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Era 2 History

The Start of Something New (Day 103)

Today on Thursday, February 1, 2018, the government has decided to continue with writing its history. Since the last entry of our national history, it had been some time. Since then, Dieselvania had made a significant amount of progress. We have continued to remain active in our region. We have also made another nation that we have made ties with, named Dieseloria.

There was also several more policies that were implemented into the government. Our population has reached over 500,000,000 and we have classified ourselves as Scientific Democratic States.

We rejoice as our nation reaches a new Era in history!
549,000,000 Population

Measuring the Nation (Day 105)

Today on Saturday, February 3, 2018, the government has decided that from now on we will be using the metric system. We hope that this will allow us to communicate easier and make us more intelligent. We have also been classified to Democratic Socialists but this is only temporary.

Installed policy: "Metricism"
561,000,000 Population

A Big Responsibility (Day 115)

Today on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, we have officially been made the WA Delegate for this glorious Region of Something. After campaigning for a few days, the votes have decided that we shall take this position. Just as we wrote in our dispatch, we shall work towards all of the things we promised.

Became World Assembly Delegate
626,000,000 Population

To Space! (Day 125)

Today on Friday, February 23, 2018, we have begun putting more money into our space program. We also have been keeping notes of what exactly we will be doing in a new factbook:

Here in Dieselvania we care a lot about space. Space is an important part of the advancement of human-kind, and we basically need to venture into it. It seems that we may be a little behind, as it stands. Considering that several other nations have traveled to and conquered other planets, we need to step up our space game. At the moment we have been funding our program well, and have made several discoveries in the cosmos using telescopes and a wide variety of spacecraft.

However, this isn't enough. We have began funding several missions to send more Dieselvanians into space. We plan on reaching the Moon within the next month. Looking at the math, this should be achievable, if only we had more qualified astronauts. We shall begin searching for the perfect candidates.

Entry Date: 23/2/18
Current Goals:
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon
    - Observe more Space

In the passing days we have made more and more advances, slowly bringing us to our overall goals. We have spread the news of our plans and have advertised for trained professionals to man our mission to the Moon. Several engineers have come together to work on more advanced telescopes, in order to help us more accurately study space. We have called this new telescope the Dieselvania Nova-1, after the lead engineer Anthony Nova.

Entry Date: 3/3/18
Current Goals:
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon
    - Observe more Space

Our searching efforts have been a great success. We have found a team that are highly qualified to begin traveling in space. Though this will be a new piece of space craft, so they must be trained to use it. After extensive tests on the Dieselvania Nova-1, it seems we can use it full-time as a well functioning telescope.

Process on making spacecraft has been very successful and seems to be moving very quickly. We did however had an accident last week with an engineer falling off of a raised platform onto a piece of sheet metal. She will be fine of course, as she is receiving amazing health care in the local hospital.

Entry Date: 21/3/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon
      - Build Advanced Spacecraft

After finalizing the new telescopes we have finally put them into place in various laboratories located in and around Diesel City. Using them, we could see many celestial objects we had known about in a much better view. Glorious high-definition images of near by inhabited planets, and better views of other solar systems. Using this new information we plan to investigate a massive new world of intergalactic objects that we can finally view in amazing ways.

Our fearless crew has begun the second part of our rigorous training course to prepare them for the new spacecraft and the Moon. We still have yet to name the craft itself, though many ideas have been thrown around. After hiring many new robotic citizens that are well-equipped to construct the spacecraft, progress has substantially sped up. Based on current calculations and modifications that we seem may fit, we plan to finish in approximately 6-8 days.

Entry Date: 23/3/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon
      - Build Advanced Spacecraft

We were able to finally complete the lunar spacecraft that have collaboratively named Emergence. Transportation of the craft itself has commenced as it is being brought to the optimal location at our D.A.C.O. base near Yuruport. We remain very optimistic for the amazing things that will be done with Emergence. National news reports have been made about our efforts and Dieselvania is roaring with excitement.

