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4/5/10 factbook (Outdated)

The Democratic Republic of Delaclava is a large country where the people elect representatives who make the decisions. The current President is Vaoco Schneider, and his Vice President is Michael Cheatham

Mountains span in the middle of the mainland from West to East, called the Alexandria Mountains. There are many other mountains and rivers.

Provinces: Rextaria, Ojstiz, Gorla, Eslugos, Minjan, Bakor, Qala, Yurim, Blan, Catherina (capital), Dezicas, Opalius, Arana, Ingos, Delalli, Doraz, Gigra, Straka, Pickell, Novick, Bane, Gaegapo, Stenrick, Brentaria, Farland, Romavan, Nasra, Frindakak, Irisbenis, Valhalla, Isilan, Sveydan, Finran

Territories: Dugedone Islands, Filbertiana, Torrenta Magia, Serbiana Hac, Kiyl Fibertiana, Kiyl Frasas, Latolia, Autamaat, Triniteras, Hailtothevictor, LeDoucheland, Hess, Little Wolf Island, Fort Froncopolis, Fort Nazaire, Fort Tishatana, Oraris, Taxmoron, Las Lisque, Inferno Islands, Purgis Islands, Paradiz Islands, Blah-dee-blah

Delaclava is currently in the Allied Military and Trade Force. After founder nation Grittonia, Delaclava was the first to join, and has thrown its full support behind the new movement in the AMTF. Delaclava was formerly a part of the Allied Military Organization, where Delaclava served as the Commander-Nation of the Navy.
Delaclava's government spends 19% of the budget on defense, making Defense the government's second priority (trailing Education). Their forces are largely in the Navy, with secondary parts held by the Army and the Air Force. The military is headed by two positions: the Defense Secretary (currently Nathan Ballard), dealing with defense as it relates to the government, the people, and international relations; and the Defense Chief (currently Tara Watkins, former Admiral of the Navy), dealing with defense as it relates to the armed forces itself. There are currently seven officers that report to Watkins:
Mr. Steve Trask, Master General of the Army
Mr. Timothy Advatov, Admiral of the Navy
Mr. Sam Slade, Master Officer of the Aerial Forces
Mr. Shane Benton, Master Officer of the Marine Forces
Mr. Victor Sterling, Master Officer of the Coastal Guard
Mrs. Jen Rogers, Master of Public Health and Safety
Dr. Max Savage, Master of the Military Scientific Studies
The Department and the Forces were both formerly headed by the Defense Chief; however, a scandal involving Abraham Dodinas and the Deputy Chief, Billy Shiomi, led to their dismissal and the splitting of the responsibilities into the Defense Secretary and Defense Chief.

Main exports: Cheese, coffee, tea, pastries and baked goods, music records, musical instruments, drugs and drug paraphernalia, solar and wind energy, medicine and medical instruments

Life expectancy (average): 80.2
Infant mortality rate: 0.23 / 1000 life births

Coal - 4%
nuclear - 10%
Hydroelectric - 14%
Solar - 22%
Wind energy - 6%
geothermable - 2%
Electricity - 18%
Natural Gas - 12%
Renewable - 11%
Other - 1%

The supreme law is the Delaclava National Constitution, which consists of the explanation of the government, as well as both criminal and civil law. It is believed to be one of the longest of the world, although the word count is disputed.

Adult Literacy: 99.9%
Average Years of schooling: 16

The country does not have a national religion. The only time period that has had a national religion was the 324-year Jeanaza regime, before being overthrown.