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The Union of Covonant Air Force

The Union of Covonant Air Force

Roundel of the Union of Covonant Air Force

Founded April 16, 1925 (92 years)

Country:The Union of Covonant
Branch:The Air Force
Role: Aerial warfare
Size: 28,659 active personnel
72,434 reserved personnel
Part of Headquarters: Covonant Air Defense Institute, Malvern Alstaer, Sharoni
Headquarters:Ministry of Defense and National Security (Maxmum)
Motto: Conquering the Skies
Song: LinkSong of the Union of Covonant Air Force


Prime Minister: Crassus Gais
Minister of Defense: Crixus Ignacio
Commander of the Air Force: General Gristori Callius
Chief of Staff: General Sula Commodor
Vice-Chief of Staff: General Timoti Graccus
Chief Master Sergeant: CMSAF Commodus Selica



Fin Flash:

Pilots Brevet:

Aircraft Flown

Attack: LinkGA2 Tarasque,LinkMQ1
Bombers: LinkB-2
Fighters:LinkMRF7, LinkJAC P.123,LinkF-15E, LinkF-16, F-19, JAC P.109
LinkAHI, LinkMTH2, LinkHTH2, H166
Tanker: NC50
Transport: LinkC-17, LinkC-5, LinkC-21


The Union of Covonant Air Force (UCAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the The Union of Covonant and one of the 4 branches of the Union of Covonant Armed Forces. As of 2017 the Union of Covonant Air Force operates 68 attacks aircraft, 15 Bombers, 2 Special Electronic, 112 fighters, 230 Helicopters, 45 Reconnaissance, 10 Tankers, and 38 Transport aircrafts. The Union of Covonant Air Force is among the oldest and most capable Air Force in the Western Isles. The service has over 28,659 personnel on active duty with 72,434 in the Air Force reserve.


In January 1922, the Union of Covonant Government having witnessed the emergence of planes being used in the first world one, saw the need to incorporate the new fighting machine into the country's military operation. Months of discussion took place as the country's legislatures drafted ideas of creating an agency responsible of incorporating the craft into military service. On April 16, 1925 Covonantian lawmakers finally agreed to the creating of the country's fourth military service branch with the establishing of the Covonant Air Defense Institute in Malvern Alstaer, Sharoni. The U.C Air Force acted almost independently from the other 3 branches where throughout the decade it underwent a succession of changes, titles and missions of incorporating the new military service under the Defense Ministry. On July 23, 1947, two years following the end of the second world war, the Covonantian government after revising the Defense Act brought the Air Force under the command of the Defense Ministry ending the 21 year independence of the Air Force service. Following the revision of the Defense Act, the Air Force still having responsibility for military aviation was now shared between the Legion Air Forces and it predecessor organizations (for land-based operations), the Navy (for sea-based operations from aircraft carriers and amphibious aircraft), and the Marine Corps (for close air support of Marine Corps operations).


The mission of The Union of Covonant Air Force is to be organized, trained, and equipped primarily for prompt and sustained offensive and defensive air operations. The Air Force is responsible for the preparation of the air forces necessary for the effective prosecution of war except as otherwise assigned.

The purpose of the Air Force is to:

* preserve the peace and security, and provide for the defense of the Union of Covonant, possessions, areas under the control of the Union, the territorial waters, and Island.
* support national policy
* implement national objectives
* overcome any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of The Union.

Structure and Organisation

The Covonant Air Defense Institute is one of four military departments within the Ministry of Defense, and is managed by the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, under the authority, direction, and control of the Minister of Defense. The senior officials in the Office of the Chief Master Sergeant are the Under Secretary of the Air Force, four Assistant Secretaries of the Air Force and the General Counsel, all of whom are appointed by the Prime Minister with the advice and consent of the President. The senior uniformed leadership in the Air Staff is made up of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

The directly subordinate commands and units are named Field Operating Agency (FOA), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU), and the currently unused Separate Operating Agency.

The Major Command (MAJCOM) is the superior hierarchical level of command. Including the Air Force Reserve Command, as of November 1, 2012 UCAF has ten major commands. The Numbered Air Force (NAF) is a level of command directly under the MAJCOM, followed by Operational Command (now unused), Air Division (also now unused), Wing, Group, Squadron, and Flight.

Headquarters Air Force

  • Office of the Chief Master Sergeant: Covonant Air Defense Institute, Malvern Alstaer, Sharoni

  • The Air Staff:Ministry of Defense, Coventry, Romast

Major Commands

  • First Air Force (Romast Air Force):
    The First Air Force (Air Forces Romast; 1 AF-AFROM) is a numbered air force of the Union of Covonant Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC). It is headquartered at Coventry Memorial Air Force Base, Romast.

