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[WIP] The Official Factbook on Mareism

The Mareist Church of Daarwyrth
Den Marestyne Kyrke vyn Daarwyrth

Symbol of the Mareist Faith

Classification: Mareist

Scripture: Mareum

Theology: Permanence theology, Fluidity theology

Polity: Presbyterian

Supreme Head: LinkDemi Maria I

High Ecclesiast: LinkYthena IV

Administration: Council of Ecclesiasts

Region: Daarwyrth

Language: Old Daarish, Daarish

Headquarters: LinkCathedral of the Seas, Daarsted

Founder: Demi, Daughter of the Seas

Origin: 10th century CE, Daarlund


The Mareist Church of Daarwyrth is the official state religion of the Royal State. Its faith revolves around the worship of the Mare, which is an Old Daarish word for the entirety of all the world's oceans and seas as a collective of divine entities. According to the Mareum - the holy scripture of Mareism - each individual ocean or sea is an aspect of the Mare, and a divine being within the divine whole. Mareists believe that each landmass is a gift from one of these individual aspects of the Mare, and thus they view the Sventyn Sea surrounding Daarwyrth as the deity that gifted them the lands they came to inhabit. It is why the name "Daarwyrth" literally means "gift from the sea".

In Mareism, the oceans and seas (or the Mare as a whole) aren't seen as active gods or goddesses, but rather as divine parts of the nature of existence. This has led to the formation of two officially accepted schools of thought within the Mareist faith, namely the Permanence theology and the Fluidity theology. In short, the former proposes that the Mare, and all its individual divine aspects, are forces of constancy and sameness, while the latter instead believes that both are forces of never-ending change and versatility. Yet, both are built upon the foundation that the Mare and its aspects do not favour or condemn anyone or anything; they simply are, and always have been, always will be. It's due to this pragmatic outlook on life and the divine that Mareism is recognised to be among the tolerant and accepting religions currently in existence, as concepts such as hell or heaven do not exist within its theology. Instead, Mareists believe everything in existence returns into the Mare after death to be reborn, either into a new life, or in some truly exceptional cases, a new aspect of the divine whole, for example in the form of a new sea or ocean, or a new island chain or landmass.





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