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Types of Soldiers

Shock Troopers: Shock Troopers are the ones that are deployed with the regular battalions as the more heavy soldiers. They sometimes have rocket launchers with them, but most of them are equipped with X-94's. They are symbolized with their red markings on their armor. Commanders have a shoulder pad on them. "To hell and back!"

Desert Troopers: Nicknamed the Desert Stormers, these soldiers are specialized for desert combat. They are camouflaged for the desert, and have some training in amphibious landings, but not as much as the Marines. The commanders have turbans on and a shoulder pad.

Marines: The Derikan Marines have been specifically trained for naval invasions and river crossings. Each battalion has some sort of makeshift bridge to cross rivers in some sort. They are symbolized with their cyan markings on their armor. A special sect of these the Marines are trained to board enemy starships. "Until our last dying breath!"

Jungleers: The Jungleers are the specially trained in the jungle. They are also trained in guerrilla fighting. Their armor is specifically used for the climate of the jungle, and is camouflaged.

Stormers: The Stormers are the mobile soldiers in the Army. They are trained in urban environments, and always are accompanied with dropships.

Warriors of the Holy Cross: Soldiers who are not able to become a member of the Royal Guard are able to apply for the Warriors of the Holy Cross. These soldiers are rumored to be remnants of the Templars, but it has not been confirmed. They are cybernetically enhanced, with augmentations making them faster and stronger. Their armor is marked with a cross on their chest armor. "Deorum Nobiscum"

'Regulars: The 'Regulars' of the Army are any soldiers without specialized training. They make up the bulk of the army. If soldiers of the 'Regulars' can pass a test, they can turn into a Shock Trooper. "Kill, Fight, Die."