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Raiding for the Confederation - Chrome Company

Chrome Company is the name of the raiding forces of Lex Magnus Corpus, a multi-regional mutual defense and raiding pact. Chrome Company's mission is the destruction of degenerative democratic regions and the establishment of tyranny across the world. If you are interested in helping us achieve our mission, follow these instructions to apply to Chrome Company.


To be enlisted in Chrome Company, you need to first follow these requirements:

    1) Be a member of the World Assembly (WA). Only WA nations are able to participate in raids.

    2) You must join and become registered in the Confederation's LinkDiscord.

    3) Your nation needs to be an active member of the Confederation, and must have been a member for at least 15 days. You must also be able to come online at least once every day (nations may, however, go on vacation/take a break if they need).

    4) Your nation must have a total population of at least 250 million.

    5) You need to have also read the factbooks on Lex Magnus Corpus and the Chrome Company Reform Act.

Sending Your Application

When applying, make sure to copy and paste your answers to the enlistment form. Once you've answered all of the questions on the form, address your telegram to Minister for War Dimitri Ivanov of The Corporate Empire of Depackya.

The Chrome Company enlistment form can be found below:

The following is the enlistment form for those wishing to join Chrome Company. Copy and paste the below form and your answers onto the telegram, and send it to Depackya.

To the Minister for War,

[You may write whatever you wish here. Otherwise, skip this and go straight to the application.]

1) About how long have you been a member of the Confederation?

2) Have you ever been a member of a raiding or defending group? If so, which group(s), and for how long?

3) Have you ever been convicted in an Inquisitional Hearing?

4) Why do you want to join Chrome Company?

5) Have you ever been a resident of an openly-democratic region, such as Europe or 10000 Islands? If so, what region, and for how long?

6) Have you ever been a resident of any non-democratic region? If so, what region, and for how long?

7) Have you ever been in a government position in any region?

8) What is your Discord username?
[Answer] (Example: Username#1234)

9) What timezone do you live in? [Example: Eastern Standard Time]

10) How long are you planning on raiding for the Confederation?

11) Do you swear that you have answered the above questions truthfully and to the best of your memory and knowledge?

Hail the Confederation!

Read factbook

Applications that do not include this form will be deleted with no reply.

After addressing the telegram, hit send! Now just wait up to three days for the reply! Make sure not to spam applications, or you will be rejected completely.