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Riikskanzler Adam Weiss

Adam Weiss

Personal Info


November 8, 2000


Warsaw, Deltia




Hans Weiss


Holli Weiss



Sexual Orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Liberal conservatism

Economic Ideology:

Free-market capitalism

"Don't worry. You will love again. Time will heal your broken hear: but not that b*tches' window!" - Adam Weiss, talking to his nephew after his first breakup
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Adam Weiss is a Deltian politician, businessman and the 14th Riikskanzler of Deltia.

Weiss was born and raised in Warzau, Deltia, and received a bachelor's degree in economics from Columbia University. He
started a business in 2020, which effectively gained a monopoly over the micro-chip trade, gaining many friends and then
operations expanded into things such as construction and food.

Early Life
Adam Weiss was born in 2000, to a banker and a lawyer (dad and mom respectively). He had shady businessman traits since he was in kindergarten, selling weapon materials to classmates and gangsters.. Weiss was a rather intelligent student in elementary school, averaging an A-. Weiss continued with his life until middle school, when his popularity exploded due to him beating up two people in a 2v1 fight. Weiss hung out with other popular kids and had a perfect balance. He lost his virginity at 11 and was elected to Deltia's Children's Parliament, which was the perfect launching pad for a political career. Weiss happened to be of noble blood, though his parents left their noble house in the chaotic times of the 80's.

He had a rocky childhood, as his parents divorced around the time he was 3. This had a profound effect on his life, not knowing much yet seeing more than what he needed to. He was often confused, not knowing what to do with all the time he had, since his father effectively left him to his own devices, which he didn't mind. From this, he developed his survivalist attitude, and looked on others with contempt. He got involved in poetry, writing many poems, though later in life, he began to look on them as trash. He dyed his hair black and got piercings, departed from Christianity ("the God that failed") and spent a lot of the time playing video games. This didn't deter him from succeeding in life, but it did give him a slightly inflated view of himself.

In high school, not much happened, just being a "normal teenager, doing dumb sh*t", in his own words.
Weiss was constantly partying and getting into fights, though he graduated and joined the Mafia with a B.A. in 2017.
Weiss started his business, AlphaTech, in 2020. His business grew rapidly. He used those funds and a little help from the CIA to run for MP for Warsaw-Derschon constituency under the CSP. He rapidly rose in the ranks and by 2025, was the leader of the CSP. Weiss was selected as Minister of Finance in the year 2022, being the driving force behind a lot of reforms that opened up Deltia considerably, making is future job a bit easier. This was part of a deal by the CSP, as the leftist government ruling then was in very much dire straits and needed support from other parties to be able to do its job. He worked tirelessly, balancing Deltia's budget and pushing for multiple trade deals with France, Germany, China, the US and the UK. This sped up Deltia's then abysmal economic growth, turning it into a regional powerhouse. All in the meanwhile, he was still running his business, making sure it didn't crash and attending meetings. AlphaTech then acquired many other smaller companies and amalgamated them into the Schneider Group, named after his then CFO. Weiss managed to expand the group rapidly, though eventually its growth reduced, but Weiss still had more than enough money to make it work again (250 million USD).

Soon, due to Weiss' way of handling his business, he was appointed by the Socialist government to the post of Minister of Finance. Under his tenure, he made a number of reforms, such as reducing the overbearing regulations on activities such as mining and tech development, leading to more businesses of that type coming to Deltia. He also pressured for the Deltian Riiksbank to reduce its interest rate, which stimulated the economy, as more people were willing to take loans. The budget for the army was slashed, but gradually, leading to layoffs, but not at a rate that would exceed job creation. At the same time, he made it harder for monopolies to operate leading to many more businesses being started. However, there was significant pushback against these reforms by the government, and eventually the shaky national unity government collapsed.

