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Prominent Imperial Corporations

Colossus Defense Engineering:
One of the largest and oldest shipwrights in existence, Colossus Defense Engineering has been around since before the Rebellion. Founded by Pytor Atlas, the company gained a reputation for powerful and sturdy warships, and quickly gained the Emperor's favor, becoming the primary shipyard for the Imperial Navy. It weathered the Rebellion well, earning a huge profit during The Great Reconquest, and is still the primary shipyard of the Imperial Navy. Headed by Brad Atlas, Colossus has expanded into other areas, but their focus remains shipbuilding. Their ships are known for their efficiency, power, and durability. Their more well-known products include the Avenger Class Destroyer, the Crow Class Dropship, and the ancient Tesla Class Battleship used during The Rebellion. It also produced its replacement, the Forge Class Battleship. They have expanded into other fields, and their engineers have aided in the production of a multitude of Imperial Army and Marine vehicles, the most prominent examples being the Knight Class Tank, the Crusader Assault Striker, Rook IFV, and the mighty landship that is the Linebreaker Heavy Assault Transport.

Avenger Class Destroyer:
Length: 1,000 meters
Armerment: 1 Singularity Cannon, 2 Artonic Cannons, 2,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons, 2,000 Hardlight Cannons, 2,000 missile batteries, 10 silos

The Avenger Class Destroyer is one of the most common Imperial ships other than the Warden, and is generally regarded as the Imperial workhorse, capable of doing everything from convoy escort duty, to transporting Marine assault units, from planetary bombardment to ship to ship combat. It is fast for its size, and is very well-armed. It is armed with a central Singularity Cannon, and two Artonic Cannons running the length of the ship, making it a grave threat to any vessel, no matter the size. This is supplemented by 2,000 Quad Dark Matter Cannons(equating to 8,000 cannons total, quadrupling the firepower available), and 2,000 Hardlight Cannons. For planetary bombardment, ship to ship, or general purpose use, there are 2,000 missile pods on the ship, supplementing the energy weapons, as well as 10 silos for special munitions.

The Avenger is protected by four shield generators, fifty feet of ACE armor and fifty more feet of ERA armor. To deal with fighters, attack enemy ships or installations, and transport the 200 Imperial Marines aboard to the ground, the Avenger has room for 110 small craft, most often 25 Vulture Class Bombers, 50 Corvus Class Fighters, 10 Shade Class Fighters, 6 Corvid Class Shuttles (typically one Diplomatic Model, two Medical Models, two Cargo Models and one Survey Model), 10 Crow or Volcra Class Dropships, and up to 14 other craft, often Raider Class Gunships. The Avenger also holds a pair of Firefly, Wasp, or Guardian drone swarm.

Crusader Class Assault Striker:
Armament: 1 Dark Matter Cannon, 1 Hardlight Auto-Repeater, 1 missile launcher

Recognizing the need for a swift, heavily armored transport on the battlefield, Colossus Defense Engineering, famous for its Avenger Class Destroyer, set about designing a brand new armored behemoth for the Imperial Army and Marine Corps, that would still fit with the Imperial combat doctrine, which emphasizes speed, adaptability, and protection. The result, first deployed in 2021, was the Crusader Class Assault Striker.
The Crusader is equipped with room for twenty-five troops or humanoid droids in its tracked chassis(anti-gravity drives are mounted if increased agility is needed), with firing ports, and has a Dark Matter Cannon, and coaxial Hardlight Auto-Repeater along with a missile launcher, mounted in a turret atop the hull operated by a gunner inside the Crusader. The Crusader can achieve speeds of up to 200 MPH, and can use it's bulk to blow through walls and defenses to reach its target and unload its troops. As if that wasn't enough, the Crusader can literally crush smaller vehicles under its treads, driving over them and crushing it under its weight. Special rollers inside these treads refabricate the crushed bits of metal, and use them to repair itself.
The Assault Striker is equipped with a pair of shield generators, a laser point defense system to terminate incoming missiles, and loudspeakers. It also has fabricators in the passenger bay, along with an extensive armory. The Crusader is protected by one foot of ACE and ERA armor over Solidified Hydrium plate armor.

Linebreaker Class Heavy Assault Transport
Armament: 6 Dark Matter Gatlings, 2 five-barrel missile tubes, 8 Striker Grenade Launchers, 6 60mm Balvorn mortars, 2 Duel Hardlight Auto-Repeaters

The Linebreaker is a vehicle unique to the Imperial Marines, and is a massive infantry fighting vehicle intended to break through enemy lines and disgorge troops. The enormous vehicle is fully amphibious, and has a huge armored plow on the front to detonate mines and slam through fortifications. This plow also allows the Linebreaker to effortlessly cut through the water. Above and on either side of this plow are a pair of small ‘decks’ on which two of the six Dark Matter Gatlings are mounted, remotely operated or controlled by an AI, to protect the disembarking troops and mow down what the heavier weapons flush out. In the center of the six barrels of the weapons a single automatic Striker grenade launcher is mounted as well. The other four Gatlings and Strikers are mounted slightly above them, on either side of the missile tubes and behind the mortars, respectively, giving the Gatlings a nearly 360 degree field of fire. Behind the cargo bay, there are a pair of five-barreled vertical launch missile tubes to engage aircraft and heavy armor. Finally, behind the missile tubes, there are no less than six 60mm Balvorn mortars, each of which can independently track and engage armored targets or pound infantry into submission with their course-correcting jet-assisted shells. When not in use, they retract and are covered by a landing pad which can support a pair of small craft, often a pair of Volcra Class Gunships. Finally, a pair of sponson-mounted Duel Hardlight Auto-Repeaters and another pair of automatic Strikers scythe down targets which the Gatlings/Strikers cannot target effectively due to their position.
Upon breaching fortifications, the armored plow splits open, the top half of which folds upwards to protect the troops from artillery or gunships, which the lower half folds downward to form a ramp. Just inside the cargo area is a one-way shield to protect the interior of the Linebreaker and its occupants from harm as they prepare to storm out. The Linebreaker has room for up to 55 soldiers within, 11 Imperial fireteams, while also having room for up to two Courser Class Utility Vehicles or a single Knight Class Tank, as well up to 5 RobCo Vanguard Sentry Bots or 15 RobCo Legionnaire Droids or Assaultrons. This incredible load, in addition to the pair of gunships, makes the Linebreaker worthy of its name. The Linebreaker could also carry multiple tanks, though this would require sacrificing part of its infantry to droid capacity.
Being such an important asset, the Linebreaker is very heavily defended, with ten feet of ACE and ERA armor layers, 5 feet each, sandwiched together. There are no less than four shield generators, so that if one fails, there are still three other shields to contend with. There are no less than nine point-defense Hardlight beam weapons mounted to provide 360 degree coverage of the Linebreaker, even capable of engaging torpedos fired when the Linebreaker is crossing oceans. The Linebreaker is surprisingly fast for its incredible size, capable of reaching up to 70 MPH, which has surprised enemy defenders before, imagining the huge landships to be slow and lumbering.
Linebreakers operate alongside their smaller Rook IFV cousins, as well as huge ‘packs’ of Courser Utility Vehicles to engage aircraft and infantry, while Knight Tanks engage armored threats as the Linebreaker provides close-in fire support via its mortars. Linebreakers are deployed directly from the carrying vessel, dropped onto a planets surface once the vessel has breached a planets outer atmosphere, the descent slowed with rockets and anti-gravity drives which break away upon impact on the surface.

