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Imperatix Alisa I (Read in Dark Theme)

"Ah, here we go again. Have to review this for the trillionth time. She seems willing to co-operate with us, from what i've seen."

"There we go. I hate this job."
Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Observation of Deltia

Forwarded by Congressman Jason Parker of Texas
Approved August 10, 2023

Imperatrix Alisa I


Alisa I


The Imperatrix on a normal day

3rd Imperatrix of Deltia


Kaizerin (Formal)
Empress (In-formal)




March 7, 2021


June 9, 2006 (a.26)





Full Name

Alyssa von Schultheiss




Erich von Schultheiss


Anette von Shultheiss

University of Berkley
(B.A in Sociology)

Secular Christianity

Military Service


Empire of Deltia

Service Branch


Years of Service




Alisa I is the ruling monarch of the Empire of Deltia and commander in chief of the Riiksvehr, who came to power after the death of her father in 2021 and is of German origin. Her rise to power was rather sinister, as she was the very one who put rat poison in her father's glass of water, resulting in his death. She is a relatively popular monarch, with an approval rating of 79%. She has put Deltia on the global stage, bringing it from a relatively obscure nation in between the UESR and German Democratic Republic to a great power in its own right.

Alisa is the ruling monarch of the Federal Kingdom of Deltia, but she is not only that. Our findings show that she has both a lighter and darker side. She seems to be rather friendly to the United States of America, coming here on vacation and touring here. However, the actress-monarch is unstable, but let's see if we can use her to our advantage...

Early Life

Alisa was born on a summer morning (June 9, 2006) after the recent restoration of the monarchy in Deltia. She was the firstborn child, which explains her nervous manner when talking to people. She went to the Arnold Varen School in Warsaw. She was rather quiet, and her former teachers consider her to have been a good student, though that wasn't exactly true. She was often involved in beating other kids up. but due to her connections, no one dared to report her and ruin their lives. However, that wasn't very often, and it is well known that most times were in self defence, while only one or two were out of sheer rage.

In elementary school, she was nearly expelled for "seducing" a fellow student, but her parents intervened (They were in charge of the nation then) and she only got off with a light warning. She also managed to develop her hunger for power as she was tired of teachers bossing her around and eventually had one of them killed in their sleep. She became incredibly popular for that and all the students loved her, and since Deltian monarchs and their children are above the law, she wasn't punished for that. The so called seduction was that of her boyfriend at the time, and both have considered the accusations rather baseless, the teacher who accused her was later found to be a lunatic.

In middle school, she started to take a deep interest in pets and animals, and is noted she kept 3 cats in this period. She developed a deep passion for the environment, often going to different societies to help endangered species. It was noted that she suffered abuse at the hands of her housemaids, which might have contributed to her emotional instability. She tried to forget this by getting into writing. She tried having her works published, but literary critics called them trash. One day, she snapped. One maid tried to slap her, but Alisa quickly responded and twisted her arm. breaking it. She ran away, but she seemed to like this feeling of power. She got more and more bossy, and the maids got less and less cruel. Eventually, one called an assassin, who tried to restrain her, but he made his last mistake. She rapidly lunged at him and though he fought back well, his heart stopped due to her grip around his neck.

In the next few months, Alisa became significantly happier, and was much more kind. It was not uncommon for the princess to Still writing this, will do in a second :P)

Alisa lives a lively personal life, often going to parties and getting drunk. Seems like the stereotypical Deltian, but she is much more complex. Our findings have found she might be bipolar, so if one should need to use her, we must master both of her sides. Her sadistic and h=wholesome selves leave her as a broken person, combined with her abuse earlier in life. It is well known she is a patron of the arts, having not gone a month without visiting a museum or exhibition. Some suggest this is to alleviate her inner conflict, others say it is how she was raised.

She constantly stalks people and is very capable of murder, having recently killed about 7 people on their way to a concert by shooting at them while disguised as another person. Alyssa is also very determined to get people she doesn't like in trouble, having gotten some of them framed for treason and murder to name some. It is also known that she often throws tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants and is rumoured to rant more than Hitler in 1945. She seems to be stalking Markus Schelmann, even breaking into his house one time. It is unknown whether it is for murderous reasons or not. Alyssa most recently punished a teenager who tried to assault her by personally cutting off the heads of his mother, father and girlfriend by axe and keeping them in his bed in his sleep. She seems to enjoy slashing people's throats (if they have wronged her0 and is very manipulative, having gotten Weiss to drive her to the airport "to pick up a friend" when it really was to go on a vacation to Spain. Alyssa once sent around 200 soldiers into battle in Syria just to see blood spill (none of them survived).

Her partial insanity might have been influenced by rejection by her parents when she was younger, always looking for attention but getting none, while her siblings got much more. She was also repeatedly beaten by maids for misbehaving, but with the low logical abilities of a 5-year-old, this pushed her beyond the edge.