Entry Date: 31/3/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon

Emergence has been transported to the D.A.C.O. base where we have calculated to be the perfect spot for launching. It is only a matter of days now until our future astronauts are walking on the Moon. They couldn't be any more proud to be doing this wonderful service for their country.

Entry Date: 2/4/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon

Today we have set up the spacecraft and it is ready for launch at a moment's notice. We are just giving time to our astronauts so they can say their goodbyes to friends and loved ones. Tomorrow is the planned launch date, and the nation itself couldn't be more happy. They all know that tomorrow, Dieselvanians will walk on the Moon.

Entry Date: 3/4/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon

Directly from Emergence:

D.A.C.O.: "All systems are in check, ready to proceed. How are you all feeling in there?"
Emergence: "Good, good. I think we're all ready."
D.A.C.O.: "Alright, proceeding to launch sequence."
Emergence: "This is it, we're finally going to do it."
D.A.C.O.: "Launch scheduled in T minus 60 seconds."
Emergence: "We're going to do it, for our country, for science."
D.A.C.O.: "T minus 30 seconds."
D.A.C.O.: "T minus 10 seconds. 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1. Launch initiated."

At that very moment Emergence was propelled into the atmosphere and beyond it. It was following the planned trajectory to land perfectly on the Moon. Millions upon millions of Dieselvanians were watching on their TV screens in their homes, anticipating the moment. As the spacecraft continued on its journey, those inside seemed to be having the times of their lives.

As it continued along the rest of the nation was in uproar, celebrating this wonderful moment in our history. All the while D.A.C.O. employees were feeling the same. It was only a matter of time before Emergence would land.

And after 3 hours, it finally happened. The spacecraft rotated in space in order to place down the landing gear on the Moon. Rockets fired with a blaze to decrease the velocity of the craft. The forces of inertia were intense inside. The craft swiftly approached the grey, bumpy ground. Within 20 seconds the velocity decreased by half. After 50 seconds the craft was reaching stable speeds. The ground was very close. The craft's velocity has been drastically slowed, and it was just prepared to land. It came closer, closer, and closer still. Then, it touched the ground. Emergence bounced slightly upon impact until finally stopping. It had landed perfectly.

The nation nearly screamed with joy over this historic moment. Transmissions between Emergence and D.A.C.O. became frequent, discussing the success. The astronauts prepared to walk outside. The door to the craft opened softly and smoothly, with air moving out into the void. The crew walked out.

The first to walk out was Jason Hyland, who stood there in amazement, staring into the blank sky riddled with white dots as far as the eye could see. His feet moved softly across the ground, with small puffs of dust kicking up from time to time. Finally he said, "We, our country, did this. We did this for the advancement of our race. For each and every one of us. For science."

The rest of the crew followed behind, walking in many directions to observe. The nation was nearly speechless over what had happened. Dieselvanians walked on the Moon, they had achieved something much bigger than themselves.

Entry Date: 4/4/18
Current Goals:
    - Put Dieselvanians on the Moon
    - Observe more Space

After landing and exploring a bit, the crew of Emergence started doing their planned assignments on the Moon. They first began by placing down the Dieselvanian flag, claiming the otherwise unclaimed land surrounding them, and planting the seeds for future greatness. Then they released a few rovers that had been loaded on the ship, because this seemed like a much easier way to get them there still functioning properly. After that they took several samples from the ground around them, took many images, and used various diagnostic and inspection scanners to scan their surroundings. The results from the tests were sent back to D.A.C.O. headquarters for further investigation.

The crew plans to return home in a week, loaded with a large amount of information, and honor. Their next current step is to set down a number of machines, ranging from plant growing centers, radar sensors, reflective surfaces, material generators, hyper-intense drills, and data collectors.

Entry Date: 5/4/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space

Today our brave astronauts have finally returned home, using Emergence once again, because it was built for an entire round-trip. Landing went extremely well, with the spacecraft being able to land on the landing pad placed on a ship about 8 kilometers off the coast of Izeridge Harbor. When they walked out citizens anticipating the landing cheered and celebrated the wonderful time.

