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Ships of the Fleet

Tempest-Class Dreadnought: The Tempest-Class Dreadnought is a powerful dreadnought. It boasts 15 hangers, multiple ion cannons, plasma weaponry, and octuple-beamed laser cannons. The class has seen combat, such as the Battle of Earth. It can carry over 500 fighters, shuttles, or bombers in each of it's hangers. This dreadnought boasts alot of power. It has 20,000 Octuple-Plasma Cannons, 10,000 Quad-Laser Cannons, 5,000 Ion Cannons, 2 Fireblazer Cannons, 5,000 Missile Silos, and 40,000 Point-Defense Cannons. It also has five shield generators.

Holy-Cross Dreadnought: The Holy-Cross Dreadnought is the biggest ship Derika has seen, boasting over 21 kilometers in length. Currently, this ship has only been seen over Buur, which it is currently stationed at. It has 30 main hangers and 5 repair bays on its sides. It has 50,000 Octuple-Plasma Cannons on each of its sides, 5,000 Quad-Laser Cannons near the front, 3,000 Ion Cannons, 20 Fireblazer Cannons, 6,000 Missile Tubes, and 100,000 Point-Defense Cannons. It has 10 shield generators.

Imperium-Class Capital Ship: The Imperium-Class is the main battleship of the Derikan Fleet. It has seen numerous battles, including the war with the NCA. It has 5,000 Quad-Laser Cannons, 500 Ion Cannons, 7 Hangers, 1 Fireblazer cannon, 5 Missile Silos, and 2,000 Point-Defense Cannons. It also has three shield generators.

Janus-Class Frigate: The Janus-Class is a frigate of the Derikan Fleet. It has relatively weak armor, but has two main shield generators inside. Point-defense cannons and ion cannons litter the frigates hull. It has 1,000 Ion Cannons, 1,500 Point-Defense Cannons, 60 Turbolaser batteries, and 20 Quad-Laser Cannons.

Ares-Class Corvette: The Ares-Class is a corvette in the Derikan Fleet. They are mainly used for anti-fighter support, but can also be used as long range artillery. They have 200 Point-Defense Cannons, 10 Quad-Laser Cannons, 10 Ion Cannons, 25 Missile Tubes, and one small hanger.

Vulcan-Class Carrier: The Vulcan-Class is a carrier in the Derikan Fleet. It cannot stand up to the bigger ships, but has a decent armory and hanger capacity. It has 1,000 Point-Defense Cannons, 50 Quad-Laser Cannons, 25 Ion Cannons, 5 Missile Tubes, and 10 hangers.

Orcus-Class Destroyer: The Orcus-Class is a destroyer in the Derikan Fleet. It has strong shields, but a weak hull. It has 500 Point-Defense Cannons, 60 Turbolaser batteries, 50 Quad-Laser Cannons, two small hangers, and 25 Octuple-Plasma Cannons.

Jupiter-Class Battleship: The Jupiter-Class Battleship is a sight to see. It is slightly smaller then the Tempest Dreadnought, but has around the same number of armaments, except for the Fireblazer Cannons. The battleship has 1 Fireblazer Cannon.