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Constitution of the Davistian Empire

Preamble: We the People of the Davistian Empire write this Constitution to ensure the unity, order, and prosperity of this Empire.

Article I (Lesgislative Branch): All legislative power shall be vested in the Parliament of the Davistian Empire. This Parliament will also have the power to ratify treaties and to declare war. Parliamentary elections shall be held every six years unless the sitting Parliament is dissolved by the Monarch. MP's must be over the age of 21 and a resident of the province they represent.

Article II (Provinces): The Davistian Empire shall be divided into 35 provinces and a Capital District. The provinces and Capital District shall be self-governing and each shall elect 3 MP's to the Parliament of the Davistian Empire. The provinces shall have their own Provinical Assembly and be divided into 5 districts with 3 MPA's elected from each district. Provinical elections shall be held every three years. Executive power shall be vested in a Governor who shall be elected every five years.

Article III (Executive Branch): All executive power shall be vested into the Prime Minister of the Davistian Empire. The Prime Minister shall have the power to appoint his/her own cabinet and occupy a seat on the Privy Council. The Prime Minister shall be appointed by the majority or leading coalition party in the Parliament of the Davistian Empire with the advice and consent of the Monarch.

Article IV (Monarchy): The Head of State shall be titled His/Her Imperial Majesty The Emperor or Empress of the Davistians. The Monarch shall only hold ceremonial powers and be the unifier of this nation although the Monarch shall have the power to declare a state of emergency and rule by decree if needed. The Monarch is also the Supreme Head of the Privy Council. The heir apparent to the throne shall be titled His/Her Imperial Highness The Crown Prince/Princess of the Davistians and shall be the eldest child of the Monarch. The line of succession shall be as follows:
1. The eldest child of the Monarch
2. The children of the aforementioned child of the Monarch
3. The remaining children of the Monarch and their children
4. The siblings of the Monarch
5. Other family members of the Monarch
If the Monarch is unable to exercise their duties or if they are under 18 years of age, power shall be vested in the Regency Council headed by the Regent of the Davistian Empire. If the line of succession is extinct, Parliament shall elect the next monarch

Article V (Judiciary Branch). All provinces of the Empire shall have their own Provinical Court presided over by a single judge that is appointed by the Monarch. The highest court of the realm shall be titled the Supreme Court of the Davistian Empire presided over by three justices, also appointed by the Monarch.