On the research-focused side of things, the data collected will further advance our knowledge of the universe. A very detailed report came in about the composition of the Moon and the logistics of it. Not to mention the various things left on the surface, including our many rovers, plant growing centers, and other things. We plan to shine lasers toward the Moon so that they reflect off of the surfaces we put there, to investigate and formulate information about light. The information we will gain in the future after this trip will likely be tremendous.

Entry Date: 5/4/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Observe the Moon

Over the past 5 weeks we've been sending more and more brave people to the Moon, gathering more information, and most importantly, building and creating more things there. An entire living facility was created that would be able to sustain a group of 10 people for at least 1 month. There have been plants grown, rocks researched, and many other discoveries made.

More improvements have been made with our telescopes, now being able to look farther in the deepest of space. We've been able to see outside of our local group, and have even created entire 3D simulations of space. Not to mention all of the deep space probes that have been sent out. A whole new perspective has been formed of places beyond our world. Entire star systems and nearby galaxies within our visible grasp. It's only a matter of time before we can view it all closer.

Using the powers of nuclear fusion, our ships can move much faster through space, nearing a quarter of the speed of light. All of it has been unmanned, of course, but we can still reach the far depths of our solar system, and have explored and recorded our beautiful neighboring planets.

Entry Date: 18/5/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe the Moon
    - Observe more Space
    - Colonize the Moon

We've now improved our situation on the Moon, with practically a self-sufficient living space suited for 50 people, that is big enough to store large quantities of living items, and even grow some very small plants. We plan to expand this space even farther to include room for more people, as well as tunnel-like structures linking between large facilities. This will lead our efforts to colonization of as much of the Moon as possible. That is, until we look further to other planets.

We plan on sending more people to live in these facilities for a while, using our newest nuclear-powered shuttle that can in fact reach slightly beyond a quarter of the speed of light. It will be a small while before we actually send people in it, but it should work perfectly and smoothly.

Entry Date: 6/6/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Colonize the Moon

A new mission has been planned to send a group of 26 astronauts to stay in the Moon facility now named Sector 0 along with the 5 astronauts currently up there. They've been tinkering with the base up there and have managed to calibrate it so that plants can be somewhat farmed to the point where it is self-sufficient. The crew that we bring up there will be equipped with enough food to last a bit but will eventually need to use these plants for food. They will stay in Sector 0 for at least 1.5 months and over time it is likely that we will continue sending more astronauts along with them.

Entry Date: 14/6/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Colonize the Moon

As our brave astronauts prepare to stay in Sector 0 for a while, we look toward our other projects for interesting results. Our telescope on Earth can now barely observe to the edges of our local group, with extreme accuracy and quality, opening our eyes to breath-taking new discoveries. The 3D simulations that have been mentioned before are going quite smoothly as well, now that more and more information can be added. Future development into virtual reality is possible. Meanwhile our probes in space collect information beyond our local group, though they are slower.

Questions have arose whether or not to use nuclear-powered shuttles to get to the Moon. Because of their speed, it would only take 4 seconds to reach the Moon, which is far faster than anything we'd ever done. If used we would likely only use it for quicker transportation of necessary items to the Moon, not people, yet.

Entry Date: 21/6/18
Current Goals:
    - Observe more Space
    - Colonize the Moon

Things are going as planned in Sector 0, the astronauts have been living as they normally would, however all done on the Moon and with fewer normal household items. Routine checks and updates have been done to all accessible spacecraft including satellites, shuttles, and rockets. We've also been checking telescopes and we plan to get more deep space probes out in the near future.

From gathering data using telescopes and the like, we have a very solid visual of our local group especially our galaxy, all of which is updated into our database as well as our 3D simulation which is available to the public. Our field of vision however obviously goes far, far beyond the reaches of our local group, however the areas too far out will be very unclear to see until we get better means of observation.

Entry Date: 29/6/18
Current Goals:
    - Colonize the Moon
    - Observe more Space
      - Observe the Local Group
      - Observe farther beyond

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686,000,000 Population

Beyond Millions (Day 177)

Today on Monday, April 16, 2018, our population here has reached exactly 1,000,000,000 Dieselvanians. This is a massive milestone, as we have only ever been able to count our population in the millions. Our nation is bigger than better than ever, and we set our national color as blue.

