series of camp systems called the "Unerwünschter Hof", or "Unwanted Yard" (Dominish and German are both used, but German was a majority). They organized mass killings, and eventually King Halduff Adiler began realizing the rest of the world was getting ready to intervene. He wanted to make the first strike.

So they marched into Boloringa yet again, this time annexing it permanently for Dominioan. The rest of the world was shocked and horrified. Dominioan the gained a few important allies. Imperial Japan wanted to expand, and since its neigbour China was fighting against Dominioan, they decided to fight with Dominioan. Another nation, the Balkan Empire, also decided to fight with Dominioan, since they harbored the same hate for the minority Seeioks that lived in their nation. Dominioans last ally was the incredibly authoritarian Union, which was purging Native Americans.

The war was going bad from the start-the rest of Europe was far to powerful for Dominioan. The American Confederay was already fighting the State Union of Colombia, and was doing pretty well. Japan however, was doing quite well. They basicaly dominated the Pacific, and were destroying the small island nations. But then Dominioan had a burst of luck-the code for the British Code was transmitted, and Dominioan picked it up. This gave them a huge advantage, and eventually France was forced to surrender after British support abandoned it.

It was the Soviet Union (Russian Empire after communist revolutions) and the American Confederacy that saved the day. They began a joint development of the atom bomb, a devastating weapon capable of total annihalation. Meanwhile, the war took a downturn for Dominioan. The Balkans had surrendered, and Japan was losing. The Union was barely helping at all, being occupied with the AC.

It was a warm June day when the bombs were launched. The two bombs, code named "Alexander", and "Washington", were dropped on the industrial city of Gerhart and the capital of Berlin. The cities were devastated-and Dominioan had no choice but to surrender. Dominioans government was reformed, and considered the successor to the Weimar Republic.

The Modern Times

Officially Dominioan was called the German Confederation until the 1950s.

Dominioan and Poland had some small fights over borders in the early 1990s, which lead to a small war in which Dominioan took some land. Dominioan as a nation is very advanced, and ranked third on the Science Analysis Scoring Scale (S.A.S.S.). The nation is also very democratic, and holds good relations with almost every countrol.

Dominioan is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, and the Terra Pact to Preserve our Earth. It is a pioneer in green technology, and is a big exported in hydropower materials. Dominioan is also a pioneer in space, being the main funder of the Internation Space Station.


Dominioans geography is a mix of two extremes. In the south, there are rolling forests and hills, with river valleys and lakes carving up the picturesque landscape. In the north however, there are giant mountains rising up out of the long and wide stretching flatlands, which is where most of the animals are. This area is home to most small towns.

On average, Dominioan is quite warm. In the winter it can get to be around 28 degrees Farenheit, and in the summer it can get up 83 on average. Some extremes can take it up to 100s or down to the negatives-which leads to pretty varied weather across the nation. Powerful storms are known to whip up in the summer, with snow being common in the winter.

Dominioan has a large amount of native flora and fauna, and has one of the most sustainable and amazing environments around. Strict environmental policy keeps the areas beautiful, and no species has gone extinct because of humans reasons in a very long time.

The forests are aplenty in the southern areas, which are home to the aforementioned angel bird. The nation is praised and reknowned internationally for its environmental beauty-ranked first in the world. Many national parks dot the forests and mountains. The countrys progressive concerns in the evironment make it a big tourist attractor.


The population is an interesting mix of things. Men are 49%, with women at 51%. The population is largely young or younger middle age, and a population boom (although small) is expected to happen soon. The growth rate is about 0.4%, very small. A decent population is old, and the average age is 80.

Age in the Population

  • 65+, 22%

  • 55-64, 9%

  • 25-54, 40%

  • 15-24, 11%

  • 0-14, 18%

Dominish is the most spoken language by a long shot, as it is the native one and is pretty easy to learn for most languages. German, another native language, is second. English, due to its similarity to Dominish and its cultural ties, is third. And Russian ispopular as well. The languages of Dominioan are considered a multicultural treasure.