Stoneheart Industries:
A relatively new player on the economic battlefield, founded in 2005, Stoneheart Industries is primarily a weapons manufacturer, and has managed to expand rapidly. It is headed by the enigmatic Thomas Eichhorst, and its products are known for their precision, intricate detailing, and hardiness. Stoneheart Security is well-versed in anti-Drakul tactics, and have created several products tailor-made for destroying Drakul. Stoneheart, despite the ominous name, is known for its community outreach programs, such as Stoneheart Freedom Centers, where food and medical care is freely available to those who need it. Stoneheart is also known for their powerful ball-lightning Kugelblitz weapons.

Stoneheart Industries Kugelblitz:
A name for a series of ‘ball lightning weapons’, Kugelblitz weapons generate and fire powerful spheres of energy, with an appearance similar to ball lightening. Upon impacting a target, the spheres either “detonate’ on contact, enveloping the target in lethal electricity and frying electronics, or melting through armor and then “detonating”. Kugelblitz weapons come in a number of different types, ranging from pistols, rifles and shotguns, to tank cannons. They are most often seen in the hands of Stoneheart Security troops when not on anti-Drakul assignments, and are the preferred replacement for standard lasers in Stoneheart service.

Stoneheart Industries Hound Light Tank:
Armament: 1 Kugelblitz cannon, 2 automatic lasers

Produced by Stoneheart Industries, the Hound Light Tank is a fast, agile light tank produced with high speed and a surprisingly powerful punch, giving it its name. The primary armament of the Hound is a Kugelblitz cannon. Kugelblitz weapons generate and fire powerful spheres of energy, with an appearance similar to ball lightening. Upon impacting a target, the spheres either “detonate’ on contact, enveloping the target in lethal electricity and frying electronics, or melting through armor and then “detonating”. The Kugelblitz cannon is mostly reserved for armored vehicles, though it can just as easily fry infantry or damage buildings. Mounted beside this is an automatic laser for anti-infantry work, along with another automatic laser mounted atop the turret. The Hound is small and compact for its size, using a simple set of treads which use nanite scavengers to repair themselves if damaged, though this is often replaced with an anti-gravity drive. It uses a 5 inch thick layer of Solidified Hydrium armor and a pair of shield generators, but mostly relies on its speed and agility to escape. The Hound is popular with Planetary Defense Forces, as it is less expensive than main battle tanks but still strong enough to pack a punch.

An Imperial combat drug which impacts the body in several ways. It massively increases the ability of the body to regenerate wounds, increases strength, speed, and deadens nerves, while briefly enhancing an individuals psionic potential, allowing them limited access to magic. Called ‘Rage in a syringe”, Psycho is usable only by Evolved, Banshees, and Baneshiek, and will prove lethal to human users. The effects of Evolved on Psycho has been compared to the Orsonian ‘Rage State’, a terrifying whirlwind of destruction. Most commonly used by The Imperial Marines who act as stormtroopers, Psycho also sees use by the Imperial Army. Torchwood’s Shadow Class Power Armor has five auto-injection ports, which can inject Psycho to augment a Kill-Team Agents capabilities even further. The Imperial Military developed Psycho with the help of Stoneheart Industries, and a few drops of processed Drakul blood are among the ingredients, being responsible for the regenerative boost.
Disturbingly, some organized crime groups distribute and use knock-off versions of Psycho, which is often damaging to its users regardless of species. The Wrack is one such place where this can be found, though none of the major factions in The Wrack utilize such crude enhancements.

Ryan Industries:
Founded by Andrew Ryan in the late 1920s, Ryan Industries is headquartered on Earth, in Rapture. Best-known for its creation of plasmids, Ryan Industries produces many genetic products. Plasmids, and Gene Tonics are a large portion of their income, but Ryan Industries has expanded into armaments, robotics and even light shipbuilding. Their newest product line, the Neuromod, is a powerful one, as it allows an individual to inject knowledge and experience into the brain, learning in seconds what takes others a lifetime, and there are even psionic-based Combat Neuromods which allow an individual to use psionic abilities. Ryan Security is one of the most renowned mercenary groups in existence, their men known for strict professionalism, seemingly supernatural aim, and their reputation for. completing jobs which would leave other mercs quaking in their boots; indeed, many go on to join Torchwood. Still controlled by Andrew Ryan, who is also the ruler of The Free Economic Zone of Rapture, which receives Imperial military protection and allows Ryan Industries to be sold without being taxed, in return for allowing Imperial citizens to come and go from Rapture freely and allow Cybusian businesses to operate within the city.

The Ryan Industries catalog

Disruptor Stun Gun:
Using a pair of prongs to concentrate electricity, the Disruptor fires an arc of incapitating lightning up to 30 feet, causing muscles to lock up, or, or the highest settings, momentarily freeze up biomass. The standard less-than-lethal device used by Ryan Security, the Disruptor is actually a miniaturized version of the stun device used on the Watchman Security Operator, also by Ryan Industries.