Despite having been dubbed a diabolical puppet master by Weiss and a psychopath by Larsten, she can be really sweet when you are her friend. She recently gave out 3 million Riiksmarks (750,000$ USD) in aid to help end the COVID-31 pandemic to cover up for the angry killing spree she went on after protestors marched around the Imperial palace. Alisa has never been caught, as she always either uses assassins or tricks the person into coming to a meeting through middlemen. Her psychologist has diagnosed her with serious psychosis, but that was covered up and she had him beaten till he forgot about that. A lot of the people she kills are actual criminals, however, and have wronged her severely in the past. In recent times in a fit of anger, she flinged a glass at a servant, killing him instantly. She felt regret, as it was unintentional.

Alisa might be bipolar, however. She seems to often be calm and collected at a lot of occasions, and one can even have a friendly conversation with her, or even insult her, and she will just laugh it off. This is the side that the Deltian people and the outside world get to see, and thus they like her a lot. It is very well known that Alisa often writes off huge cheques out to charities and also visits people who are sick with COVID-31 with only a personally-sewn mask, coat and winter gloves. She said that she's "just another person" and "it would be incredibly selfish to take a mask or scrub away from the heroes on the front-lines of this evil disease. Alisa has adopted quite a few animals, as she happens to like them a lot. Alisa actually donates blood frequently, and its estimated that this has saved many lives, numbering up to even 30. She has a strange condition that whenever she loses blood, it magically replenishes.

A lot of the time, she just stares into the window. No one knows why, she just does. She recently took part in a protest about the killing of a black man in Deltia, but she gave out masks and susidised everyones' testing after.

Alisa is also an actress. She has featured in many films, such as Superman: Dark Downfall, 12:7 and Minecraft: The Movie (OOC: all of these are made up. Don't search for em). Alisa also plays Margaret Lindsay in Veep! (OOC: Don't search for her either.) and makes cameos in multiple different shows as herself. She says she does this as she "doesn't want to just be sitting around doing nothing because I am a monarch"and "It enables me to get in touch with creativity." Alisa is immensely popular both inside and outside of Deltia, partly due to her status as a monarch and also due to her personality. It is not uncommon for her to go on trips to other countries and interact not only with the "cream" of society, but also with the average man. The most recent tour was her visit to Mexico in 2031. She plans to visit Canada soon, as COVID-31 cases have slown down both in Deltia and there. She has pledged a good 33% of her wealth to relief efforts as part of the All In Challenge. Recently, she was appointed as LON Global Ambassador. Alisa does privately feel remorse for all the killing she does, and that is a major part of why she does this, after all, no one knows but the people on the "Forum 7".

She got into acting around the age of 14. Most time it was just edgy plays, but she then took serious interest in it. More time was devoted to it as a sort of way out of her tumultuous personal life. This was much more successful than her attempt to write, and she spent more and more time on it. When she got into university, she spent more time acting then on schoolwork, (WIP)


Political Views

She took a political test, which said she was a socially liberal Rhine Capitalist libertarian. She has no legislative, executive or judiciary power herself, but she constantly asked MPs to vote 'Aye' on resolutions she liked (e.g legalization of drugs and same-sex marriage). She is very pro-free speech and when asked whether she supports SJWs or not, she said she doesn't. In recent months, she has spoke out furiously against cancel culture and the alt-right alike. A lifelong progressive, Alisa has asked for the legalisation of transgenderism and the rollback of strict immigration requirements, allowing more to enter Deltia from war-torn countries. However, she is a hater of communism, often making controversal comments such as calling communists the "bane of a civillized society".

Alisa recently took part in the protest marches against police brutality in Deltia after a man was permanently blinded by them. She also constantly campaigns for issues that she supports, usually because she feels she is actually fighting for something. Critics have often called her the 'typical liberal elitist', which isn't entirely true or untrue. She isn't exactly an elitist, as she has berated Weiss for his relaxation of labor laws and taxation and massive budget cuts, and more than once has let people stay in her high-rise apartment in central Warzau that she rarely uses. However, the liberal part is more than true, as she often speaks up against more conservative policies of different administrations.

When asked why she does this, she said "Monarchs are supposed to just smile for the cameras and shut up about what's right. Not in my case, they don't." Fiercely opinionated, she has considered running for Riikskanzler, but she dismissed it as she didn't wan't to become a "tyrant." She is extremely anti-authoritarian and has said things such as "North Korea needs to be wiped off the map. I don't care how much force it takes."

Equally fierce is her support of pacifism, ironic or not ironic. It was by her initiative that Deltia abolished conscription and replaced it with voluntary service. She took the position of commander in chief with great reluctance, as she calls all war-related activities "a horrible achievement... I myself can attest to that".

Religious Views

She has declared herself a Christian, but many doubt it, as no one has seen her going to church. The secularization of many parts of Deltian society has raised doubts that she is religious.


She likes going shopping

- It is common for her to travel to far off places for her own enjoyment.

- Alisa keeps multiple pets, especially cats.


  • She is 56.

  • She is bisexual.

  • She is very good at keeping serets

  • She has an IQ of 122.

  • She is fluent in Deltian, English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Thai, Spanish and Hungarian.

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