    Its primary mission is the air defense of the Zone of Romast. Its mission lineage can be traced to the Air Defense Command, one of the original UCAF major commands formed in 1925.

  • Second Air Force: The Second Air Force (2 AF; 2d Air Force in 1925) is a UCAF numbered air force responsible for conducting basic military and technical training for Air Force enlisted members and non-flying officers. It is headquartered at Watcher's Barrier Base in Jueverna.

  • Union of Covonant Air Forces Central Command: Union of Covonant Air Forces Central Command (UCAFCENT/AFCENT) is a Named Air Force of the Union of Covonant Air Force headquartered at Gregoris Roberts Military Airbase, Sharoni. It is the Air Force Service Component of Union of Covonant Central Command (UCCENTCOM), a joint Ministry of Defense combatant command responsible for U.C. security interests in 23 nations that stretch from the Central and South Mesder Area through the South Argus and Surrounding Islands, into Central Argus

  • Fourth Air Force: The Fourth Air Force (4 AF) is a numbered air force of the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). It is headquartered at Devios Zonal Airbase, Devios.

    4 AF directs the activities and supervises the training of more than 30,000 Air Force Reservists. If called to active duty, 4 AF's ready reserve units would be assigned to Air Mobility Command, and Central Command Air Forces.

  • Air Mobility Command:Air Mobility Command (AMC) is a Major Command (MAJCOM) of the U.C. Air Force. AMC is headquartered at Union Heights Airbase in Roberticis.

    Air Mobility Command's mission is to provide global air mobility. The command also plays a crucial role in providing humanitarian support at home and around the world. AMC Airmen active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve, augmented by the civilian airliners and flight crews of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) provide airlift and aerial refueling for all of the Union of Covonant's armed forces. Many special duty and operational support aircraft (OSA) and stateside aeromedical evacuation missions are also assigned to AMC.

    U.C. forces must be able to provide a rapid, tailored response with a capability to intervene against a well-equipped foe, hit hard and terminate quickly. Rapid global mobility lies at the heart of U.C. strategy in this environment. Without the capability to project forces, there is no conventional deterrent.

  • Fifth Air Force: The Fifth Air Force (5 AF) is a numbered air force (NAF) of the Union of Covonant Air Force's Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). It is headquartered at Marlonicis Airbase, Marlonicis.

    The mission of the 5 Force is to safeguard Covonant's interests through strategic deterrence and global combat power. Fifth Air Force controls long-range bomber assets throughout the Union of Covonant and overseas locations. Its flexible, conventional and deterrence mission provides the capability to deploy forces and engage enemy threats from home station or forward positioned, anywhere, any time.

  • Sixth Air Force: The Sixth Air Force (6 AF) is a unit of the U.C. Air Force, specifically a numbered air force of the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). 6 AF is headquartered at Critical Point Military Base on Senoica, Marlonicis.

    The mission of Sixth Air Force is to exercise command supervision of its assigned Reserve units to ensure they maintain the highest combat capability to augment active forces in support of national objectives.

  • Union of Covonant Air Force in the Southern Seas-Air Force Kavju Seas (UCAFSS-AFKS)): is a Union of Covonant Air Force major command (MAJCOM) and a component command of both Union of Covonant Southern Command (UCSOUTHCOM) and Union of Covonant Northern Command (UCNORTHCOM). As part of its mission, UCAFSS-AFKS commands U.C. Air Force units pledged to maintaining combat-ready wings based from Corindia to Tectonix. UCAFSS-AFKS plans, conducts, controls, coordinates and supports air and space operations in the Southern Seas, parts of Gael and all of Kavju Seas with the inclusion of West Suomi to achieve U.C. national objectives based on taskings by the two combatant commanders.

    UCAFSS-AFKS is headquartered at Ailis Base, Corindia

  • Mesder Air Force: Mesder Air Forces (MESAF) is a Major Command (MAJCOM) of the Union of Covonant Air Force and is also the air component command of the Union of Covonant South Mesder Command (UCSMCOM) and the Union of Covonant North Mesder Command (UCNMC). MESCAF is headquartered at Joint Base KeoCon Airbase in Keomora, and is one of three UCAF MAJCOMs assigned outside the mainland Union of Covonant, the other being the Union of Covonant Air Force Southern Seas - Air Forces Kavju Sea, and Union of Covonant Air Force Aegean Sea-Air Force Gael.

