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The Vanguard

The Vanguard are the special operations group of the Derikan military. They are mainly ex-mercs. They have been specially trained for urban, jungle, forest, and tundra environments. They come in squads of 10. Likewise, they include a squad leader, engineer, heavy operations, medic, and regular operators.

Their missions vary from assassinations, sabotage, intelligence operations, supplying rebels, and political 'persuasions'. Their most important missions were in 1944, when they provided must needed intelligence to the Allies for D-Day. They also helped in the 20 July Plot, but failed.


1850: Idea of an elite group pushed in the Imperial Council, but disregarded.
1878: With the death of Caio Acre, they give the Imperial Council another vote, but again, disregarded.
1886: Imperial Council finally approves, and gives all responsibility to Advisor Vanum.
1888: Finally created by Advisor Vanum.
1888: First Squad created, nicknamed the Vanum Guards
1889: Emperor approves of the expansion of the Vanguards
1890: First Vanguard Training Camp created in Hyperion
1891: Vanguard attempts to assassinate future Tsar Nicholas II.
1897: Vanguard starts fire in Paris
1898: Vanguards blow up the USS Maine docked in Havana.
1900: The Vanum Guards assassinate King Umberto I of Italy
1905: Vanguards supply the 1905 Russian Revolution.
1914: The Vanguards give information to the Black Hand, the group that was blamed for Franz Ferdinand's death.
1915: With the Derikan full-involvement in the war, the Vanguard attempts to start civil unrest in Germany.
1917-1921: The Vanguards help the monarchy during the Russian Civil War.
1922-1939: The Vanguard gets disbanded for a short while.
1940: With Europe in war, the Vanguard gets reinstated.
1940: The Vanguard infiltrates Italian command.
1941: The Vanguard tries to warn America of a Japanese attack, but America ignores.
1942: The Vanguards land in North Africa and give valuable information to the Allies for Operation Torch.
1944: The Vanguards give information to the Allies for D-Day, and also attempt to assassinate Hitler.
1945-1960: Vanguards operate in the Korean War and Vietnam.
1960-2002: Vanguards operate in small missions, none of them noticeable.
2003: Vanguards capture Saddam Hussein