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OOC: All about me

Name: Why do you want to know this, are you a spy?
Also Known As: Dolly
Title, Pronouns: Just no
Occupation: Student
Ethnicity: Cat
Nationality: American/Alaskan

Ideology: Social Democrat
Party: None
Political Wing: Left



Likes: Warrior Cats, cats in general, reading, memes, YouTube videos
Dislikes: Dogs, Fortnite, quarantine, anti-scientists
Hobbies: NS and reading Warrior Cats books

~ Basic Description/Introduction ~

A wannabeeaboo who likes memes, calling random people fascist, and throwing Warrior Cats references into everything.

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Social Democratism, protecting the environment, equality, pacifism, liberalism, Green politics, progressivism, democracy, constitutional monarchy, Trudeau, Black Lives Matter,
wearing masks, multi-party system

Neutral: Capitalism, socialism
Anti: Big Corporations, destroying the environment, racism, class system, sexism, war, authoritarianism, conservatism, Trump, fascism, autocracy, absolute monarchy, Biden, anti-maskers, communism, two-party system

Explanations: Self-explanatory

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song:LinkThis
Favourite Foods: PIZZA
Favourite Beverages: lemonade or Gatorade
Favourite Book Series: Warrior Cats, duh.
Favourite Video Games: NS, Minecraft, EU4, and Among Us

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