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Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the Imperial Fatherland, Dorothea II

Dorothea II (full name: Marianne Victoria Elisabeth Dorothea von Hohenheim; 29 June 1940 - Present), nicknamed Dorothy and Dory, is the German Empress of the Imperial Fatherland and Queen of Karlsland. She is the scion of the House of Hohenheim; in addition she is the first child and daughter of Emperor Oswald I and Empress Elisabeth of the House of Mittelheimen, and she is the older sister of princesses Stella and Mercedes.

Dorothea II

Empress of the Imperial Fatherland
Queen of Karlsland

28 January 1968 — Present

30 January 1968

Emperor Oswald I

Imperial Chancellor

Personal details

29 June 1940
The New Palace, Kaisersberg, Kingdom of Karlsland, The Imperial Fatherland

"Dorothy" and "Dory"



Full name

Marianne Victoria Elisabeth Dorothea von Hohenheim


Emperor Oswald I von Hohenheim

Empress Elisabeth

Reformed Protestantism

Named after her mother’s great-grandmother, the Princess Dorothea I of Mittelheimen, Dorothea was made heir presumptive by her father when he reformed the monarchy’s rule of succession, including a new rule that the firstborn daughter of Germania’s ruling monarch can be made an heir to the throne. Dorothea was coronated Empress of the Imperial Fatherland and Queen of Karlsland after Oswald’s death in 1968, ending nearly forty-five years of the Oswaldian Era. As Germania’s new monarch she officially rules over a country that has advanced, and is still advancing, substantially in science, technology and magic, and for the most part, in the country’s armed forces.

After becoming the Empress she wants to lower the heightened tensions between the Empire and the Unified Nations, rebuild the emblematic bridges that once connected the countries and was destroyed during the great war among the nations. Her pacifist approach earned her support from the few belligerents such as Freedonia and Albion, except the Russy Federation because of the crimes committed against the Rus people under Imperial occupation. Still she wants the Russy Federation to open up to the Empire one day and usher into a time of reconciliation.

It was during this time that Germania’s greatest and brightest scientists have finished creating the most technological advanced device that: the very first mass transit device that will allow them to explore a whole lot of worlds, even ones residing in different universes and promises to make even more. Though she lauded this great achievement, Dorothea then realized the potential of these devices becoming tools of conquest across worlds and fears said devices will alienate her country from the rest of the world again, something she cannot allow. So Dorothea pushed back the standardization of these devices in the armed forces

Born in the proud and mighty Hohenheim dynasty, Dorothea von Hohenheim, though born not a son but a daughter, was beloved by her parents as their Dory. Raised to become the ruler like her father was, Dorothea, personally, acted more like a prince and less like a princess. Like her parents, Dorothea is a Reformed Protestant Christian and was taught by her father that she is to denounce any person who claims to be a christian but really is not. Her close adherence to her faith is like wearing a "spiritual armour" which protects her from the negative and immoral standards of the world.

But like all human beings, Dorothea is not without flaws and negative traits of her own. She can be impatient and temperamental which is contrasted to her father’s more mild and professional attitude. She can be overly defensive when her beliefs are attacked by critics, apostates and just generally pessimistic people. Many times Dorothea expresses great displeasure with the rest of Germania’s aristocracy even though she is born into an aristocratic family herself. This is in large part due to many wealthy families in the Empire not paying wealth taxes like her family had done for centuries from their treasury; the most historic and even legendary figures from the House of Hohenheim, all who have ruled the Empire for generations, made sure they have exchanged a significant amount of their wealth to maintain the Empire’s social, economic and military infrastructure as well make sure that German families are housed, clothed and fed, and to think that everyone else in the upper class is not enthusiastic about helping the people and paying little.

Regarding her personal health, Dorothea is diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Most instances of her disorder were during her childhood whenever she gets bored doing a task that is not very rewarding, she becomes distracted quite easily during a conversation, and then she drifts off to daydreaming. Growing up, Dorothea has matured a bit though she has picked up a habit of getting bored and impatient during a long conversation.

  • Dorothea is an admirer of the Imperial Navy. Aside from battlecruisers, she adores aircraft carriers, stating they serve as a symbol of Germania’s growing air power in the world as well as the navy’s ability to project the Empire’s military power at sea.

  • She owns a Shih Tzu named Leo.

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