Weiss was not a dumb man. As the government had fallen, a snap election was called, which he won, thanks in no small part to his "Rally for Freedom" campaign which called on "liberty-loving Deltians" (read: market and social liberals) from all over the country to take on the coalition of the SDWP, Democrats, Greens and LUP. Weiss's CSP came on top with 34% of the vote in the first round and 63% in the second round. He was a bit shocked by the results himself, just hoping to make them less popular, making it harder to do things. He was sworn in on the 13th of March, 2029.
Reign and Ideology
At the time of Weiss's taking power, Deltia's crime rate was incredibly high, unemployment higher, inflation was 70%, 1/4 of Deltia in the hands of gangs and the economy was dead.Weiss has solved all of these problems. He also secured Deltian membership in the EU. Weiss visited tons of foreign countries and reduced the income and corporate tax rates from 42.1% to 5% and 69.3% to 7.5% respectively. 1/3 of Deltia's economy was managed by the state. Weiss reduced that to 9%. He also deflated Deltia's bloated welfare program and used that money on the police force instead. These changes, along with the help of the EU reduced the grip of the gangs to 1.4% of Deltia.

Weiss's second year was less challenging than the first. He eased the worries of right-wingers by putting some minor immigration controls in place, started focusing on foreign policy and the environment, then restarted some of the welfare programs that were considered necessary and slashed all unnecessary spending. The economy started to grow at a rate of 2.3%-3.1%. Quality of life increased. The middle class expanded to 55% of the population. The gangs were reduced to 25% of Deltia's territory. Investors started coming to Deltia from the US, UK, Europe and Japan. The military expanded and assisted in the Prague riots by fascists. Deltia was transformed into the baton of the French world police. Deltian troops often fought alongside their French and Italian counterparts, usually in African bush wars. However, Weiss soon realised soldiers would be better used in furthering Deltia's own interests.

As of the third year, Weiss's foreign policy has shifted. He, is quite apathetic to, if not anti-war, as shown when Deltia refused to contribute troops to the US invasion of Syria, while France and Britain did. Weiss has withdrawn a large portion of Deltia's overseas forces, mainly to face the Russians, who have been building up forces on the border. At the same time, Weiss facilitated talks to reduce the amount of weapons that the three superpowers have in other countries, especially nuclear weapons. Weiss has chased the gangs out of Deltia and into Russia. Weiss has also slashed taxes on all income brackets, and instead built a few profit-driven but ethical companies run by the government, which were later sold to the highest bidder. Weiss has also traveled a lot more during this term, going to the G7 summit in the US then flying straight to Kiev for disarmament talks, "not wanting another Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years on", in his words.

Weiss has also become a bit more of a fiscal conservative, going as far as having an all-time low budget of 201 billion dollars of 2032. His neoliberal reforms have earned him the support of foreign investors and the business community, in which confidence is very high, only surpassed by the unregulated period of the 1980s and early 1990s. Some call him a 'neocon', as he is very socially liberal, much like the previous administration, allowing marijuana to be legalized, reducing the amounts of crimes one can hang for and also allowing LGBT couples to marry and adopt children. This faced significant pushback, and soon a lot of conservatives in the CSP split to form the Deltian Conservative Party. However, Weiss has advocated for migrants to assimilate into Deltia's culture, so he can best be described as a social moderate.

Weiss was very effective in mitigating COVID-19 in Deltia, turning a good tenth of its production capacity towards testing and PPE. This is a radical departure from his previous policy of neoliberalism, though he states its only temporary. The Protection Act of 1921 gives the Riikskanzler communist-style powers over industry during "times of crisis" e.g. war and pandemics. So far, Weiss has been very benevolent in the use of his powers compared to other Deltian leaders in the past, leading to him gaining even more support amongst business owners. W

Weiss is very popular among the Deltian populace, being a break from the gerontocracy that had ruled since the fall of communism in '86. Their shock therapy ruined the country, while Weiss' was different as he made sure businesses got money, interest free, which emptied the states' coffers which refilled quickly due the tax inflow that came from more wealth being generated. Under him it was made sure that the average Deltian would benefit, a brief departure from his usual rightist talk. A lot of state corporations were sold or disbanded, but Weiss made sure that every single Deltian was able to get a job in the newly-established private firms.

Under his administration, there has been a cleaning up of Deltia and a greater exploration of its past, resulting in tourism becoming very important for Deltia. He has been criticized as a colonialist, as he effectively made Madagascar a Deltian dominion and placed Ambazonia under 'permanent supervision' after the fall of a friendly government there.

