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The Leadership of the Concordance: A Character Survey

I.) Selania III Selenn
"I am the Champion of Lady Rukka, and the messenger that will spread Her will!"

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: August 19th, 1985 [Age 33]
Hometown: Laeleath, Paaz du Cynereth
House of Origin: Clan Aelsara-Kanla du Tynleen
Official Position: Aunura of Cynereth, Sixteenth Empress of the Selenn Dynasty
Tenure in Office: Seven Years [inst. April 2012]

B.) Character Biography
Selania III Selenn (Born Calia Cerea Raenel Anana) is the oldest daughter of Aunura Marei, a matron of Clan Aelsara-Kanla du Tynleen and the sixteenth ruler of Cynereth in the progeny of the Selenn Dynasty. Having completed her seventh year on the throne as of 2019, she is the head of government and of state in the Concordance, and is considered the divine arbiter of Rukka, the Goddess of Cynareth and of the Anaryssia religion.

Born into Cynarethic royalty as the heir apparent to her mother’s throne, Calia was the second of four children. Educated with the children of nobles at the Imperial Academy at Remirah, Belenaria, she was classically trained by Headmaster Shiye Tuthan in the arts of political leadership and rhetoric, establishing a bond with the professor that would forge a working relationship throughout her schooling and into her political career. It was during her time at Belenaria that Calia would meet two of her closest and dearest companions, Isuza Kees and Sunli Teza. Together, the three would forge a close-knit group throughout their academic careers; Tuthan, Kees and Teza would form the backbone of the future Aunura’s Imperial Court.

Precocious and flippant in the same manner as an adolescent, Calia’s world was shaken on July 25th, 1999. Her father Alarin, her older brother Feylen and twin-sisters Jadina and Jineh were killed when their plane was brought down in inclement weather during a political trip to the country’s forward military camp in Caenara. While her mother Marei was not on board due to reasons of ill health, the loss of her husband and three children proved too much a strain on the Empress, and her mental faculties began to deteriorate rapidly. Calia was recalled from Belenaria prematurely, though the Aunura arranged for Professor Tuthan to continue Calia’s education at the royal palace in Laeleath, ensuring the completion of her education.

With the mental strain on her mother, Calia began to assume more official duties in her mother’s stead, gaining practical knowledge of both the political climate in Laeleath and of the expectations that would one day be placed upon her. No longer the tempestuous and incorrigible youth, the heir apparent began to grow more quiet and reserved in public, yet inwardly cold and distant towards her escort in private. Only the companionship of her friends Isuza and Sunli brought her comfort during her growing pains as her mother’s arbiter.

Calia became the first heir apparent in more than three centuries to forsake higher education at the Imperial University at Nerithein, instead enlisting for military service among the religious order of her Clan, the Malthudians. Though never recognized for her athletic prowess or her physical exploits in her schooling, Calia became an adept and capable soldier. Against her mother’s wishes, she turned down a deferment for active duty and became an ambulance driver near Al-Shadai in Ilewea. Learning basic combat medicine and triage, her skills as a medic facilitated her advancement through the Malthudian Physicians Corps.

With her tour of service complete in 2009, the 24-year old Calia began to establish her place in the capital, preparing for her ascension to the throne. That ascension took place earlier than expected with the sudden death of her mother Marei in April of 2012. Crowned Selania III, she became the youngest regent to inherit the throne in more than three hundred years. Many commentators viewed her as a conservative and reserved young monarch heading into her first year in office; instead, she proved a pragmatic political opportunist, maneuvering herself politically for a radical shift in the Concordance’s politics. Against senior military advice, she ordered a surge of troops into rebellious provinces in the colony of Caenara, bringing to heel an insurrection that had been simmering for more than sixty years. The speed of the accomplishment won her newfound respect amongst her critics.

With the country’s military position stabilizing and the economic recession of her late-mother’s reign finally winding down, Selania began to act upon her own mandate, bringing new faces into government and purging much of the old guard in Laeleath. Forging an alliance with the powerful governing family of Remirah, Selania’s forthcoming actions could prove to be paradigm-changing for an ancient nation set in its ways.