  • Union of Covonant Air Force Aegean Sea-Air Force Gael (UCAFAS-AFG): UCAFAS-AFG is the Headquarters Northern Air Forces forward element in the Aegean Sea, and Gael area, and maximizes partnership capabilities and promotes bilateral defense cooperation. In addition, UCAFAS is the air component to Union of Covonant Forces in Noronica.

    Its mission is three-fold. First, it plans, conducts, controls, and coordinates air operations assigned by the UCAFAS-AFG Commander. UCAFAS-AFG Force maintains a level of readiness necessary for successful completion of directed military operations. And last, but certainly not least, UCAFAS-AFG Force assists in the mutual defense of allied states in the Aegean Sea and Gael area and enhances regional stability by planning, exercising, and executing joint air operations in partnership with Noronica. To achieve this mission, UCAFAS-AFG Force maintains its deterrent force posture to protect both U.C. and northern allies interests, and conducts appropriate air operations should deterrence fail. The UCAFAS-AFG is headquarted at the Joint Base Superior in Noronica


    LinkWorld War 2
    LinkCold War
    Piracy in the South Mesder
    The Western War
    North Mesder War
    Occupation of Arvan
    San Javier Conflict

    Humanitarian Operations

    San Javier Conflict
    Aid to Dragao do Mar
    Aid to Bhikkustan
    Aid to West Suomi
    Aid to Port Calta
    Merrit Isle Disaster

    Aircraft Inventory

    The Union of Covonant Air Force (UCAF) has 520 aircrafts in service as of October 2017. The various aircraft of the airforce includes:


    The attack aircraft of the UCAF are designed to attack targets on the ground and are often deployed as close air support for, and in proximity to, U.C. ground forces. The proximity to friendly forces require precision strikes from these aircraft that are not always possible with bomber aircraft. Their role is tactical rather than strategic, operating at the front of the battle rather than against targets deeper in the enemy's rear.

    40 LinkGA2 Tarasque

    28 LinkMQ1


    UC Air Force bombers are strategic weapons, primarily used for long range strike missions with conventional ordinance. Traditionally used for attacking strategic targets, today many bombers are also used in the tactical mission, such as providing close air support for ground forces and tactical interdiction missions. All Air Force bombers are under Fifth Air Force Command.

    15 LinkB-2


    The Air Force can provide rapid global mobility, which is critical to the heart of U.C. strategy in this environment without the capability to project forces, there is no conventional deterrent. As U.C. forces stationed overseas are stable, global interests remain, making the unique mobility capabilities of the UCAF even more in demand. Air mobility is a national asset of growing importance for responding to emergencies and protecting Covonantian interests around the globe.

    Transport aircraft are typically used to deliver troops, weapons and other military equipment by a variety of methods to any area of military operations around the region, usually outside of the commercial flight routes in uncontrolled airspace.

    15 LinkC-17

    8 LinkC-5

    15 LinkC-21

    E-Special Electronic

    he purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent an advantage in the EMS and ensure friendly, unimpeded access to the EM spectrum portion of the information environment. Electronic warfare aircraft are used to keep airspaces friendly, and send critical information to anyone who needs it.

    2 LinkE-3 Sentry


    The fighter aircraft of the UCAF are small, fast, and maneuverable military aircraft primarily used for air-to-air combat. Many of these fighters have secondary ground-attack capabilities, and some are dual-roled as fighter-bombers (e.g., the F-16 Fighting Falcon). Other missions include interception of bombers and other fighters, reconnaissance, and patrol.

    10 LinkMRF7

    35 LinkJAC P.123

    12 LinkF-15E

    15 LinkF-16

    15 F-19

    25 JAC P.109

    H-Search and Rescue

    These aircraft are used for search and rescue and combat search and rescue on land or sea.

    125 Rottweiler

    30 LinkAHI

    55 LinkMTH2

    10 LinkHTH2

    10 H166


    The UCAF's NC50 aerial refueling aircraft are based on the civilian Apex NC50 produced by both Corindia and Noronica. The UCAF aircraft are equipped primarily for providing the fuel via a tail-mounted refueling boom, and can be equipped with "probe and drogue" refueling systems. Air-to-air refueling is extensively used in large-scale operations and also used in normal operations; fighters, bombers, and cargo aircraft rely heavily on the lesser-known "tanker" aircraft. This makes these aircraft an essential part of the Air Force's global mobility and the U.C. force projection

    10 NC50


    The reconnaissance aircraft of the USAF are used for monitoring enemy activity, originally carrying no armament.

    35 LinkRQ-11 Raven

    10 LinkRQ-170 Sentinel

    Uniform, rank and insignia

The Union of Covonant