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The Imperial State of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Political Structure of Derika

The Emperor- The Emperor is the sole leader of Derika, and has the power to make decisions that are for the people, and is obliged by the Imperial Council to do good for the Empire.

Prime Minister- The Prime Minister in the head adviser to the Emperor. If the Emperor is incapacitated or killed, the Prime Minister takes charge until the eldest son can be crowned.

The Imperial Senate- The Imperial Senate is the main law makers of the nation. All bills must go through the Senate. The Emperor can veto or approve any laws. For any law to enacted, the Emperor must approve.


House of Asar- The House of Asar is the most influential royal family in Derika. They are the main bankowners of the country, and are residing on Coria. They also own Corian Arms, a weapons factory. Currently, the Prime Minister and Emperor are members of the Asar family.

Governors- The Governors of Derika are the rulers of the states in Derika, and help pass local laws that only take place in the areas the Governors rule over. They are elected for a 5 year term, and are allowed to be elected for an infinite amount of times. Military Governors also are in this branch, usually the generals in the area of the ending of the war, control the newly-annexed areas of a war, and serve until the citizens of the regions are non-hostile, and the time is ripe for an election. Only Derikans are allowed to be elected into the office of Governor.

Grand Governors- Grand Governors of Derika typically rule over multiple planets of the Empire. They are above regular Governors, but below the Emperor himself. They oversee the military actions of the system, while the Governors oversee the local politics and construction.