Language Fluency in the Population

  • Dominish, 82%

  • German, 68%

  • English, 59%

  • Russian, 30%

  • Spanish, 19%

  • French, 12%

  • Arabic, 3%

  • Others, 2%


Religion is not very common in Dominioan, as the population is very skeptical of it. Science and reason are prevailing here, and many people look down on religion with disdain-a problem in Dominioan. Christianity has many practicioners though, and some minority religions exist.

Religions in the Population

  • Atheism/Secular, 55%

  • Christianity (Norse Orthodox), 32%

  • Christianity (Others), 10%

  • Islam, 2%

  • Judaism, .7%

  • Others, .3%


The population is very diverse, and no one race controls a majority. The main population is Dominish-Anglo, and it is a considerable amount. But many other races are mixed in, notably Asian and African. The population is not very racist considering the many races, and this may be due to the progressive and equal education.

Race in the Population

  • 31% Dominish-Anglo

  • 23% English/American

  • 22% Russian

  • 14% African

  • 8% Asian

  • 1% Latino

  • 1% Arabic/Other

Largest Cities



Metro area population




5 million

District of Weimar




Sonnirs Galf



3.4 million

Sonnirs Galf



3 million




2 million




2 million







Little Haivon












Dominioan has a government similar to many other governments in Europe. Most of the basic positions and features are similar, but the system is much more democratic. The system is a Unitary Parliamentary Monarchist Republic. But unitary can be misleading, as though the central government has a large amount of power, the province ones have power as well.

The Head of State is the monarch, today it is Queen Elise Narnius VII. The King has very minimal power, as he is mostly a figurehead. He can select half of the ministers in the Council, and advises the Prime Minister. The King and the PM also meet foreign diplomats and leaders, and officially the King is the most powerful person in the nation-though obviously not in practice.

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government, and holds the real power to the nation. Elected every 4 years by a national popular vote, the Prime Minister leads Parliament and the Council. Having Executive and Legislative power, it is an important position. The current PM is PM Alexius Venus. Their Vice Minister is selected by them, the current one is James Axolian. The PM leads the Council, which decides the direction of the government. They can also dismiss ministers, and leads the Parliament. The PM can also dismiss Parliament, by the approval off the Council and the King, and selects the Justices. The VM helps them in all their duties.

The Council is made up of Ministers that are selected by the King and the House of Commons. The Ministers head their different departments in the direction determined by their Council, and work under the Suprevision of the Prime Minister. The Ministers can only be dismissed by the Prime Minister, and he can do it without any approval. The Council also approves the dissolution of Parliament.

The Legislative body is the Parliament, it is the most powerful body. But it is split into two houses to weaken that power, the House of Commons and the Senate. Collectively the Parliament can choose half the Ministers, propose legislation and ammendments, form commitees, remove the PM, approve the choices for Minister and Justice, and elect a new King if the current bloodline dies.

The House of Commons is the lower house in Parliament. It is elected by each Parliamentary district in the country by popular vote. The HoC is considered the more powerful house, as it has the true legislative power. The HoC can propose and ammend legislature, and elects half the Ministers. The HoC must pass the two Articles of No Confidence in order to impeach the Prime Minister.

The Senate is the higher house in Parliament. It is elected by popular vote in each province in the country. The Senate is considered weaker since it cannot propose legislature. It can, however, reject any legislature from the House of Commons. It can also form commitees within the government. The Senate also approves the choices of everything, including the Ministers and Justices. If the HoC passes the Articles of No Confidence, then the Senate holds a simple vote on whether it is deserved.

