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The Ravenelki Guard

The Ravenelki Guard:

A small group of perhaps 200 of the Empires finest, the Ravenelki Guard serve as Alexander Mercer’s personal guards. While the Emperor is more than capable of defending himself, they still exist, primarily to defend him from more mundane threats not worth his direct attention, or to function as shock troops, clearing the way for him to arrive in an area unmolested. They also can reliably combat other extremely powerful entities, if not outright kill them. Ravenelki also serve as servants of Alexander’s will, obeying only him. Only Alexander or Dana Mercer can issue an order to them, all others being ignored, though they do take others opinions into consideration, especially Torchwood Director Forge.
Each of them has received full Torchwood training, and have served a minimum of twenty years as an Agent and ten years on a Kill-Team. Many of them are former Void Ravens. They have the best Ryan Industries plasmids and gene tonics available, and have their extensive combat experience augmented by the use of Ryan Industries Neuromods, and have the best Combat Neuromods in the Empire.
Each Ravenelki wears a set of elaborately decorated black and red power armor, which is perhaps the most durable in serial production in the Empire, bested only in durability by the personal armor worn by Alexander Mercer himself. Their armor is powered by an experimental reactor which uses E-99 to power it, using a fusion of technology and magic. They can use these to access other dimensions, travel to places instantaneously, and then emerge there in our dimension with no time having passed. This facilitates long range travel, and allows for "skips" for short range travel instead of walking. Their armor incorporates almost ship-grade shielding, advanced self-repair functions, Neurostatic Emmitters from the Technate, prototype “brilliant” AI, which are even more advanced than Smart AI, prototype sensors, and more. Over this, they wear a black Kefta with red detailing. They often decorate these and their armor with elaborate Mercerist decorations and Bone Charms.
Ravenelki are equipped with the best of the best, and each Ravenelki is armed with a series of advanced weapons. The primary armament of a Ravenelki consists of either a Reality Rifle, from the Void Raven Corps arsenal, which rips a target into eight different dimensions, obliterating them, or a Weaponized Temporal Device (an E-99 based weapon). Both of these weapons completely erase a target, either by reversing time or aging them to dust, or by ripping them apart and scattering their components into multiple realities.
The back-up weapons of the Ravenelki consist of a Warp Baton, which remove parts of what they impact from reality, with whatever returns, if it returns, being horribly distorted, a pair of Usher .45s, the same kind used by Torchwood Agents, and a weapon of their choice, often a miniaturized Nullwave Rifle or a Rad Rifle imported from the Technate. Many also wield Arc Sabers imported from the Technate.
They have many exotic grenades, such as Nullwave Grenades, which temporarily inhibit psionic or magical powers, or GLOO Grenades, imported from the Technate, which coat the target with a fast-drying adhesive which inhibits movement, allowing them to capture foes non-lethally.
Most Ravenelki are Banshiek or Banshees, and thus have magical abilities as well, the armor helping amplify these abilities.