Debater 10mm pistol:
The Debater is the main Ryan Industries sidearm, firing a 10mm round which can be jacketed in a coat of plasma. The Debater is highly customizable, with a large number of possible sights, barrels, silencers, and other attachments, and can fire semiautomatically or automatically. The Debater can be equipped with an onboard fabricator, allowing a wide variety of ammunition to be created, from rubber bullets to bullets which have an incendiary core, giving it much greater versatility. Standard sidearm of Ryan Security operatives, and wildly popular across the Empire.

Argument Revolver:
For those who want more stopping power, the Argument revolver brings an end to any disagreement with it’s six chambers for .500 rounds. Often custom decorated by their user, Arguments are used by Ryan Security operatives who favor more punch than the Debater, and is also popular among private detectives across the Empire.

Eliminator Submachine Gun:
A compact but powerful submachine gun, the Eliminator is a rapid-fire weapon chambered in 10mm, using a fabricator to continuously supply a supply of ammunition. The Eliminator comes in a few models, the most common of them a simple metal frame, though a variation designed to look like a Thompson submachine gun is popular in Rapture. It can be equipped with a number of scopes or a silencer, and its stock can collapse in on itself, making it easy for a Ryan Security operative to conceal it.

Terminator Assault Rifle:
A light and compact assault rifle, the Terminator fires a a 5.56 round coated in plasma for increased penetration, and is used by Ryan Security when discretion isn’t necessary. Typically firing in three round bursts, the Terminator can also be used automatically or semi-automaticlly, fed by an internal fabricator. The Terminator is quite customizable and can be rechambered in other calibers with relative ease, and has a variety of sights, silencers, and other attachments.

Enforcer Shotgun:
A pump-action 12 gauge shotgun which uses a fabricator to create new shells with each pump, the Enforcer is a versatile weapon capable of firing sandbag or electroshock shells to capture a target non lethally, silver shells to deal with Drakul, incendiary shells, cryogenic shells, and various other specialized shells, giving a Ryan Security operative some options when engaging a target.

Silencer Sniper Rifle:
A easily portable .375 sniper rifle, the Silencer is used for anti-personnel duties by Ryan Security operatives. Capable of partially collapsing on itself, the Silencer is lightweight and has a built-in silencer and advanced flash suppression tech, making the operator harder to track down as they put holes in heads with their advanced scopes. Some models have been up-gunned to a more impressive .55 calibre.

Strikebreaker Grenade Launcher:
A revolver-style grenade launcher equipped with a fabricator, the Strikebreker holds 8 40mm grenades in its magazine before more are fabricated. Intended to suppress violent crowds, as the name implies, the Strikebreaker is optimized for chemical shells, but can fabricate any number of grenades, giving Ryan Security operatives a much-needed punch when handling armored foes or vehicles.

Ryan Armaments L-71 Ember Class Modular Laser Weapon:
The L-71 Ember is a Ryan Armaments product, and is their first venture into personal energy weapons. The Ember is highly modular, but the base form of the gun is a small reactor which channels energy and light through a number of focusing lenses and a barrel intended to energize the laser beam even more before it is discharged at a target. The Ember’s laser bolt is surprisingly powerful, packing more punch than most people would assume a laser could emit, equaling a Hardlight bolt in terms of energy released, minus the physical damage associated with a Hardlight bolt. The Ember has a variety of different attachments. A longer and bulkier barrel with more energy emitters can create an even more powerful beam at the cost of firing speed, making it an ideal sniper rifle. An automatic barrel fires less powerful bolts of energy at much higher speeds, and makes for an efficient laser assault rifle. A beam splitter, which is a set of lenses designed to split the beam into a number of less powerful beams but with greater spread, can be attached to most barrels, effectively creating a laser shotgun. There are a number of sights, scopes, grips, stocks, and materials available for the weapon as well. The L-71 is popular throughout the Empire, and a variation of it firing a continuous beam is mounted on the 585 Hannibal Military Operator, another Ryan Industries product. The Ember in its many forms sees heavy use by Ryan Security, many operatives using it as a primary weapon, with a Debater 10mm pistol as their sidearm.

Ryan Armaments L-98 Ashmaker Gatling Laser:
The Ryan Armaments L-98 Ashmaker Gatling Laser is a heavy weapon developed from the L-87 Ember Laser Rifle. It is bulky, thanks to a far larger and more powerful mini-reactor and cooling system. The power is routed through a series of four Ember barrels, which spin and emit a continuous hail of accurate and deadly laser fire, with minimal recoil issues. The Ashmaker is so named due to the fact that some targets, if struck with a sufficient number of energized lasers simultaneously, undergo spontaneous combustion. Even more rarely, a target may outright disintegrate, but that has only happened twice in the history of the deployment of the Ashmaker.
The Ashmaker is a fairly popular weapon in the Empire, and is often used by planetary defense forces if they do not have access to Hardlight tech. The L-98 is the primary heavy weapon of Ryan Security, mounted on dropships and vehicles, carried by operatives wearing the Rapture-developed T-1 Tanker power armor.

Ryan Security Hound Class Utility Vehicle:
The Hound Class is the primary Ryan Security ground vehicle, used to patrol sites, engage targets, or transport operatives. The Hound is a four wheel drive vehicle with room for five men or three in T-1 Power Armor, as well as a gunner who operates the mounted gun. The mounted gun can be a minigun with ammo fabricator, an Ashmaker Gatling Laser, or a missile launcher. The Hound is equipped with a single shield generator and half a foot of Soldified Hydrium armor, and can achieve speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. It is equipped with an ammunition and grenade fabrication unit, and can be easily airlifted by a Corvid Class Shuttle.

Ryan Armaments P-45 Torch Class Plasma Weapon:
The Ryan Armaments plasma equivalent to their highly successful L-71 Ember Modular Laser Weapon, the P-45 Torch Class Plasma Weapon is another highly adaptable weapon. The base weapon, developed by Ryan engineers in Rapture weapons labs, creates a very powerful toroid of plasma propelled through electromagnetic channels through the barrel, and then travels through the atmosphere to the target, blasting and melting through armor and flesh alike with ease, the horrific burns and the ease with which the plasma bolt burns through things giving the weapon its name. The base weapon is semi-automatic. However, by creating smaller but less powerful bolts, the weapon can become a highly effective plasma assault rifle. By splitting the bolt into several smaller ones, the Torch can become a divesting close quarters shotgun. By removing the magnetic field which generates the bolt, the Torch can be made into a horrifyingly effective and destructive plasma ‘flamethrower’. Finally, the weapon can create an even more powerful bolt at the cost of firing speed, creating an easily portable weapon capable of being used as an anti-material rifle or heavy sniper rifle against harder to kill targets (such as Evolved). Ryan Security operatives use all versions, often alongside their laser counterpart, the Ember, and the standard issue Terminator assault rifle.

