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The Nation consists of 5 states that are each well known and vastly unique in terms of what they have to offer in our very special nation.

New Maui

- New Maui is the great capital of Crackhead Hawaii, consisting of a peninsula and a small island. New Maui is home to the capital city which houses our renowned Trade Hub responsible for our outstanding economy, the Museum of Science and Technology showcasing our outstanding scientific advancements and intelligence and of course Crackhead Island a well known natural formation which is considered a great tourist spot due to it's isolation from the chaos of the mainland.

New Honolulu

- New Honolulu is our largest and most infamous state in Crackhead Hawaii Known well for it's Grand Hotel Resort along the coast consisting primarily of tourist attractions and special laws specifically to keep tourists safe. Connected to this is Crackhead Vegas, a city of vice and where everybody comes to gamble in hopes of promised riches and many other pleasures. The Hunter's Forest Located to the East of Honolulu is a playground for hunters, and it is considered very sporting to hunt each other which may not suit everyone's tastes which is why it is advised not to enter especially without being armed.

New Lanai

- New Lanai is where most of our products are manufactured and was once entirely forest until a great amount was deforested. The Lanai Forest Still remains in tact however and covers the North gloriously, presenting a sort of natural wall which camouflages our Lanai Silo Base which is heavily defended in case our WMD's should ever need to be used though they are mostly used as a deterrent.

New Moloka'i

- New Moloka'i is almost completely residential and is where the majority of Crackhead Hawaiians will live. Though there are no points of interest it is a great place to live and little complaints.

New Kauai

- New Kauai is another mostly residential area however much smaller and much more peaceful. To the very south there is the Kauai Naval Base which defends the Nation's waters from foreign military vessels and monitors all ships entering the area.