C.) Personality
Selania is a cunning and skillful master of deception, utilizing her youthful looks and facetious charms to lull those around her into a false sense of security. Publicly, she is renowned as the Lady Princess, a play on her public charm and graceful repose. In private, she is often temperamental and prone to fits of sullen fierceness and inflamed passions, though such flights of fancy are often restricted to her close, inner circle. She is a shrew and tactful politician and a pragmatist of the first order, willing to circumvent her own philosophic views should they prove beneficial to her machinations. Though she is quite capable of ambivalence and cheer in the right environment, there exists a perpetual sadness and bitterness within her over the loss of her family in the plane crash. These feelings breed an aura of antipathy towards her religious duties in private, and fuel a fierce resentment of her Goddess that drives much of her motivation as Aunura.

II.) Shiye Tuthan

"I would follow you to the very ends of the Earth, if only you would ask it of me."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: May 17th, 1957 [Age 62]
Hometown: Ghega, Seam Bosuun
House of Origin: Clan Osseniar
Official Position: Hathar [Counsel] to the Aunura
Tenure in Office: Seven Years [inst. May 2012]

B.) Character Biography
As a decorated veteran of the First Campaign of the Saedeans into Caenara, Shiye Tuthan was destined for big things in life. Headstrong and highly intelligent, Tuthan’s exemplary service in the quelling of insurrection in the Cynerethic colony earned him a promotion into the officer’s corps among his order, and facilitated his admission to the prestigious Saedean Academy in Bataan after his tour of duty. Majoring in political science, Shiye parlayed his military connections into a position as an adjunct professor at Belenaria. Much like his military tour of duty, his academic career was distinguished, and he became the Headmaster at Belenaria in 1994.

Because of the importance of the future Aunura’s training, Tuthan personally assumed the responsibility of her education upon her arrival to Belenaria in 1995. The two would form a very close working relationship throughout Calia’s time there, though rumors quickly began to spread of inappropriate conduct in the relationship between the professor and the adolescent heir apparent. A formal investigation found no overt evidence of impropriety, but Tuthan’s reputation at Belenaria was significantly diminished. Before he could be replaced at the Academy however, Aunura Marei – at the personal urging of Calia – hired Tuthan to become her daughter’s personal tutor, completing her education in Laeleath after the plane crash that claimed most of her family.

After Calia’s education was complete, Shiye retired temporarily on his substantial pensions, though he remained a confidant and writing companion for Calia during her military service. Upon her return to Laeleath in 2009, Tuthan became her de facto-mentor as the future Aunura began to navigate her way through the corridors of power in the capital. This role would be codified officially when he accepted the position of Hathar, or the Aunura’s chief counsel upon her ascension to the throne in 2012. Today, Shiye is among the longest-standing member’s of Selania’s Court, and is considered one of her vanguard in the capital’s political circles.

C.) Personality
Tuthan is a mercurial personality within the Court, fiercely protective of both the Aunura and of his position of power in her government. Wise but headstrong and fully aware of his intellectual acumen, Shiye acquiesces to no one except Selania, and will even risk confronting some of the Throne’s more capable adversaries should it prove to be to the Aunura’s liking. His flighty personality can occasionally land him in trouble with his charge, though his abject loyalty to her often prompts Selania to consider him her most trusted adviser. Those that knew him from his military days marvel at the change in his formerly-resolute and stoic personality.

III.) Isuza Kees

"Who shall we deceive today, Mistress?"

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: July 1st, 1985 [Age 33]
Hometown: Jolhi, Seam Laanis
House of Origin: Clan Kees
Official Position: Misa [Abettor] to the Aunura
Tenure in Office: Seven Years [inst. April 2012]

B.) Character Biography
The appointment of Isuza Kees to the position of the new Aunura’s handmaiden and personal assistant was met with open ridicule among commentators. Possessing a modicum of fame from her family’s position of prestige in Seam Laanis but leading an undistinguished academic career at Belenaria otherwise, Kees was publicly questioned over her qualifications for such an important position in the Imperial Court of Laeleath. Unbeknownst to the general public and the press, Isuza’s position as Misa to Selania was not only assured for over a decade, but the industrious young philosophy student and companion to the Aunura in school had prepared the ground well for her forthcoming role in the Court.

Recognizing an innate talent for accomplishing goals behind the scenes, Isuza recognized her role as a potential kingmaker early on in her education, defying her family’s wishes in order to best-position herself to make a name for herself. Her opportunity arrived when she befriended the young Calia at Belenaria, amending her own personality to best-serve the heir apparent in their academic trials. The two quickly became inseparable, with Isuza adopting the role that would one day mark her official appointment on the Imperial Court as Calia’s confidant and helpmeet. Though her own accomplishments warranted no special favor, the heir apparent personally arranged for Isuza to receive a choice-enrollment at Vala Campa University after their graduation.