Ryan Industries Lancer Class Strike Corvette:
Length: 250 meters
Armament: 3 overcharged Surge cannons, 10 quad laser cannons, 20 missile pods

The first successful attempt by Ryan Industries at making a spacecraft, the Lancer Class Strike Corvette is intended for fast attack and raiding. With a small space frame and overcharged engines, the Lancer is blisteringly fast and agile. Highly maneuverable and equipped with a quite surprising punch for its size, the Lancer is armed with a trio of high-powered Surge cannons intended to disable even larger ships, supplemented by no less than ten quad laser turrets and twenty missile pods, the lasers mounted on either side of the spine, where the missile pods are located. The turrets are set up in such a way that anywhere but the very bottom of the vessel can be engaged by them, delivering a withering hail of concentrated fire. Lancers are meant to incapacitate ships with their Surge cannons and then use the laser cannons and missile pods to either engage their now dead in the water targets, or deploy boarding parties via dropship. Lancers are also used for armed scouting, patrol, customs, and rapid-response duty. With only light modifications, it can act as a transport, mobile lab, or any other role required of it, thanks to highly modular interior.

The Lancer is protected by rather thin armor, only 1.5 feet of Solidified Hydrium armor, but has three shield generators to compensate. The real protection of the Lancer is its speed and maneuverability, and extensive suite of tools intended to break target locks, such as decoys which emit a false “ship” signal, high-powered flares and radiation charges intended to distract missiles, as well as 12 small laser point defenses scattered across the spaceframe. The rear of the Lancer houses the engines and a small hanger to hold up to ten dropships or small craft, as well as an assortment of ground vehicles. The Lancer has a large droid bay optimized for the various products from the Ryan Industries Operator droid line, but can be easily configured to support non-Ryan droids as well. Operators, typically the 785 Hannibal Military Operator, can be released mid-flight, to act as ‘fighters’ albeit slow ones, or, in the case of 385 Archimedes Engineering Operators, conduct repairs. In addition, the Lancer can hold 50 Ryan Arms Flycatcher droid fighters on external racks.
The main vessel used by Ryan Security, the Lancer is seeing service in smaller navies across the universe. The Technate fields one hundred of them for patrol purposes and to bulk out their small fleet, retrofitted with a Gravitron Cannon replacing one of the Surge cannons, the lasers being replaced with Dark Matter Cannons, giving the Lancer a heavier punch, and adding thicker armor and another two shield generators at the cost of speed.
In Imperial Navy service, Dark Matter Cannons replace the lasers, and the armor is replaced with 2 layers of ACE armor with a foot thick layer of ERA sandwiched between them. They are often deployed in squadrons of four to six, commanded by a Warden Class Frigate.

Ryan Industries BD-15 Progress Class Exosuit
Coming in four distinct variations, the B-15 Progress Class Exosuit, sometimes referred to as the “Big Daddy” is a form of power armor manufactured by Ryan Industries for a variety of purposes, from defense to maintenance to mining. All of them can survive and operate on the sea floor and in the vacuum of space.

R-1 “Rosie”: The R-1 is a fairly versatile model intended for Rapture maintenance. It has a single porthole with two smaller ones on the side, and consists of a thick, insulted and armored suit with various armor plates laid over it. R-1s have retractable welding torches in the right wrist, and they have various pockets to hold other tools. They often wield a rivet gun to help shore up leaks, and is where they got the nickname. Ryan Industries operates them in Rapture and to repair their spacecraft, as the Rosie can also operate in the vacuum of space. Members of Ryan Security sometimes use sleeker and more maneuverable versions of the R-1 to handle heavy weapons such as miniguns.

B-1 “Bouncer”: A repair and combat exoskeleton is a more specialized one than its Rosie counterpart, with one arm terminating in a drill. The suit has a large number of small portholes, but the interior displays a single coherent image on a photoreceptor. It has a number of advanced sensors to scan for leaks, cracks or minerals to extract with its drill. The drill also makes an impressive melee weapon leading to Ryan Security sometimes using them to guard Rapture facilities, using the free hand to wield a ranged weapon such as an Eliminator 10mm submachine gun, earning them the nickname of Bouncer.

EX-15 Excavator: An exosuit developed in conjunction with D’Anconia Holdings, the Excavator is a specialized mining suit, designed to operate on the seafloor and withstand pressure or any mine collapses. The study construction means it is fairly strong and capable of withstanding some small arms fire for limited periods, as seen when a D’Anconia mine in Germany was attacked by a group of Red Guard terrorists and a group of miners in EX-15s used their suits to surprise them and work with the security team to defeat and round them up for arrest. Of course, the suit is not meant for combat, and they had to be repaired afterwards. The EX-15 is equipped with a number of advanced pieces of equipment, including retractable drills of varying types, a bulky mining-grade laser which can be plugged into the reactor to cut out stubborn minerals or gems, and has rocket-assisted sledgehammers and pickaxes as standard operating equipment. Finally, the helmet has powerful and proprietary D’Anconia “Ore-Sniffer” sensors which detect deposits of minerals or gems for extraction. The EX-15 is operated by Ryan Industries and D’Anconia Holdings on it’s seafloor miming facility and in its mines within the Cybusian Empire, though Francisco D’Anconia was ordered by the Wagain government to not attempt to import them into Wagondia, an order he has complied with, barring a single suit he keeps on display in the headquarters to impress and awe potential customers.

T-1 “Tanker”: A combat power armor designed for Ryan Security, the T-1 straddles the line between the bulkier civilian suits and the sleeker suits used by the Imperial military. The T-1 is strong and modern, despite its somewhat retro appearance. The suit massively amplifies the users strength and allows them to wield weapons such as Gatling Lasers and miniguns with ease, while managing recoil to keep the fire on target. It is bulky and thick with armor plating, a shield generator taking up space as well. Seen in Ryan Security service as a heavy weapons platform, supporting the more mobile troops. Interestingly, the suit has unique gauntlets allowing Plasmids or combat Neuromods to be used without compromising NBC functionality.

