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Kaiser Jacques I

Jacques I
His Imperial and Royal Highness

Jacques I

Official Photo

German Emperor
King of Prussia
King of France


His Imperial and Royal Highness
His Majesty (Informal)


17 December, 2017-Present (4 years)


January 18th, 2018


November 1st, 1985 (Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin, Deutsch-Francia)


Victoria Marie of Bavaria


Prince Alfred Friedrich

Full Name

Jacques Louis Wilhelm August Von Hohenzollern

Royal Dynasty



Wilhelm-Gerhard II


Alice of Saxony

University of Strasbourg
BA in Economics

Roman Catholicism

Military Service



Service Branch

Imperial Army

Years of Service




Jacques I (Jacques Louis Wilhelm August Von Hohenzollern; born November 1st, 1985) is the current Kaiser of Deutsch-Francia. He was born in Berlin at the Kronprinzenpalais as the son of Kaiser Wilhelm-Gerhard II and his wife, Alice of Saxony. He holds the titles of German Emperor, King of Prussia, and King of France, all of which are part of the Holy Empire of Deutsch-Francia. He ascended the throne on December 17th, 2017, after his father died of cancer.

Since taking the throne, Deutsch-Francia has remained relatively stable, with some minor exceptions. One notable exception was the assassination attempt against him by radical French nationalists in 2020. Despite the incident, he has personally remained committed to promoting peace between the different groups living in the country. Additionally, since taking the throne, Kaiser Jacques I has donated hundreds of thousands of Deutsch-Franc Marks to various museums and educational institutions throughout Deutsch-Francia.









Jacques I was born in the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin to Kaiser Wilhelm-Gerhard II and Alice of Belgium. He attended various private schools as a child and attended the Friedrichsgymnasium Kassel as a teenager. He then attended the University of Strasbourg and graduated with a Bachelor's in Economics by 2007.

From 2008-2012, he served in the Imperial Army of Deutsch-Francia, briefly seeing combat in Afghanistan in 2010. It was during this time that he earned an Iron Cross 2nd Class. After returning to Deutsch-Francia, he primarily worked as a business manager for a prominent company in Munich, where he began a relationship with his future wife, Victoria Marie of Bavaria. They would be married in the spring of 2014.

Starting around late 2016, his father's health began to deteriorate. By late 2017, his condition worsened and he eventually passed away from cancer on December 17th, and Jacques would take the throne. Jacques I was officially crowned Kaiser of Deutsch-Francia on January 18th, 2018. On March 12th, 2020, Victoria Marie of Bavaria gave birth to Prince Alfred Friedrich.


Political Views
As a constitutional monarch, he rarely, if ever, expresses his political views. At most, he has expressed support for maintaining the empire and the parliamentary system which governs it.

Religious Views
As a child, Jacques I was raised as a protestant. Despite this, he converted to Catholicism after he reached adulthood, which remains quite controversial among the mostly protestant elites in Prussia.


In his spare time, Jacques I is known to occasionally play guitar. He is also known for hiking in various trails throughout Deutsch-Francia. The Kaiser also tends to invite guests who are prominent members of Deutsch-Francia's academic elite, including members of Deutsch-Francia's scientific community, prominent historians, and writers, to the royal palace in Berlin.


  • He is the first monarch since his grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm-Gerhard I, to fight in a war and earn an Iron Cross.

  • He is the first Kaiser of Deutsch-Francia to convert to Catholicism.

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