When Calia returned to Laeleath after her military tour in 2009, Isuza was appointed to her Imperial staff as a personal assistant. In this position, Isuza proved instrumental in helping Calia prepare for her own ascension in 2012, helping to interview staff that would soon become key members of her new administration. As the helpmeet of the Aunura, Isuza is technically not imbued with political authority direct; however, her word is as good as law, for her word is almost assuredly the word of Selania, and few wish open conflict with one so tightly intertwined with the Empress.

C.) Personality
Isuza is something of a mystery, even to those who know her. Reserved and calculating, she adopts a pragmatic approach to her political career that exceeds even the cautious maneuvering of the Aunura herself. Quiet in conference but openly expressive in private to the Aunura’s inner circle, Isuza has adopted a decidedly-taciturn personality, as much to inhibit her political rivals as it is to keep her cards close to the chest.

IV.) Sunli Teza

"Life is in the melodies; death rests in silence."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: September 15th, 1986 [Age 32]
Hometown: Riia Haariad, Seam Annah
House of Origin: Clan Deyrous-Kelva
Official Position: Eresa [Soothsayer] to the Aunura
Tenure in Office: Seven Years [inst. April 2012]

B.) Character Biography
Unlike the royal-blooded Calia or the noble-blooded Isuza, Sunli Teza possessed no particular ancestry of import. The daughter of commoners from Riia Haariad, Sunli won the lottery and a scholarship to Belenaria, which put her in social circles beyond the station of her family. In this manner, Sunli found herself from an early age in the role of social outcast – a plebian amongst patricians in an environs unsuited for the common Cynerethan. Yet her openness in accepting the mantle of a commoner amongst nobles won her begrudging respect and admiration from both her professors and from Calia, who through a chance encounter made Sunli’s acquaintance during an afternoon study session in 1998. Along with Isuza Kees, Sunli quickly became one of the core members of Calia’s inner circle at Belenaria, forging a relationship that would remain resolute into adulthood.

Unlike the philosophical Isuza or the politically-minded Calia, Sunli applied her talents to her musical pursuits, earning accolades for her prowess with both the hammered dulcimer and the harp. While Calia deployed with the military, and Isuza traveled to Vala Campa, Sunli accepted an internship at the Imperial Academy of the Arts at Raleath, earning classification as a Trouvère to the Imperial Court. When Calia arrived in Laeleath to begin the process of ascension in 2009, Sunli was folded into Calia’s burgeoning Court as her official Court poet, the Eresa, making her – along with Shiye and Isuza – one of the longest-tenured members of Selania’s Court.

While Isuza and Shiye wield political power, explicitly or implicitly within Selania’s inner circle, Sunli’s responsibility to the Court rests only in her personal service to the Aunura. Bearing no political power, nor the will to claim influence as such, Sunli instead finds her importance in tethering Selania to the idealism that marks both Sunli’s belief in the Concordance, and in Selania’s ability to take the country in a bold new direction. Whereas Shiye is the willing accomplice, and Isuza the devil’s advocate, Sunli embodies the angel on the Empress’s shoulder: the conscience that anchors her to the obligations expected of an Aunura.

C.) Personality
Teza is far and away the most jovial and cheerful of Selania’s inner circle, and is perhaps the most optimistic and principled of the chief members of the Court. Loyal but also in possession of a strict moral code, Sunli is willing to confront the Aunura in matters of conscience, and is likened to that of a philosophical guide for the Empress. While Shiye looks on outsiders with suspicion, and Isuza with an eye towards sizing up the potential of a person as a resource, Sunli attempts to find the good in people by default, and ascribes to the natural order a sense of justice that prevails over the influences of evil on a long enough curve.