Ryan Industries Operator:
The Operator is a simple but efficient drone designed by Ryan Industries to handle tasks deemed hazardous or which require skill or precision a human cannot provide. All Operators share a sleek hovering frame, thin and small, and a pair of manipulation arms housed in the body, as well as storage containers. The Operators primary sensors and vocoder are housed in a small sphere at the front of the Operator. All Operators are fully capable of functioning in the vacuum of space. Operators are also equipped with a semi-smart AI, a sort of cross between the single-tasking “dumb” AIs and the brilliant but expensive “Smart” AIs. The semi-smart AI can adapt to new situations, but only so far as it pertains to its task. A medical Operator can update its programming and deal with a new illness the best it can, analyzing symptoms and recording reactions to treatment it attempts to provide, to better inform organic doctors of the new disease, for example, but would be useless if asked to fight in combat like a military Operator. The AI can be male or female, which can be altered at any time, and is generally friendly and courteous, with the exception of Hannibal and Watchman Operators, which are colder, though this is due to their roles. Operators come in a number of variants:

Medical: The 485 Hippocrates Medical Operator is a compact medical drone, equipped with a compact surgical toolset, a syringe arm, and a supply of various drugs, dressings, and other medical supplies in addition to its general purpose manipulation arms. While it is a capable doctor in its own right, it functions best as a first responder, helping to stabilize a patient with first aid and a Stimpack before the patient is taken care of by organics. The Hippocrates is an efficient surgeon, making 49% fewer errors than the average surgeon, though many people prefer organic surgeons. Medical Operators are also quite skilled at diagnosing injuries, thanks to advanced sensors and access to both Ryan Industries and Followers medical databases. They are also capable of administering plasmids and gene tonics from Ryan Industries. Hippocrates’ are relatively common in Rapture and are gaining popularity with the Followers, using it in conjunction with their Lenus search and rescue droid and Auto-Docs.

Engineering: The 385 Archimedes Engineering Operator is intended to be used for repair and maintenance work. The Archimedes has a small welding torch, fast-hardening sealant applicator, screwdriver, and wrench attachments for its tool arm, in addition to its manipulator arms which can hold tools or move cargo. Equipped with sensors and a vast database of components, the Archimedes can quickly diagnose and fix an issue with almost any system, both military and civilian. The internal storage bays, other than tool attachment bays, are removed in favor of a small fabricator with which it can create replacement parts. Very common in Rapture, where they continually monitor for leaks or issues, capable of functioning even at the depth of Rapture with only a few modifications, the Archimedes is gaining popularity with mechanics and inventors, and frontier worlds, and is often modified to be capable of repairing RobCo assets as well, a feature not in the base model.

Science: The 585 Curie Scientific Operator is intended to continually record and analyze phenomena and experiments, often used in situations where harm may come to an organic, such as radioactive hazards or risk of infection or contamination, or spatial/temporal anomalies. This makes it a useful tool for virologists and epidemiologists looking to observe symptoms from afar or scientists studying E-99, which can sometimes cause bizarre temporal distortions. They are equipped with a vast database, which is continually updated with the latest publications and findings, and it continually transmits data to any linked computers or databases to ensure data is not lost if the Operator ceases to function. The Curie has a wide array of sensors, and can collect samples for analysis with its manipulator arms. The Curie is popular both with independent scientists and explorers and Imperial assets such as Torchwood and the ICDC.

Security: The 685 Watchman Security Operator is a less-than-lethal security Operator. Equipped with light armor and a moderate range electro-shock device and short range ion device, the Watchman can non-lethally incapacitate Humans, Evolved, and droids until security or law enforcement arrives on scene. The Watchman is facing stiff competition with RobCo’s Protectron, but the increased agility and speed of the Watchman compared to the slower but studier Protectron has seen Ryan Industries make a great profit this far.

Military: The 785 Hannibal Military Operator is a combat Operator. Equipped with a laser weapon based on the L-71 Ember and upgraded engines, the Hannibal is agile and hard to hit from head-on, thanks to the thin body shared by all Operators. Equipped with armor and a shield, the Hannibal is sturdy and can reliably avoid heavier munitions such as missiles. It’s vocoder and sensors are housed internally, rather than in the sphere on most Operators. Hannibals are used extensively by Ryan Security during combat situations and can be upgraded with other weapon systems as desired. The Hannibal has seen modest success with PMCs and corporate security fleets, though no major militaries have yet to adopt it.
All Operators are available for sale, though Ryan Industries reserves the right to refuse a sale. Ryan Industries continues to create new variants over time, and does accept customized Operator requests.

RobCo/Ryan Arms PD-179 Flycatcher:

A large but sleek drone, the Ryan Arms Pursuit Drone 175 Flycatcher is the result of a collaboration with RobCo. The drone is entirely VTOL-capable, and this is indeed it’s primary method of deployment. It lies in wait for sensors to detect hostile aircraft, then rise up en masse before switching to horizontal flight and engaging the enemy. It is armed with a pair of missile fabricators in the fuselage just under the wing roots, and a mighty Ryan Armaments L-98 Ashmaker Gatling Laser, integrated into the fuselage near the nose. In addition, the Flycatcher can fabricate and drop small bombs from its fuselage-mounted bay.
To defend itself, it has 4 modified L-71 Ember lasers mounted in revolving turrets designed to provide 360 degree coverage from missile fire, as well as a pair of commercial grade shield generators. The RobCo contribution to the drone comes from its advanced AI. Not quite sentient, it is nonetheless highly advanced, and is well-suited to the task of tracking and eliminating targets. It can prioritize targets based off scan results (ie, targeting dedicated strike craft or craft with nuclear or anti-ship munitions rather than chase fighters), and operate in perfect concert with other Flycatcher units. Flycatchers tend to operate in vast swarms, combining sensor feeds to attain a constantly updated list of targets for each unit, operating with inhuman teamwork to eliminate targets. Thanks to it’s VTOL capability, the Flycatcher can make a decent gunship, using it’s Ashmaker and missiles to engage ground forces before switching back to vertical flight and finding new targets. The Flycatcher can be locked onto ports on the exterior of a ship, allowing them to rapidly deploy if need be, secured beneath a ships shields.
Flycatchers are operated extensively by Ryan Security, RobCo's Corporate Security Force, The Free Economic Zone of Rapture, and it’s popularity is growing with LPCN nations who seek an effective but affordable droid fighter. In this role, the shield generators are typically upgraded.

