by Max Barry

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The Kingdom of
Moralistic Democracy

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The peoples of the kingdom

The peoples of the kingdom live in a flourishing kingdom. It is the minister of biology, a well respected position within the confederation.

Hail the confederation.
The imperial kingdom of Bulgaria does not recognize the W.A, and recognizes only as a governing body the confederation. Thus, only Jocospor. It has these five acts.
1.STRUCK NULL AND VOIDIt does not in any part or whole recognize the W.A
2. It recognizes his Majesty Emperor Michaelangelo empeor of the Monarchy alliance
3. It follows all, however laws in the W.A with a confederations majority rule, weather that law was passed or not, unless it is part of the imperial act.
4. STRUCK NULL AND VOID . THE NO TOLERANCE ACT IS LIFTED ON 2nd Imperial German Reich and Winter Gulley a no tolerance act against: Winter Gulley, meaning no trade or negosiations, however the kingdom respicticly still recognizes it as a member and recognizes out of courtrcey its positions. It recognizes the Imperial German Reich as a member of the confederation, out of courtecry, and however will all trade, and exchange of ideas.
5. It also follows the Laws of the Monarch alliance
It allows free undisrupted free trade except for nations with a no tolerance act.
It allows a fair trial to all.
Prisoners are to be tortured to near death every day for their lives, no matter if the crime is minor.
It will keep peace when necessary.
It will follow alliance rules.