His immigration policy of deporting illegal immigrants upon arrival was very controversial and almost brought on the collapse of his government, though it survived the vote of confidence by razor-thin margins. If the person regarded protection, they would be harbored in a safe third-party nation, usually Slovakia, a Deltian puppet which was gained after a highly controversial deal with the Austrians to divide Czechoslovakia into two halves. He took this chance as he thought it a good way to increase Deltian power, though it was virtually ignored by the international press, as all knew the trouble brewing between the three nations would end in only one way.

Weiss has introduced some controversial policies such as the "10-hour work day", which makes it legal for employers to ask their employees to wor for longer periods of time. As one would expect, in led to widespread protest and even some riots. He had the option and was urged to display force to get these "caterans" in place, but he refused. Instead, he invited the trade union leaders not to the Riikshauz (his "official" residence), but to his personal mansion so as to listen to their grievances. He agreed that the law should be changed, but not repealed. Later that night, the two parties came to an agreement: allow employees to choose to work longer for extra pay.

Some consider him a cultural nationalist, due to his policy of making Deltian classes mandatory in school. Most children were experts in Deltian already, but the immigrant ones were not, so it was decided they should learn it to make communication easier between the two types. This proved very effective, and most adapted easily.

Since taking power Adam Weiss has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • Large scale privatization of Deltian industries

  • Deltia's entry into the Entente

  • Expansion of Deltia's space colonies and the space mining industry

  • Deltia becoming a great power (#9)

  • Deltia starting to outpace parts of the world in technological development

Political Opinions
He is a firm believer in Realpolitik, allying with the French, though he prefers the British, simply because they would be more able to provide Deltia support in case of German or Russian attack. Weiss has described himself as a conservative liberal, a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. He is strongly against authoritarianism in all forms and manners. Weiss only uses the army when defending an ally (such as the Prague case) or if it's a EU mission. He, unlike most Entente nations, do not embark on every French mission in Africa. Weiss has proven his ability to work with other leaders, such as in the Gulf of Bothnia crisis, where he worked with the reactionary leader of Germany and the radical socialist one of Russia to help ensure that Europe doesn't descend into war.

His neoliberalism is due to how much his family benefited from the economic reforms in the 2000s. He is also a social progressive, ridding Deltia of death by quartering, which he has called 'horrendous...not belonging to the modern age" and so on. His anti-authoritarian foreign policy has led to Deltia fighting dictatorship not with troops, but with training and funding for genuine pro-democracy groups. These funds usually end up in the hands of the Mafia, which Weiss maintains affiliation with. To make sure he doesn't get arrested, he his very careful when making orders. The Deltian Mafia has infiltrated all levels of government, thanks to him. He isn't a thief or a murderer, and when ordered to do so, he backs down because he still has some morals.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro:capitalism, right-liberalism, social centrism, economic liberalism, LGB rights, US, EU, , Imperial Commonwealth, compromise, law enforcement, tax cuts, Lutheranism, human rights, PewDiePie, environmentalism

  • Neutral: Social conservatism, social democracy, transgenders, eco-socialism, communism (when fighting Nazis), non-fascist authoritarian dictatorships (when fighting commies),

  • Anti: Communism (in all other cases), Nazism, fascism, racism, right-wing populism, socialism, state capitalism non-fascist autoritarian dictatorships (in all other cases), T-series

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Collectivism score: -83%
Authoritarianism score: -67%
Internationalism score: 33%
Tribalism score: -33%
Liberalism score: 33%

8values Test

Personal Life
Weiss is single and childless. He was left at the altar 4 months ago for a pizza delivery guy. He enjoys smoking cigars, drinking scotch, video games, memes, YouTube videos,drawing maps and social media. Contrary to his previous statement, he is now in an on-off relationship with speaker of the Riiksratte, Julia Larsten

Weiss has stated that after being left at the altar, he may never love again and may probably die alone. Two days later, a hole was found in his ex-fiance's window, along with a brick just inside her bedroom. It is known that Weiss is a serial womanizer, tricking women into sleeping with him, then dumping them ruthlessly after. He mysteriously hasn't gotten a single STI from the 300+ women he has slept with. This includes several celebrities.

It is reported that Weiss is currently pursing a relationship, although he denies these reports.

Weiss lives a lavish lifestyle, enjoying going for parties and also living like a Roman Emperor, Caligula, to be specific. never lifting a finger outside of political matters. Weiss is still hellbent on efficiency, overworking himself due to the recent recession in Deltia wiping out a lot of money.


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