Ryan Industries Vita-Chamber:
A device developed by Rapture scientists in the employ of Andrew Ryan, the Vita-Chamber is a fairly simple construct. A user pays a monthly fee (quite high, of course, but it’s worth it) for their DNA to be registered to the databank of all Vita-Chambers, which continuously scan the area within their considerable range. If a Vita-Chamber detects that a customer has sustained a fatal injury or wound, it teleports them into the Chamber and uses emergency medical equipment and proprietary Ryan Industries regeneration tech to heal them, even bringing back patients who have died, albeit only if they have been dead for a brief period. The Vita-Chamber itself is an Art Deco construct, with a pair of glass doors which slide open to allow the customer to leave after being teleported and healed.
Andrew Ryan is hard-coded into all Vita-Chambers as priority 01, so in the event of a mass casualty event, he will be the first person to be revived.
Vita-Chambers are primarily a Rapture invention, but are very slowly filtering out to the rest of the Empire. Fransisco D’Anconia purchased one for each of his many homes and estates, and has negotiated a contract with Ryan Industries to install them at each of his mines, refineries, and other assets, to ensure his workers cannot die in freak accidents, and so his security teams can hold out for as long as they need in the event of siege or other attack by ‘communists, Orsonians, looters, vampires, or other unpleasant figures’ to quote D’Anconia himself.

Ryan Industries Neuromods:
A unique Ryan Industries product, the Neuromod consists of a serum and an injector. The serum is a patented Ryan Industries product, which allows for alteration of the brain, allowing information to be injected. This information is gained by scanning the brain of a talented individual while they are doing what they are talented at, be it shooting a weapon, playing a piano, or hacking through security systems. When injected into the recipients brain, they then receive the same knowledge. While not a substitute for training or learning, Neuromods can be very useful, since they can allow for large amounts of information and knowledge to be injected at once. A new recruit can learn tactics, but they will lack the muscle memory and reactions associated with them, requiring them to spend time training and drilling. A pupil can know how to play the same concerto as a master pianist, but they must learn where the keys are first. Despite these limitations, Neuromods are continually being updated with new versions that aim to remedy this flaw.

Combat Neuromods:
Neuromods which make use of psionic potential, the newest product from Ryan Industries can be used alongside Plasmids, despite similar effects in some of them.

Electrostatic Burst:
Psionic lighting, manifesting in a small point the user can move around at will, until detonation, where it bursts out in a shockwave. Can disable nearby electronics for up to 30 minutes, unlike ElectroBolt, which is more precise and accurate than the area of effect that is the signature of this Neuromod. Electrocutes and stuns targets within the area of effect.
Only usable against organics, directs a devastating psionic attack against the targets mind, manifesting in headaches, aneurysms, memory loss, stroke, brain damage and/or brain death. Evolved are more resistant, but it’s still extraordinarily unpleasant. It also temporarily inhibits the use of psionic or magical abilities in the targeted individual, for up to 10 minutes. Interestingly, while using it against feral Drakul seems to kill them outright, using it on Proto-Ekon or any Ekon or Ancients seems to pass on the effects to any ferals under their control due to their hivemind connection, and appears to briefly stun sentient Drakul rather than kill them as with lesser Drakul.
Mindjack: Temporarily exerts psionic control over an organics mind, causing them to attack their allies, or, if they are alone, obey the user of the Neuromod. Individuals of sufficiently strong willpower can resist this, though there is a possibility of aneurysm.
Machinejack: As the name implies, this is a variation of Mindjack, to subvert machines and robots. Turrets, sensors, personal devices, and robots without Smart AI or psionic shielding can all be subverted. Smart AI cannot be subverted at all, and" Dumb” AI cannot be subverted directly, though associated devices can (ie, you cannot make a city management AI directly obey you, but you could make a security camera not see you),
Shockwave: Creates a targetable point of energy, which then emits a shockwave of kinetic force radiating from that point. Can be combined with Plasmids for different effects.

Gene Tonics and Plasmids:
A Ryan Industries product, Gene Tonics and Plasmids are modern miracles, allowing one to add seemingly supernatural powers to ones genetic coe. They manipulate your genetics to unlock abilities, or grant new ones. Gene Tonics are passive, while Plasmids are active.

A brief glimpse at a handful of Gene Tonics:
Sports Boost: Makes your body tire slower, so you can run or work our longer before becoming tired or cramped.
Slim-Down: Increases the rate at your body burns fat, helping you get thinner with less effort.
Extra Nutrition: Helps convert ingredients which are normally converted to fat, into muscle.
Armored Shell: Increases bone and biomass strength, making you tougher.

Some Plasmids:
Houdini: Allows brief teleportation to and from an area
ElectroBolt: Allows you to project a high voltage bolt of electricity to stun an attacker. Can also release long streams of lightning. Used to jumpstart faulty devices or squeeze a bit more light from a bulb.
Insect Swarm: Releases swarms of deadly stinging insects to distract and kill your foes. Also used to artificially pollinate plants.
Incinerate: Project fireballs from your palm! Can also be "dialed up" to effectively turn your arm into a flamethrower. Commonly used to light cigarettes with the snap of a finger, warm up coffee, and other such things. Also sold under the brand name Devils Kiss.
Telekinesis: Lift things with your mind! Commonly used to move things around, and generally help out.
Winter Blast: Freezes your enemies, allowing them to easily shattered, or lets you make ice cubes with a snap of your fingers, or cool yourself off.
Murder of Crows: Calls upon a murder of crows to claw and rip at your foes. Popular with the Order of The Raven.

Headed by Robert House, RobCo specializes in robotics. Their Protectron and Mr. Handy series is seen across the Empire in countless roles, and their Securitrons are popular security droids. The Assaultron and the Vanguard Sentry Bot are used by the Imperial military, as are Eyebots. RobCo also manufactures the PIP-series of computers, phones, smart-watches, and micro-computers known as PIP-boys. They also make large profits by selling robot parts to the countless engineers and budding mad scientists in the Empire.