V.) Ilyan Vironah

"Darkness has seized this court, and I fear where it will take us."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: November 28th, 1955 [Age 63]
Hometown: Bataan, Seam Nesera
House of Origin: Clan Vironah
Official Position: Biaeth [Steward] of Castle Valsia
Tenure in Office: Thirty-Nine Years [inst. December 1980]

B.) Character Biography
Though the Vironah Clan had once been a proud and prestigious house in the hierarchy of Cynerethic power, only Ilyan Vironah remains as part of the legacy. Having never married nor produced any offspring, Ilyan had led a rudimentary existence, continuing in his family’s lineage of service by landscaping the Imperial grounds in Laeleath. His handiwork with the truncheon and his folksy, homespun wisdom won him a fan in the previous Aunura, Marei, who hired him (against the objections of her husband) to become the official steward of the Imperial Palace. In this role, he has served as the conservator of the royal grounds, and has lent an unofficial ear to both Marei and her daughter-successor, Selania.

Over the years, Ilyan has gained a measure of respect for his insight into the various issues facing the Court. Though lacking in formal education or training, his experience on the grounds and his remarkable penchant for witty idioms has made him a favorite among the Court. When Marei died in 2012, Selania broke with precedent by retaining Ilyan’s services as Biaeth in Valsia. He provides the Aunura with an ear to listen and an unbiased opinion when the Empress needs an impartial mediator. Ilyan’s counsel has become something of legend and lore in Laeleath, with members of the national parliamentary body specifically seeking him out on official visits to Valsia.

C.) Personality
The best possible description of Ilyan Vironah is honest – his straightforwardness can be both a boon to his stature in the Court, and can also be to his detriment when his integrity gets in the way of political pragmatism. Sometimes, that honesty and straightforwardness can manifest in ornery irritation owing to a war wound Ilyan suffered during the Ileweai Campaign during his military service.

VI.) Ceronima Suva

"Pull on the strings of their heart, then cut them and reap the spoils."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: November 8th, 1985 [Age 33]
Hometown: Remirah, Seam Siariah
House of Origin: Clan Suva
Official Position: Madiir [Governor] of Siariah
Tenure in Office: Three Years [inst. March 2016]

B.) Character Biography
Few cities boast the history and prestige of Remirah, the second-largest metropolitan area in the Concordance. And few families can boast the kind of power and political clout than Clan Suva and its robust political machine. With a legacy of noblemen and women contributing to the chronicles of Remirah’s meteoric rise in the national economy, Ceronima Suva’s tenure as the Matron of Clan Suva and the head of her family has continued the family’s lofty reputation amongst the population. Also continuing is Clan Suva’s willingness to exploit any possible weakness to ensure that their power remains unchecked.

The youngest of Caval and Mandani Suva’s three children, Ceronima Suva has led a charmed existence making the most of her family’s immense wealth. Enjoying the privileges of nobility and ensuring that everyone around her knows it, Ceronima from an early age developed a competitive streak that drove every ounce of her being. Any competition must be won, any game completed successfully, every material objective achieved with interest. She established her first professional contract with city contractors at age 16, and has been headlong into the business of bringing international commerce to the city of her family’s dominion.

Though the Suva family had held traditional rivalries with that of the Aunura’s household, Selania and Ceronima forged a marriage of convenience when Selania appointed her the new Madiir of Seam Siariah. Through this move, the Imperial Throne now has its ally in one of the nation’s commercial epicenters, giving Laeleath more ammunition for its expansionary ambitions. Yet the move has also failed to sate Ceronima’s legendary appetite for power, and with the seat of power in Siariah now secured, the Suva Matron looks for any and all ways to turn her position into a spot of even greater strength.

C.) Personality
Integrity is the folly of the weak in Ceronima Suva’s dictionary: any means necessary is not a creed, so much as a facet of her being, ingrained into her DNA. Morality, ethics, nothing means more to Ceronima than acquiring more prestige for her name, and that of her family. This includes the willingness to take extralegal means (in the shadows) to increase her reach in Remirah… and beyond.

VII.) Crixan Suva

"Pride is the folly of fools; I prevail because they never see me coming."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: June 19th, 1977 [Age 41]
Hometown: Remirah, Seam Siariah
House of Origin: Clan Suva
Official Position: Dralin [Marshal] of Cynereth
Tenure in Office: Six Months [inst. December 2018]

B.) Character Biography
Crixan Suva was born into Remirahi nobility, but never aspired to achieve the same type of success as that of his family. Despite the Clan’s noteworthy business ventures and financial holdings, the curse of Crixan’s birth forged within him a deeper desire. From his earliest days on the pitch in Academy, Crixan Suva was burning with an intense desire to win. While athletics satiated the hunger for success for a time, it was the military that would offer him his true calling in life. Foregoing the academic path taken by his younger sister, Crixan devoted himself to the service of the Saedean Order, becoming one of the branch’s most capable field operatives within two years of his deployment.