1,000,000,000 Population

Our New Lifestyle (Day 188)

Today on Friday, April 27, 2018 we have left the Region of Something in pursuit of a new lifestyle, one involving raiding. We have joined The Black Hawks today, in order to pursue our new dreams.

Joined new Region: The Black Hawks
1,069,000,000 Population

First Steps (Day 196)

Today on Saturday, May 5, 2018, we carried out our first successful tag-run as raiders, and they have been posted in our raid log.

1,122,000,000 Population

Technology (Day 211)

Today on Sunday, May 20, 2018, it has been found that our nation ranks as a Level 13.8 civilization, using a commonly accepted scale. We've discovered that our technology is actually quite capable of much grander things, but we just haven't brought it to this level of greatness yet. In the future we'll make sure to continually improve upon our current technology.

1,210,000,000 Population

Our Best Enemy (Day 229)

Today on Thursday, June 7, 2018, our once previously known ally, Anarcanada, has declared a state of distrust with us. They recently claim to have taken some "laser guns for our own purposes" from us. This is wildly incorrect on a number of bases, one being that we just made the new prototypes today, and we've ensured there is no way for our advanced technology to reach a hell-hole of a country like that. They have also announced the creation of a new space station, titled "Icarus Station". This would've been of no concern to us, if only we hadn't spoke with members of the Anarcan government beforehand, including President Matthew Mahood, about them not creating space technology. We stated that we could help them with their entire space program, however they declined and went behind our backs, in order to create spacecraft designed to annoy our country.

In response to this, it has been declared that from this point forward, no Anarcan person shall ever be permitted to enter Dieselvania. All Anarcan immigrants will be declined at the border, and sent back to Anarcanada.

This may be a big step, but there is no doubt that our nation is more advanced than theirs.

Rejection of all Anarcan immigrants enacted
1,321,000,000 Population

Raging On (Day 230)

Today on Friday, June 8, 2018, Anarcanada continually claims to have "advanced technology" that has been "reverse-engineered" from ours. We are still confirming they have not, and that any claims of new technology such as plasma arm-cannons are false. These false reports have been upsetting those in the Dieselvanian government, along with most of our citizens. We plan on speaking with their leader and discuss what is happening.

After speaking with higher-level officials of Anarcanada, we have formed a treaty that we suppose will fix all of the issues we have been having between us.

A truce document between the nations of Anarcanada, Dieselvania, and Drk knt, proposed to prevent war and end conflicts over technological advancement.

Section I:
As long as all notions enacted by this treaty remain constant in either nation they pertain to, neither Anarcanada, Dieselvania, nor Drk Knt will be permitted to declare war, or commit acts of war or violence on each other.

    1. In the event that it is discovered one or any of these nations do something that goes against anything listed in this treaty, war can be declared at a moment's notice. Each nation in fact has the obligation to do so if another becomes unloyal to the treaty.
    2. If any nation attempts to declare war on another while nothing within the treaty has been broken, the other side has full rights to defend themselves and attack the other.

Section II:
No nation is permitted to take technology, information, or insight that has clearly been stolen, boot-legged, or bought illegally from the government of another without that nation's permission.

    1. This includes cases in which technology is brought illegally from another country, is stolen from another country, is made illegally in a country, is stolen from a country, or is otherwise confiscated by the government of the nation that the product is trying to be retrieved from.

Section III:
Anarcanada and Drk Knt shall be permitted to report their technological advancements to Dieselvania, using as much detail as possible so that Dieselvania can form an idea of happenings in both nations.

    1. With every big technology update, they should include how they got the materials, somewhat on how they made it, and future plans with the technology.
    2. Anarcanada and Drk Knt can also speak of future technological plans, in order to alert Dieselvania and interest them, which could lead to collaborative efforts between them to make advancements happen faster.

Section IV:
Dieselvania has a right to periodically watch over any progress in Anarcanada and Drk Knt that intrigues them, discuss with both whether or not the actions they are taking is benefiting everyone in this situation, and genuinely help with anything they figure needs guidance.

