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LinkAmerican liberals and conservatives are both wrong.LinkThe problems with the environmentalist movement. LinkOn same-sex Link"marriage". LinkHow to fix education. LinkCulta progressi. LinkWhy capitalism is incompatible with tradition. LinkOn the evils of population control. LinkContraception, capitalism, and the collapse of the moral order.LinkFeed the poor by making land ownership more widespread.LinkNo, it's the liberals who are out of touch on the culture war issues.LinkNo, the US is not a Christian nation.LinkProgressivism and pride.LinkContraceptives: just a bad idea.LinkCondoms are not the solution to AIDSLinkEgalitarianism's ugly fruit LinkPopulation control: based on a ghost LinkThe family is the basis of society LinkLet's stop denying science, fellow traditionalists LinkSeeking pro-family politics LinkFertility: vital to a healthy society LinkNo, access to contraceptives alone doesn't lower teenaged fertility. LinkContraceptive availability does not reduce abortion rates.LinkOn transgenderLink bathrooms LinkActually, abstinence education does work LinkActually, persons with SSA can have fulfilling lives in complementarian marriageLinkUniversal college education is not particularly helpful to the poor LinkEncouraging children to transition is not a good idea. LinkHow progressivism actually works.LinkSex ed drives abortion demandLinkLiberal social policies don't actuallyLink reduce abortion demand LinkLiberalism's SOPLinkHail, Francisco Franco, general of Spain and captain of a great crusade(sp)

LinkDon't sell the vatican. LinkPapal primacy: not an invention of the middle ages LinkThe protestant reformation in a nutshell. LinkIn defense of church teachings about contraception LinkChristians should avoid devil music LinkLook at what Vatican II did LinkMaybe we should make ecumenism do something useful for a change LinkWhatever the pope is doing, it's not terribly smart. LinkThe Amoris Laetitia fight.LinkMake Catholicism beautiful again! LinkEvolution is not as supported by the evidence as you think.
This is interesting and makes at least some kind of good point, but I don't entirely agree with it:
LinkThe political spectrum, and the states of mind behind different ideologies LinkFinally, an actually cogent criticism of Trump

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