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Labyrinthine Chronicle- November 2020

This Months Headlines - November

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An Interview With Her Majesty.
By Uber Automated Luxury Cosmic Socialism and Ashtie

So, what made you move?
The inability to handle depression in my previous situation any longer, a lack of impulse control, and the pursuit of closing the gap in a relationship that makes me really happy.
How long had you had it planned?
I didn't. There was always a mindset of "I would like this to happen at some point", but it was only in a span of 2 hours that my whole life changed.
Bold move. Any regrets?
No. Every day I become more confident in the decision I made.
That's good. Are you managing to get back on your feet, or are you still recovering?
Despite a few uncertain days that I spent with my foot on the gas pedal, I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I have a place to rest my head and lots of job prospects. I am ok and will be ok.
Inspiring. How is it in sunny California so far? Any extreme differences you're noticing? Have you gone anywhere?
OH MY GOD. The fact that I don't have to drive through any snowstorms this winter is enough to have made this trip worth it. Every time I drive my surroundings are beautiful. There are definitely differences between how California and Indiana are handling COVID. Also, at my old job I was lucky to sit down for 10 minutes during an 8 hour shift but here I'm required to take a 30 minute unpaid meal when working 6 hours or more.
Sounds nice. That's all my questions, anything you would like to end us with?
While I want to be inspiring and say "I took my life into my own hands and so can you!", there was a lot of underlying security behind what I was doing and I knew I'd at least have a semblance of support. I am proud of myself for finding a way out, but things could have turned out very badly for me and I don't take that for granted. Be brave, but be smart!

Official Reports
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A Brave New Step, Or An Ill-Advised One?
By Observant Objective Political Journalist

A Regional Council Seat went up for grabs this month. This ordinarily wouldn't be a very exciting or important event due to the mostly ceremonial role of the Regional Council, but this month something was different; a duck was on the ballot.

The waterfowl in question is the Kingdom of Mooshland, a controversial member of the community who, depending on who you ask, is either a silly, fun person or an annoying nuisance who shouldn't be encouraged. They had been urged to run multiple times before but declined due to him feeling too inexperienced, saying "i felt bad for taking up a spot for someone more experienced."

He ran against the incumbent councilman Ugosal and three-time unsuccessful runner Dumb Country. His contribution to the campaign was subtle, with the lion's share done by his loyal, near-fanatical supporters. The effectiveness of this style of campaign is questionable, but the vote was split three ways and Moosh managed to win with a majority of just 5 against 4 for Dumb Country and 3 for Ugosal.

Some elements of the community doubted his ability to rule, with Primorsky Krai, who previously criticized Moosh's appointment to the position of Pollster, in particular voicing concern, saying "I'm now FOR SURE scared for the future of The Labyrinth".

All that is left to do now is wait and see what Moosh does with his newfound power.

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Legislation at vote:

None right now? I don't know what the RC gets up to.


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An Interesting Thing.
By Con Ins Lallakerscak.

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