The RobCo catalog:

RobCo Mr. Handy Series:
A RobCo droid, the Mr. Handy is a versatile droid intended for domestic service. It’s spherical chassis houses its micro-reactor, processors, and antigravity drive which allows it to hover. It has three eye-stalks, affording it an excellent range of vision, and a trio of mounts for systems to be attached near the repulsorlift. Most often, this consists of a pair of manipulators and a third arm which houses a combination scrubbing brush and dispenser for various cleaning fluids or chemicals. The Mr Handy is an efficient butler, but its AI is remarkably advanced, capable of carrying on conversations or offering advice in a manner very much akin to a biological, helped by their human-like vocoders.
A Handy unit can maintain itself, and switch out arms on its own to better tend to whatever the situation calls for, such as lighting a fire or a cigarette, cutting down weeds, cooking, ironing, or any other task they could be asked to preform. Due to their versatility and advanced AI, Mr. Handies have been adapted to a number of very different purposes, such as maintenance, janitorial duties, serving as waiters, couriers, farmhands, or even security personnel, but this is a task better suited to other RobCo droids.

Mr. Gutsy:
A military version of the Mr. Handy, the Mr. Gutsy is a good all-round combat robot, and is cheaper than some other RobCo military robots, making it a good choice for a less wealthy nation. Typically armed with a laser, buzzsaw, and manipulator arm, the Gutsy is armored with two inches of soifidied Hydrium armor and a single shield generator. It is not exactly a juggernaut, but it is quite maneuverable, able to strafe opponents to dodge fire while continually firing at them with their onboard laser, which can be switched out for a fabricator-fed anti-material rifle or Hardlight pistol. Mr. Gutsies are sometimes used by the Imperial military for patrol duties or to provide security for outlying outposts in low-risk areas, and are popular with LPCN nations.

An iconic RobCo product, the Protectron is slow but sturdy, having a streamlined, Art Deco inspired frame. Equipped with two general-purpose manipulators at the end of its arms, the Protectron sports two lasers which have both stun and lethal settings. It’s frame is heavily armored with titanium and solidified Hydrium, and it’s slow legs can be replaced with an anti-gravity unit to improve speed.

RobCo Assaultron:
A sleek military and advanced private security product, the XA-1 Assaultron is a thin, bipedal droid, humanoid with a well-armored chassis. It is armed with a pair of claws on the end of the arms, each claw also capable of being electrified, and can spin, shredding targets to pieces with the retractable blades mounted on each claw. It also has a high-powered, long-range laser firing from its head, which can easily target vehicles, aircraft, and infantry alike. The Assaultron is thus equally at home engaging at close and long ranges.
It's chassis houses a pair of shield generators, the chassis itself is made of Solidified Hydrium, making it very lightweight. The Assaultron is quite fast, capable of achieving speeds of up to 50 miles per hour at top speed. Assaultron's are also equipped with an encrypted communications suite.

Assaultron variants:
Assaultron Corsair: Intended for boarding actions, both of the Corsair's claws are replaced with blades. This version is also equipped with a teleporter.
Assaultron Assassin: Equipped with a StealthBoy as standard, the Assassin is armed with a Terminator Class Sniper Rifle and a blade on the other. Used by the military.
Assaultron Poltergeist: The Poltergeist is designed for psychological warfare operations, and is equipped with two blades. It also has a skull built into its face, with two Mesmer devices replacing the laser. The Poltergeist is equipped with a teleporter, StealthBoy, and a jamming array, as well as a detailed knowledge of human psychology so it can analyze its foes and learn how to terrorize them better. Torchwood is fond of this version.
Assaultron Crusader: Designed for anti-Drakul operations, the Crusader has one arm replaced by a silver blade, and the other arm replaced by a rifle equipped with silver ammunition(the Assaultron is programmed for maximum accuracy, with headshots whenever possible). The Crusaders laser is replaced by a pair of high-powered UVC lights.

RobCo Eyebot:

A small droid, intended for reconnaissance, advertisement, and observation purposes, the RobCo Eyebot is a small hovering droid. Roughly spherical, Eyebots have a rather advanced network of sensors, scanners, and other equipment, making them ideal recon droids. They have powerful speakers, a feature often exploited by corporations and such who use them as roving advertisement droids, and by governments to proclaim emergency alerts and other announcements. Most Eyebots have a compartment to hold supplies or samples. All Eyebots can operate in atmosphere or in space. There are a few versions of the Eyebot.

Military: Equipped with a single small shield generator and an integrated Hardlight pistol, military-grade Eyebots are deployed in droves to conduct recon and observe the battlefield. They are agile, but quite fragile. They compete with the 585 Hannibal Military Operator for sales, being just as fast and agile as the Operator, but smaller and less well armored, but cheaper. Where the Eyebot outshines it’s Ryan Industries competitor is its advanced sensors and its ability to help allied forces target enemies using its network of designators and sensors, and the ability to fabricate grenades and ammo. They can also designate targets for missile, artillery, and air or orbit attacks, making the otherwise unassuming Eyebot surprisingly dangerous. RobCo Corporate Security versions are armed with LAERs and often deploy alongside the bulkier Securitrons to scout out targets.

Commercial: A stock Eyebot, these are often used as mobile radios or ad bots, announcing sales and deals, or used by governments to announce states of emergency or new legislation being passed. These Eyebots are sometimes equipped with stun lasers to defend corporate assets, but this is a rarity. Many models have a holographic projector as well, allowing visual information to be portrayed alongside the audio projected through its powerful speakers. A common sight on Imperial planets and Earth territories.

Medical: A model created with the help of the Followers of the Apocalypse in exchange for a cut of the profits which were then used to fund Followers operations, medical Eyebots are equipped with a red and white paint job and have injectable medical supplies such as Stimpaks to stabilize a wound or Med-X to help with pain until dedicated medical teams arrive. Deployed in droves during disasters and other incidents, medical Eyebots are less capable than a 385 Hippocrates Medical Operator (which can preform field surgery, unlike the Eyebot, which acts more like a mobile injector), but are faster and cheaper. The ICDC uses them in large numbers during disasters and disease outbreaks for mass inoculation and disaster relief. ICDC Hostile Response Teams, aka “Canary Teams” use them to monitor and track Drakul, and transport small biological samples from Drakul between facilities without risk of infection by roving Drakul.

Repair: Repair Eyebots are fast, cheap, and capable, equipped with a small set of tools on collapsible arms, using it’s small stock of spare parts, fabricator, wrench, welding torch, sealants, and other tools to make quick repairs. It achieves a rough parity with the Archives Engineering Operator, though it lacks the lifting power to move cargo containers or other equipment like the Archimedes. However, repair Eyebots are cheaper and can do the same things as the Archimedes, making it a popular choice. Common everywhere in the Empire, especially on frontier worlds and in garages and spaceports.