The Judical power is rested within the Hegemonic Court of Dominioan, the highest and most supreme court within the nation. They handle the cases deemed for them by the government (foreign leaders, terrorrists, internal government, e.t.c.). The Justices are chosen by the Prime Minister and approved by the Senate. The Chief Justice is elected by the PM as well, and is currently Enigma Lakiun. There must always be 9 Justices, in order to prevent a tie. They have supreme authority over any court in the nation.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Dominish diplomatic attitude is to make peace whenever possible. Dominioan always attempts to deescalate and dial down the situation before considering a military option. The nation has embassies in every nation but Korea, due to the regime being new, and the request not being made yet. Dominioan is also a member of the United Nations.

When diplomacy fails, Dominioan has the backup plan of its powerful military. Ranked in the top 15 in the world, the nation uses its scientific advancement to boost up its military. The soldiers in the military enjoy top notch equipment and great conditions in bases, and are highly trained. Robot fighters are banned by international law. A conscription service, Bizenforda, is used for personnell, with civilian service opt outs available.

Domininioan has very high taxes, which means lots can be put in the military budget. However it is mostly focused on defense. The Dominish military is currently deployed in Dominioan, and a few troops are stationed in the embassies for protection. Dominioan has the most powerful basic rifle in the world, the TK-1829.


Economic Indicators

Rank: 4th Worldwide
Currency: Kiren (k)
Currency Value: $0.89
Fiscal Year: September 1st-August 31st

GDP (nominal): $13.34 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $69,445
Labor Force: 33,407,500
Unemployment: 4.55%

The Dominish economy is widely diversified with a few main industries. Dominioans main industry is goods manufacturing, and the main money is maid by selling the money to other countries. The manufacturing is state owned. Another main industry is Greencorp, Dominioans largest private company. They produce hydropower and solar panels.

Many smaller villages make up Dominioans fishing industry. It is mostly trout and bourgela fish. Another huge industry is (heavily regulated) time woodchopping. Dominioan cuts down the trees in the south, and they provide a hige source of income for the nation and its workers. The timber industry is a high leve Dominioan export.

Dominioans main export is manufactured goods and services. The timber is second, and it usually is sold to African and South American nations. Its main imports are oil (which it usually uses to produce green replacements), and precious jewels. Its top traders partners are Weimar and Great Britain. But it has good trades with the American Confederation and the rest of the E.U. Dominioan has very low trading with Asia though, and trades almost nothing with Russia-despite being close neighbours.


Russian culture is very popular, along with German. A popular dish is fish and chips, a popular British dish. A native Dominish piece of culture is large dinners. On holiday occasions, many people get together with extended family for dinners and games. And in the spirit of Dominish kindness, many people allow friends that have no or small families to them as well.

Dominioans values are intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. As such, intellectuals are highly valued. Education is considered important, and to despite it of someone of it is considered deplorable. As such, Dominioan has the best school system, and is home to thousands of students from other countries. The nation promotes education worldwide, and is the founder of the "International Pencil", which funds education in needy countries.

Dominish values also promote community unity and friendliness-a popular saying is "unity in community!" Community meetings and events are promoted to help people feel a sense of belonging. As such, Dominish neighborhoods are some of the nicest in the world. In these neighborhoods, most people are very social. Most people, even if born introverts, are conditioned to be much more social.


Dominioan's infastructure is large and widely developed. For example, Dominioan has one of the largest rail systems, covering over 69 thousand miles. About 60% of it is public owned and free, paid by taxes.

Personal automobiles are very popular, and over 76% of the population owns one. They are mostly electric, though gasoline cars are still popular and used by many population. However, many people take the bus system-or just walk.

There are a few public airlines-however most are private. Many of them are very rich companies, and this means that less and less of the populace flies. Most people prefer to travel on ground or sea. But frequent fliers know how to do it, and provide a stable revenue.


Dominish energy is the greenest and most sustainable in the world. Dominioan is a world leader in green energy, and helps fund other nations program. Dominioan doesn't use oil that often, and it doesn't harvest it much either. Dominioan uses hydropower the most, with solar power being second. However, oil is used as you get further north.

  • Hydropower, 54%

  • Solar Power, 26%

  • Oil/Coal, 17%

  • Nuclear, 2%

  • Others, 1%

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