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The Royal State of
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Political Parties in Daarwyrth

Political Parties in the Royal State of Daarwyrth

List of political parties with elected members in the Royal Diet

Political Party

Party Leader


United Left of Daarwyrth
Far-left to centre-left


  • Amalgamation of left-wing ideologies and ways of thinking.

  • Social democracy is the dominant ideology.

  • Largely pro-monarchist, some democratic socialist and communist elements are pro-republic.

Green Daarwyrth


  • Environmentalism, co-existence with nature, ecologically sustainable policies.

  • "Humans are a part of the environment, not apart from it."

  • Pro-monarchist.

Internationalist Coalition
Centre-left to centre

Aryana Guldebyrg

  • Globalism, internationalism, anti-isolationist.

  • Led the effort to make Daarwyrth a member of the WA.

  • Pro-monarchist

Democratic Royalist Union


  • Monarchism, constitutionalism, parliamentarism, pragmatism.

  • 'The Voice of the Crown' in the Royal Diet.

  • First political party in Daarwyrth, founded in 1848 CE.

Mareist Democratic Alliance


  • Pro-Mareism, monarchism, pragmatism.

  • Led the effort to establish freedom of religion in Daarwyrth.

  • One of the oldest political parties, founded in 1855 CE.

Technoliberal Alliance


  • Faith in technology, less top-down systems of governance, decentralism, individualism, sustainability.

  • "The aggregate effects of individual engagement of technology will generate social goods."

  • Neutral regarding monarchism, pro-direct democracy through techology.

Liberal Party of Daarwyrth
Centre to Centre-right


  • Liberalism, free market economy, anti-government interventionism.

  • One of the oldest parties in Daarwyrth, founded in 1861 CE.

  • Pro-monarchist.

Sovereignty Bloc
Centre to Centre-right


  • Amalgamation of Daarwyrth's oldest parties opposing the nation's WA membership.

  • National liberalism, national sovereignty, isolationism.

  • Pro-monarchist.

Republicans of Daarwyrth
Centre to Centre-right


  • Anti-monarchist, republicanism, liberalism.

  • "Establish the Republic of Daarwyrth, with a democratically elected Minister-President as the Head of State."

  • Founded in 1921 CE after anti-monarchism was ruled legal by the Supreme Court.

List of political parties with no elected members in the Royal Diet

Political Party


True Royalists

After Daarwyrth transitioned from an absolute monarchy to a semi-constitutional one, the Democratic Royalist Union was founded in 1848 CE. However, their establishment riled up the sympathisers of the absolute monarchy, and thus - under the leadership of Count Ryck Hyrtzeg vyn Lyren - they founded the True Royalists in 1849, making it the second oldest political party in Daarwyrth. They remained the prime political opponent of the DRU for a number of decades, yet after the 1888 Chamber of Representatives elections the party's presence in the Royal Diet started to diminish, until in 1931 CE they held not a single seat in either the upper or lower house. Ever since, the True Royalists have been absent from the Royal Diet.

The political ideals of the True Royalists are simple: they seek to restore the absolute monarchy, and grant the monarch of Daarwyrth absolute power by permanently dissolving the Royal Diet, as well as altering the constitution by removing any article that would constitutionally diminish the monarch's power. The party has always had an strict, orthodox Mareist character - which does not align with mainstream Mareism - and is a strong supporter of Daarwyrthian isolationism. However, after Queen Maria IV abdicated in 1920 CE, and her son King Rubert I succeeded her, he formally distanced himself and the Royal House of Zylkoven from the activities of the True Royalists, and expressed his public disapproval of the party's political aims and goals. As such, members of the True Royalists yearn to see the Zylkoven dynasty removed from power by altering the constitution, and intend to put a member of the Hyrtzeg vyn Lyren bloodline on the throne. Many have argued that this was what had led to the party's disappearance from the Royal Diet in 1931 CE, and their lack of support from the general public. Rumour has it the party is closely watched by the state's intelligence operations.