    1. This includes fields of information technology, standard technology, space technology, modern-day technology, etc. Any other type that seems quite unusual should be discussed in order to further understand the situation.
    2. Dieselvania can also determine if the events in Anarcanada or Drk Knt are truly good ones. If anything seems potentially harming to life or the universe in general, Dieselvania can suggest that either nation should focus less on that subject, and maybe find better solutions. If actions become too unstable in the eyes of Dieselvania, they have a right to intervene and possibly stop procedures occurring in Anarcanada or Drk Knt in the way they seem fit.
    3. Dieselvania can also personally fund Anarcanada and Drk Knt to support projects or schemes that they are interested in, and may also suggest that this specific piece/research pertaining to technology be studied in their country. If said piece/research is important enough in the eyes of Dieselvania, they may intervene slightly and attempt to research it on their own using anything gained.
    4. Anarcanada and Drk Knt shall be able to suggest projects in Dieselvania that they are interested in, but doesn't have the funding for. If accepted, both parties will be obliged to work cooperatively and complete the project for the glory of both nations.

Section V:
In terms of space technology, space travel and exploration, space observation, and space research, all countries will be free to operate their own programs with helpful assistance from the other if so chosen.

    1. All nations should report plans of such doings, in order to keep communication open and to be able to think about what the other is currently doing in terms of their space program.
    2. As stated before, nations can both fund and ask for funding of the other nation, though it is not required. If it is of great importance, Dieselvania will vote as to what will be done next on whether to intervene or not.
    3. Nations should furthermore keep track of all spacecraft and projects they have currently, and this should be accessible to the others’ nations. If something is done that another nation does not like, they have the right to suggest they should focus on something else, and fnd better solutions. If actions become to unstable in the eyes of Dieselvania, they have a right to intervene slightly and possible stop procedures occurring in Anarcanada or Drk Knt in the way they seem ft. They may also remove certain projects from said space program that are already functioning.
    4. Anarcanada and Drk Knt also has the right to attempting to halt Dieselvania's progress with this certain type of technology, however it should be diplomatic at frst and have great consideration, as Dieselvania can do the same.

Section VI:
With the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's), they will only be made to defend against other outside countries, and should not be moved in between Anarcanada, Dieselvania, and Drk Knt.

    1. All countries are free to manufacture WMD's as they choose but at a sensible rate. If either country suspects/detects something wrong, they have the right to discuss safer matters.
    2. All countries have the right to request support with making said WMD's, however it is not encouraged as the weapons should not fow between countries too often. If it is of great importance, all are able to discuss and enact diplomatic measures, and intervene and defend if needed.

Section VII:
Any changes that are to be made with this treaty can be proposed from any nation. However, said change must be approved by all sides, and if not a reason must be applied.

With the approval of this treaty comes a great new era between Anarcanada, Dieselvania, and Drk knt involving respect, cooperation, and most of all, peace.

Approved by:
Drk Knt

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1,326,000,000 Population

A Sense of Reality

Today on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, after reading various reports from Anarcanada, we've become quite confused. After a bit of investigation it has been found that a lot of the lead scientists and report-makers there have gotten quite confused with time, likely from sleep deprivation or something else. Either way, we are going to help by providing many of these workers with the proper education needed to do their jobs. Otherwise they will continue to "complete" tasks too quickly, meaning the quality will be very bad. This has been shown as well, seeing as a lot of the newer technology they are forming are very bad in quality, have little or no research done about them, and are failing very quickly after their creation. Their expectations have become too high for their own good, and they're trying to accomplish things with such little time with no probable outcomes with their current state. Nonetheless, we must help our ally in this time.

1,397,000,000 Population

A Quantum Mistake

Upon further investigation it has been revealed that the cause of this strange time anomaly in Anarcanada was actually a test fire of a quantum wave made by our antimatter experiments. It must have caused some sort of time dilation in the country, though things have started to clear up now. In the future we've made sure that nothing like this happens again, by monitoring the directions that these waves move in.

1,402,000,000 Population