Serving in the desert campaigns against the rebellious Ilewei province, Crixan was afforded rapid promotion through the Order’s field corps through his privileged rite of birth, yet his capable handling of tasks in the field earned him considerable praise and respect from his commanders. Within ten years, Crixan had vaulted into the officer corps, and was within fifteen years on his way into the upper echelon of field leadership among the Saedeans. His brutal 2004 campaign against an insurgent stronghold near Rin Shadar earned him considerable praise in the press, though the soldiers under his command chafed at the callous disregard for the immense casualties his operation created.

With the rise of his sister to a position of prominence in Remirah, Crixan sought his own path forward through military service. Gaining appointment to the central command sector in 2010, Crixan’s family name and noteworthy field service earned him a number of supporters among the young and up-and-coming corps of new command officers. With the old guard of the Ilewei campaign thinning out, Selania took a gamble and established Crixan as her new chief military liaison in Laeleath, effectively making Crixan her adjutant head-of-government. With the military corridors of power yearning for a new crackdown on dissident movements in the colonies, Crixan’s yearning for glory may soon be superseded by his prestige in the Concordance.

C.) Personality
A man borne of the same mold as his younger sister, Crixan employs any tactic necessary to achieve his personal objectives, which more often than not add to his personal gain. Notwithstanding, the eldest Suva sibling possesses a strong head and a considerable eye for detail, which facilitates a certain aura of capability in addition to his cockiness and thirst for power. Unlike his sister, however, Crixan does have an affinity for craven pleasures that would make even the vilest of sinners blush.

VIII.) Castar Suva

"The land is tainted with the stench of hypocrisy and the wretched who bathe in it."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: August 26th, 1983 [Age 35]
Hometown: Remirah, Seam Siariah
House of Origin: Clan Suva
Official Position: Theas [Guardian] of Clan Suva
Tenure in Office: Sixteen Years [inst. July 2003]

B.) Character Biography
The middle child of the Suva Clan, Castar Suva possesses neither the military drive of his older brother, nor the financial drive of his younger sister. Instead, Castar turns his attention to the underworld, and enterprises of questionable legality that would taint the family’s ‘good’ name in Remirah. These enterprises are not undertaken through the usual channels of greed or power, but through Castar’s fury and rage. Castar holds a dark hatred for his brother and sister, yet a fierce loyalty to them through the honor of his family name. With no recourse, Castar unleashes his pent-up wrath on the poor souls that fall to his various criminal enterprises.

Yearning to curse his Creator for the sin of giving him breath, Castar was a poor student in school, yet exceptionally smart and perceptive. His parents attempted to squirrel him away from public view owing to the dark aspects of his persona, which manifested from an early age. A known sociopath and sadomasochistic personality, Castar refuted his father’s attempts for medical treatment by pushing further and further into the wild and lawless underworld in Cynerethic society. Expelled from military service due to gross insubordination, Castar was disowned by his family, but reintegrated by his sister after his parents’ untimely passing.

C.) Personality
Known to indulge in perverse and sadistic pleasures, Castar is a diagnosed sociopath with antisocial personality disorder and sadomasochistic tendencies that stem from an inherent anger over being born. The shame of his parents, Castar’s wrath has become a useful political tool for his sister, as he can open doors in the shadows of Cynerethic society that her family could not hitherto-exploit. Yet while he remains loyal to his brother and sister in the tradition of the family honor, this act stems more from serving his own needs than it does any sense of honor or duty to his heritage.

IX.) Maralah Towin

"Sin as you will, but never get caught."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: January 11th, 1946 [Age 73]
Hometown: Kalaada, Seam Caenen
House of Origin: Clan Aelsara-Kanla du Tynleen
Official Position: Tahzen [Imperial Purser]
Tenure in Office: Forty Years [inst. October 1979]

B.) Character Biography
The adoption of a Cynerethan into a prestigious family does not come wantonly; it requires a tremendous deal of sacrifice on the part of the adoptee in order to earn the blessing of the adopting Clan. In the case of the esteemed and eccentric Maralah ‘Mara’ Towin, her sacrifice came in abandoning the dying Towin Clan in order to service the needs of the Aunura. Renowned in academic circles for her business acumen and her economic theories, Towin made for an exceptional Imperial treasurer in Aunura Marei’s administration. She also made for a covert lover, a fact that was barley hidden through the corridors of power in Laeleath.