RobCo Vanguard Class Sentry Bot:
The most powerful and largest RobCo droid, the Vanguard Class Sentry Bot is a heavily armed and armored droid intended for military service. Unlike the agile and sleek Assaultron or Legionnaire, the Vanguard is a fairly bulky machine with heavy armor. The Vanguards arms terminate in weapons, often a Hardlight Gatling on one arm and a missile launcher or Dark Matter Cannon on the other to engage vehicles and armor. They are also often equipped with shoulder-mounted mortars or grenade launchers to further engage targets.
These bulky droids are centered around an onboard Tesla reactor, centered in the rear of the droid behind heavy armor plating, approximately two feet of ACE and one foot of ERA armor, accompanied by a pair of shield generators. This heavy armor allows the Vanguard to withstand heavy fire in assault or defensive operations. The Vanguard is also equipped with a target designator to call down artillery or missile strikes on targets, as well as nano-repair system to repair itself or disperse as a cloud to repair other droids.In addition, the Vanguard also has a bubble shield generator to envelop a five meter radius around it to protect allies within, though once this shield fails it cannot be recharged without returning to a base. The Vanguard is fairly slow, but can reach speeds of up to 50 MPH in short bursts of around 75 seconds, at the cost of its shields during these bursts of speeds. It’s vocoder is quite loud and booming, though distinctly inhuman and electronic, and it has a single dark red photoreceptor. It is programmed to make use of basic tactics, such as using cover by hiding as much of its frame behind cover when possible, ambushing targets, or prioritizing targets such as Ocearan Sentry Striders. They often boom out taunts and Imperial propaganda in between communicating commands to allied units.

In defensive actions, Vanguard Sentry Bots are to work alongside biological infantry, drawing fire for infantry, and acting as a heavy defensive asset which can both receive and return heavy fire, drawing fire due to its bulk and firepower, and booming electronic vocoder and ominous red ’spotlight-style’ photoreceptors.
In offensive actions, Vanguards work best in concert with another RobCo product, the Assaultron. The Vanguard lays down heavy fire to suppress enemy units while Assaultrons move into close combat range. The more expensive Legionnaire droid is an all-around infantry droid, and makes a perfect companion to the Vanguard for medium or long range combat, but suffers in short range, where the Assaultron excels. The Vanguard also works well in concert with infantry, providing heavy firepower and drawing fire away from infantry.
A Crow Class Dropship can carry a single Vanguard and five soldiers (a basic Imperial military fireteam), or two Vanguards and no supporting infantry. The Imperial Marine Corps makes heavy use of Vanguards, valuing their toughness and heavy armament, deploying them in large numbers via their Volcra Class Assault Dropships and Osprey Dropships.
Through unknown means, the Ultra-Mercerist group The Sons of Mercer have acquired several Vanguards, using them to protect their leader, Johnathan Cawl. RobCo uses them for protecting factories and VIPs, equipped with Gatling Lasers and miniguns rather than Hardlight and missile launchers.

RobCo Securitron

The Securitron is a powerful security robot designed by RobCo for corporate defense, paramilitary, private security, and military use. It is equipped with a single puncture-proof wheel, often replaced with an anti-gravity device as an optional upgrade, and has a large armored viewscreen and two manipulators which can open doors or otherwise interface with the environment. The Securitron is quite heavily armed, with a pair of shoulder-mounted Obliterator missile pods, two Striker grenade launchers, a pair of Hardlight Gatlings, and a pair of stun lasers and Surge stunners to capture droids and enemy personnel should the situation require.

Securitrons are surprisingly fast for their bulk, and their missile pods can collapse in and swivel backwards on a hinge behind the view screen if a door is too narrow to accommodate their bulky bodies. When then occurs, they are rather narrow, general enough to squeeze through a door. A Securitron is protected by several inches of solidified Hydrium armor, replaced by ACE and limited amounts of ERA armor in military service, and all models have a shield generator.

RobCo Legionnaire Droid
Legionnaire Class Droid:

A droid designed by genius septillionarie Robert House to supplement the Imperial infantryman, equal and surpass Ocearan combat robots, and provide a powerful but not overly complex droid for Imperial and allied military service, the Legionnaire is a bipedal droid, built for combat. It has a humanoid frame, using legs and arms which are based on the Assaultron. It is heavily armored with both ACE and ERA armor, and equipped with a shield generator. It has human-like hands, enabling it to pick up and fire most weapons, even enemy weapons if the mission profile calls for it, and the Legionnaire is typically armed with a Hardlight Auto-Repeater, and is fully capable of using a sidearm, typically a Hardlight pistol.
In the event it is disarmed, the Legionnaire is equipped with several onboard weapon systems. Both hands can collapse into the arm, revealing a miniaturized Hardlight Auto-Repeater in the left arm, and a launcher for grenades or micro-missiles in the right. Supplementing this, the Legionnaire is equipped with a pair of fold-out blades which can be sheathed in Hardlight, for close combat, as well as a small pop-out plasma thrower which emerges from the left wrist, allowing it to spray bursts of superheated plasma like a flamethrower up to twelve meters. Finally, if it is completely disarmed, the Legionnaire is programmed to ‘play dead’, then self-destruct when enemy units close within range. This self-destruct sequence can only be triggered by the onboard AI and not from outside commands, and consists of a series of liquified plasma charges, which then activate nano-clusters which disintegrate the remnants of the droid to prevent technology from falling into enemy hands.
The Legionnaire is equipped with a semi-sentient AI, capable of complex problem solving. It is fully integrated into the Imperial Battlenet, sharing targeting data with other units and co-coperating with other Legionnaires and other units to prioritize and terminate greater threats or high value targets. The Legionnaire is also capable of short-range teleportation, thanks to an onboard Displacement device, making it a very unpredictable foe to face due to its ability to quickly change location. Interestingly, the Legionnaire is fully capable of wearing standard Imperial power armor, capable of interfacing with its systems, thus giving it a great advantage in terms of protection, and, having no need of the complete NBC protection, can simply discard the gloves and lower arms, enabling it to use its onboard weapon systems. As with many Imperial designs, the Legionnaire has a distinctly Art Deco appearance.