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Labyrinthine Chronicle- October 2020

This Months Headlines - October

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Top News Stories

Happy birthday, 21st Century Rome!
By Uber Automated Luxury Cosmic Socialism

We here at the Chronicle would like to congratulate The Third Triumvirate for winning the 5th annual Roman Birthday Games.
The games took place from the 6th to the 13th.
This year’s events were Pictionary, Ciphers, Math, Puns, Movie Guessing (from a soundless clip), language guessing (from an audio file), and finding 10 pumpkin emojis hidden across the region.
The Birthday games began simply as a way to commemorate the birthday of 21st Century Rome, with games to celebrate. They had the idea to invite friendly regions to the competition, and have since grown to feature 10 different regions and 23 different teams, totaling up to 67 nations participating.

Official Reports
No reports submitted.

“Not Surprised”: Greater Victora’s Words On Winning The Elections
By El Spana

Earlier this week, the elections wrapped up, with Greater Victora taking top spot on the roster. In an interview with E.L Spana today, he shared his thoughts.
He felt “Not necessarily surprised” at winning the elections, as a majority of his opponents were inexperienced at campaigning.
Victora plans on changing the Embassy Policy, because fellow Labyrinthian Portugal Is Great brought up that it needs a major review.
“I think it would be a good idea to ally with defenders,” Said Victora, “Partly for the obvious reason that they could help us defend our region.”
Greater Victora says he’ll do his best to engage with the Labyrinth Community, including hopefully starting an RP-Centric Discord server if people are interested.
On behalf of the Labyrinth, I wished him well for the Future!

The Apocalypse Was Upon Us, Again.
By Quick Stealthy Interviewer

A brief but extraordinarily deadly zombie apocalypse took place this month, with almost the entire Labyrinth being turned. We here at the Chronicle have managed to track down grizzled old veteran and man voted most likely to end up sacrificing himself by the end of the movie, Davey Valdez.

“So, mister Valdez, what was the initial reaction to the dead rising?”

“It caught us by surprise, how wouldn’t it? The People’s Republic established a contain and exterminate doctrine, which worked well enough for the beginning. There were a few casualties, but they were considered inevitable.”

“You say it worked well enough for the beginning, what went wrong?”

“For every nation that fell, the horde would grow stronger. We tried to intervene where we could, but there were just too many of them. Whenever it became clear that order in the Labyrinth had collapsed an Isolationist policy was adopted. We managed to go unnoticed for a while, but eventually, the horde set their sights on us. The entire zombified Labyrinth rushing our borders, we didn’t stand a chance. Everything collapsed, most died.”

“But there were still survivors, how did they manage to make it?”

“It was decided that the situation was hopeless and that Uber Automated Luxury Cosmic Socialism would soon have fallen completely, so they gathered as many survivors as possible and escaped to Equilism. It was a costly trek, but saved 200 million lives”

“Well, that’s all my questions. Anything you would like to add?”

“No, I need to go and be a cynical mentor to someone anyway.”

Uber Automated Luxury Cosmic Socialism and the Labyrinth as a whole is undergoing a massive reconstruction effort. To do your part to help, volunteer at, or donate to your local NationStates Red Cross center.

The Young and the Old, Part Two.
By Observant Objective Political Journalist

Long time member of the Labyrinth, Greater Victora, has been elected to the regional council this month, managing to bag seven out of seventeen votes. He campaigned as an unusually liberal member of the Old Guard, winning him many Youngblood voters who supported his reformist ideas as well as the older members who trusted his experience.

Another interesting development in Labyrinthine politics happened this month, with the Queen reaffirming her unbudging stance on the controversial “Old Quote Ban”, saying “The rule will never change simply because Vavax and I both stand firm on it.”

This refusal to consider changing the law in the event of a popular vote has drawn outrage from some of the members of the community, with PeePeePooPooCaCa, in particular, being staunchly against it. He has said, “ I think that just encourages undemocratic ideas which is not what the region stands for”.

The Queen argues that if democracy were to be given complete control, the region would be chaos, saying “there is nothing undemocratic about the veteran members of the region setting boundaries.” She also argued that the Youngbloods had no right to vote on this issue which she feels doesn’t concern them, saying “This new "majority" of members of the community are new members of the region that took no part in the old posts of the RMB.” and that “Our democracy has the right to decide how our region is run in the present, but the Monarchy has full right to protect the dignities of ourselves and our old friends from prying eyes."

It seems that, under the watchful eye of our always alert Queen, this issue is going nowhere, and complaints of the ban are mostly gone now.

Unless this article makes people angry, in which case, I would like to remind everyone to not shoot the messenger. More specifically, don’t shoot the journalist. To put it in layman’s terms, please don’t shoot me.

To see the relevant information for this, read page 2,835 of the Labyrinth RMB.

Ask Ashtie Issue 1
By Ashtie

Q: Are you dating King Minos or Vavax?

Yes. Next question.

Ok, here's the real answer - King Minos is a character that is played by whoever is currently controlling the region's Founder account. Vavax and I entered into a relationship two years ago, while the Founder account was still under Portugal's control. If I were simply dating "King Minos", well then that means I would've been dating Portugal for a short time. *FBI noises*

So, I will always be dating Vavax but I will only be dating King Minos for as long as Vavax is playing that character. Make sense? Yes. Good. Moving on.

Q: How do I make a successful Twitch channel?

I'm flattered that you think my channel is successful! Unfortunately I can't go much farther with it at the moment with being so busy at work, but here are a few things that I've learned about having good streams:

-Equipment matters! Your PC needs to be able to both run games and stream at the same time without exploding. Also, I bought a Blue Yeti Nano mic for sound quality.
-Find a balance between what you like to play, and what your audience likes to see. Most of the time I've found that I like to talk to chatters more than playing, so I try to pick action oriented casual games rather than story games. The game can be just background noises or a conversation starter, if you're bad at them like me.
-Get the audience involved, especially as a smaller channel! A few times I've played Among Us with viewers and made Kahoot games that people had fun with. It can feel more like spending time with friends rather than you just trying to entertain people, which can be stressful.

I'm not an expert by any means, but these are just some tips that can help get you going. Most of all you should keep in mind that it's not about the numbers, it's about you creating a positive space for yourself and others. Good luck and have fun!

Q: What are your thoughts on drewpocalypse? Do you believe that it had a positive or negative effect on the Labyrinth and NationStates in general? Also, what is your favorite meme?

I think that before the "drewpocalypse", NationStates was dying and the Labyrinth was already dead. You guys have really come in and reinvigorated the region. Of course, there's some drama that comes with such an influx of people and we've had to filter out some immature ones, but it's awesome to see our little community thriving again. While I have my grouchy days, let it be known that I appreciate your existence.

Also my favorite meme would have to be the "Ah, sh!t, here we go again" one from GTA San Andreas. Honorable mentions are Crab Rave and Polish Cow.

Ok, that's all for now! Send your questions via telegram to AskAshtie if you'd like to be featured in the next one.


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An Interesting Thing.
The quality of these is a bit janky due to the unfortunate situation with the cartoonist, so I just put in the links to avoid compressing the images further.
By the nation formely known as Gallar, submitted by The Greater German Austrian Empire

Here is the first comic

Here is the second comic

Here is the 3rd comic

Interested in writing for the Labyrinthine Chronicle? Let me know!