Flaunting her boisterous personality and her penchant for fine wines and finer foods, Maralah was one of the holdovers from the previous administration, having avoided the purge that eliminated quite a few of Selania’s mother’s advisors and aides. While Towin provided material comfort to the old Aunura, her new status is that of surrogate mother to a leader without family to turn to beyond her inner circle of confidants. Much as Shiye provides intellectual guidance, Maralah provides emotional guidance as an adopted member of Clan Aelsara-Kanla du Tynleen. Yet this supporting role is not appreciated by everyone in the Court, and more than the other members of the Selania administration, Maralah must fight to retain her status in Laeleath.

C.) Personality
Maralah lacks the ruthless ambition of Ceronima, or the steadfast morality of Ilyan. In some respects, Maralah represents the neutral ground in Selania’s court, neither advocating for duplicity nor requiring honesty. Rather, the adopted Towin matron seeks to satisfy the baser pleasures of life as a means of finding a sense of closure after the loss of her dearest companion. Though she retains a political title, such a position is nigh-ceremonial due to her penchant for drinking, gambling, and carousing, even at her advanced age.

X.) Caidanomir, Draeuz of Velrias

"You will prosper for a season, but the end will cut your soul."

A.) Basic Information
Date of Birth: February 17th, 1930 [Age 89]
Hometown: Arai, Seam Munaar
House of Origin: Clan Alnesh
Official Position: Draeuz [High Priest] of Velrias
Tenure in Office: Sixty-One Years [inst. March 1958]

B.) Character Biography
Per the tradition of the Imperial seat, the ascending Aunura reserves the right to select among the clergy of her religion a spiritual overseer that will assist her in the administration of her duties to the state church. In Selania’s case, her choice is an 89-year old zealot and dissident whom she keeps locked in a prison cell in the basement of her palace. Such is the fate experienced by the pious Draeuz of Velrias, Caidanomir. Among all the powerbrokers in Laeleath, Caidanomir’s story is perhaps the most intriguing, and also the most-heartbreaking.

Abandoned by his parents at the Shrine to Lady Rukka in Velrias, Caidanomir was a nameless orphan in the care of the local monastery for most of his life. Adopted almost by force into the priesthood through the circumstance of his adoption, the child adopted the name Caidanomir from the example of a fellow nomadic, nameless priest in the holy scriptures of their faith. Spending a lifetime in service to his Goddess, Caidanomir led a seeming uneventful life… until 1998, when the heir apparent Calia took her first official visit to the Shrine to Lady Rukka. Caidanomir, now one of the caretakers of the Shrine, administered the purification ritual as per the custom, but also prophesied to the bewildered Calia that a great tragedy would require her to make an even greater sacrifice in order to save her soul.

Less than a year later, Calia would lose most of her family in the plane crash. Caidanomir was promptly arrested by Marei at her daughter’s request, his warning unheeded.

For the next two decades, Caidanomir would be left to rot in the castle dungeon, tormented with isolation and worse punishments for what Marei and Calia both believed to be a curse laid upon their Clan by the priest. Yet instead of executing him outright, Calia would visit with the priest on occasion to add to his torment. In the process, he would offer passing spiritual guidance to the ascending Aunura, seeking in his own way to try and steer the arbiter of his Goddess into a spiritually-sound direction. As the new Aunura, Selania found these visits to be amusing, and somewhat-helpful in the same manner. Caidanomir was thus kept alive, and listed in the Court registry as Selania’s spiritual counsel, though he remains chained in the dungeon.

C.) Personality
Caidanomir is a peculiar soul, even for a monastic monk and priest. Wise through his years of devoted service to his Goddess and his shrine, Caidanomir is nonetheless an eccentric and unpredictable priest whose penchant for cryptic riddles and half-veiled prophesies both amuse and haunt the Aunura. Recognizing his ability to guide her even through his imprisonment, Caidanomir has adopted the rebellious arbiter of Lady Rukka spiritually, though his desire to see the success of Rukka’s Champion on Earth does not inhibit his willingness to call attention to any misdeeds that Selania seeks to commit.

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