New Socialists

New Socialists was founded in 1995 CE, after a group of students led by Hylga Dryks had separated themselves from the Socialist Party - the traditionally communist party - after desiring a new, fresher take on socialism. The movement gained traction and managed to secure a handful of seats in the 1996 Chamber of Representatives election, and held onto that number in the lower house elections of 2000 CE. Their modest success was short-lived however, as in 2004 the party lost half of their seats, and after the establishment of the United Left of Daarwyrth - which they refused to become a part of - as a united left-wing party, the New Socialists disappeared from the Royal Diet completely.

Helga Dryks' ideologies stand at the heart of the party's political agenda. They seek to establish a state-controlled and centrally planned economy, yet grant citizens a high level of personal freedom, and establish a left-leaning college within the legislature through democratic means. They are a strong supporter of referenda and administrative decentralisation, yet in the form of a federal republic. As such, the party supports abolishing the monarchy, and introducing a democratically elected head of state in the form of a Minister-President, much alike the RoD. While the party had presented itself as a fresh take on socialism when they were established, the ULD managed to surpass that image, and essentially steal much of the electorate of the New Socialists. While serious efforts are being made to return in either chambers of the Royal Diet, the party has not been able to repeat its success from 1996 CE.

Civic Forum
Centre to centre-left

The Civic Forum is among Daarwyrth's younger political parties, as it was founded in 2015 CE by Dame Olya de Molyn, as the primary advocate for direct democracy within Daarwyrth. However, despite its official registration and participation in elections, the party has yet to gain a seat in either chambers of the Royal Diet. Political commentators have been talking positively of the party's chances in future elections, as they see a potential electorate for Civic Forum among Daarwyrth's younger generations.

Dame Olya de Molyn has always been a strong supporter of the widespread use of civil referenda, and a widespread installment of systems of direct democracy across all levels of the Daarwyrthian government. She found allies in the tech-industry - chief among them the wealthy and charismatic entrepreneur Ylon Mysk - with whom she devised a feasible system of e-democracy, that could be implemented into existing manners of governance, in order to establish an efficient voting system for the widespread and daily use of referenda. These ideas had started to gain traction among the general public, yet widespread support for the party was lacking due to its neutral stance on the monarchy. Ever since the party had declared to be against abolishing the monarchy, as long as it was willing to work with a system of direct e-democracy, approval ratings for the Civic Forum went up. The party has much in common with the Technoliberal Alliance, yet focuses more on the civilian aspects of governing, and in particular the establishment of systems of direct democracy. While it has declared during elections to be more than willing to cooperate with the Technoliberal Alliance, the party wishes to remain separate.

Closer Forest

Closer Forest was founded in 2020 CE, shortly after the upper house elections of that year, by Jymsen Orsyn, the son of Sir Hynes Orsyn - who is a diplomat to the regional entity Forest that Daarwyrth is a part of. The party's founder had initially been a member of the Internationalist Coalition, yet was dissatisfied with the extent of the party's stance on cooperation with Forest, and founded a new movement dedicated to bringing Daarwyrth closer to the regional entity, as well as to involve the nation actively in its regional politics.

Orsyn's party has formed its political ideology on the basis of the values and ideals that Forest is built upon, in particular regarding the protection and preservation of the environment. Closer Forest can therefore be considered a centre-left party, that aspires to achieve greater social equality for its citizens, and advocates for the loosening of Daarwyrth's strict citizenship laws, in order to promote greater international integration with entities such as Forest or the World Assembly. The party supports the Daarwyrthian monarchy, yet is in favour of a more constitutional and ceremonial interpretation of it, but has declared not to want to force their interpretation through if it doesn't align with the will of the people. The party is expected to gain traction, due to its environmentalist nature, and among the younger generations of Daarwyrth because of its progressive stance towards the international community.