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[WIP] The Official Factbook on Queen Demi Maria I

Demi Maria I Zylkoven

Queen of the Royal State of Daarwyrth

Reign: 29 April 2015 - Present

Coronation: 26 June 2015

Predecessor: Paulys I

Heir presumptive: Rubert, Crown Prince of Daarwyrth

Born: 14 September 1995

Spouse: None

Children: None

Names: Demi Maria Madelyne Zylkoven

House: Zylkoven

Father: Paulys I

Mother: Bosenya Vasynak-Zylkoven

Sibling(s): Rubert, Crown Prince of Daarwyrth

Demi Maria I

Demi Maria I (Demi Maria Madelyne; born 14 September 1995) is the sovereign ruler of the Royal State of Daarwyrth, as its 15th monarch, and 8th queen. She is the firstborn daughter of King Emeritus Paulys I, and Queen Emerita Bosenya I, and is the older sister to Prince Rubert, who is the current heir presumptive to the throne of Daarwyrth.

Demi Maria was born in the small city of Rygtewald, which has been the seat of power of the Royal House of Zylkoven since its founding in the 10th century CE. Her birth was received at Rygtewald Castle, the formal residence of the royal family, which had made the infant girl the first child and only daughter of the then King Paulys I, and his wife, the royal consort, Bosenya Vasynak-Zylkoven. As the legitimate firstborn of the monarch of Daarwyrth, Demi Maria was pronounced the heir apparent to the Daarwyrthian throne, and according to custom was presented to the public as the new Crown Princess by the reigning monarch, her father, a day later. She was home-schooled until the age of 13, which is when she started attending the Sir Radylph Thyrbeck Grammar School in Daarsted for her secondary education, like many children of the royal family had. After graduating at the age of 18, she had decided to continue her education by pursuing a university-level law degree at the Daarsted Royal School for Jurisprudence, one of the oldest law schools in the country.





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