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The Technocratic Commonwealth of
Father Knows Best State

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Main Introduction [WIP]

“To be a human, you have to prove your humanity”-Deus Custodiae AI
Welcome, Person

Welcome to Diamentium! The land scientifically designed to serve all your needs!
The nation of phoenix famous for its love to chesee and banning aliens from gettting citizenship!

Full Name:

The Technocratic Commonwealth of Diamentium

Full Name Polish:

Technokratyczna Rzeczpospolita Diamentium


National Credit System (NCSys)

Internet Coutry Code:


Calling Country Code:


Official Languages:

English, Polish

WA Category:

Father Knows Best State

The Grand Autocrat (Ruler):

Deus Custodiae AI

National Animal:

Four-Winged Phoenix

National Flower:

Red Rose

Official Anthem:

LinkMarch of Diamentian Glory and Sacrifice

Diamentium is a Technocratic Commonwealth ruled by Deus Custodiae AI,
an Artificial Intelligence programmed by Erma Holgenwitz and Derek Goodman.
Its mission is to protect and take care of its citizens.
Under it is a League of experts that take care of local communities under Diamentian Leadership


LinkDiamentium's flag consists of a:
UE Red stripe decorated with
2 Light Gold stars and
1 Light Gold circle on a
Cetacean Blue background

Red stripe symbolizes bloody civil war that started our nation
Two blue stripes symbolize new land that we promised that we will never stain with blood again
Two gold stars symbolize Jadwigapolis and Carbon Valley, our nations 2 most important cities
Gold circle symbolizes the government, and the leader of Diamentium

There are also different flags related to Diamentium like:

LinkDiamentian Council Flag

LinkDiamentian Army Flag

LinkDiamentian Navy Flag

LinkDiamentian Pride Flag

LinkDiamentian Space Agency Flag

LinkDiamentian Airforce Flag


The Beginning:

Diamentium was started in 1794 by Radosław Władysław Stateczny and 1000 other people after the bloody centuries long civil war filled with genocides and warcrimes.
An original coutry has broken itself into thousands of squobling factions that were fighting themself for domination.
Not only that, but outside alien nations were taking our land like in a buffet, commiting atrocities on humans.
Radosław Władysław Stateczny with 1000 people from local villages made a new nation called Diamond Kingdom of Damenta on a rich, fertile lands that in future will become Jadwigapolis

The Rivalry:

Diamond Kingdom of Damenta had multiple enemis on the borders, Outside powers, Local factions, Cultist and even animal were fighting with Diamentian people.
But the biggest enemies were members of The Plagosian Cult.
Plagosian were using Diamond Kingdom of Damenta by stealing money, burning cities and kidnapping people for their sacrifices.
Diamond Kingdom of Damenta eventually defeated Plagosians in 1831, but not without casualities.

The Growth on International Scene:

Eventually Diamond Kingdom of Damenta changed its name to Kingdom of Diamentium and started to secure its sovereignity.
First step that was taken by the Bronisław First the Diplomat (R.H. Stateczny's Son) was to demand more recognision.
Luckily a lot of nations accepted their soverereignity, with the first nation being the Duchy of Degorsa in 1853.

The War of the Plagosan Independence:

In 1872 multiple attacks happened on government buildings in Jadwigapolis. Those people were motivated that this will allow them to demand the independence of Plagosa.
It didn't happen, causing a war to happen between the Plagosans and The Diamentian Goverment. Diamentium won and proceeded to brutally quiet any leftover resistance in the region.

The Golden Age:

After in 1904 goverment officialy changed from a Constitutional Monarchy to Federal Republic which made a lot of good changes related to economy and rights.
The economic growth made a lot of before inaccesible goods turn into thing that everyone owned, like TV's, Radio's, Comfortable Chairs and Food that wasn't tasteless.

Actually, a lot happened:
first, a so called Federal Republic was a lie, Diamentium was a part of a bigger union called "The United Socialist Confederacy"
that treated it like a part of a territory, bassically Diamentium didn't exist. in 1939 Diamentium declared independence.
second, a lot of people were still in a big poverty after leaving the Confederacy, things like TV's, Radio's, Comfortable Chairs and Food
that wasn't tasteless were actually avaliable only to higher parts of the populus.

The Coup of 1955 and Erma's Dictatorship:

In 1955 Government was attacked by Erma Holgenwitz and her militia of 235 soldiers, Diamentium turned into a Fascist Dictatorship
with she ruled with an Iron Fist and deep hate to christians.
Her rule has been a horrible thing where milions of people died either of hunger, o of from "Dissapearing"
This was also a time of a huge Diamentian Militarization Program, it was a time where "Diamentian War Behemoths" were made.
But also a time where Diamentium started its Space and Nuclear Programs, Succesfully inventing its own nukes in 1967, and sending a
first Diamentian in space in 2003.

The God Caretaker Takeover:

In 2007 Erma Holgenwitz and her lover Derek Goodman made an AI that was suppose to rule the local government when she took care of international conquest, but it failed.
AI has gone rouge, hiring multitude of world-class assasins from Erma Holgenwitz's pocket that killed her.
Diamentium has got rid of its hated government. Replacing it with the system we have now.

The Modern Times:

After the takeover of Deus Custodiae AI everything changed to better.
Diamentium became a prosperous, beautiful and a peaceful nation.

The weakened government has let a lot of internal tensions between people of Diamentium to rise and reveal themself from the shadow.
While Diamentium is known for its loyality to allies and peacefullnes in modern times, the inside of the Diamentian politics weren't so stabilized as D.C. AI Wanted.


1 - Eclipsea Province
Capital - Iriduma
2 - Mokhya Province
Capital - Al Osaen
3 - West Husseltów Province
Capital - Ogrónav
4 - Mersita Province
Capital - Florensa
5 - Jadwiga Province
Capital - Jadwigapolis (Capital of Diamentium)
6 - Krasnolad Territory
Capital - Krasnolas City
7 - Petrograd Province
Capital - Petrograd
8 - East Husseltów Province
Capital - Ogruwna
9 - Carbon Valley Province
Capital - Carbon Valley City
10 - Xingrana Province
Capital - Hokyen (Most Populated in Diamentium)
11 - Hagos Province
Capital - Atherna
12 - Ultar Province
Capital - Donestran
13 - Elbisztyn Province
Capital - Elbisztyn
14 - Upper Polonya Province
Capital - Cravoca
15 - Lower Polonya Province
Capital - Batlaszno
16 - Balletistan Province
Capital - Musketiburg
17 - Sucholosk Territory
Capital - Agraqia
18 - Ghaneba Territory
Capital - Hereba
19 - Sybiar Territory
Capital - Archangelburg
20 - Superprocessor Commandship
Capital - Major Mainframe

-Diamentian Council Segment of Information