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The Loranian Almanack (UNOFFICIAL)

The Loranian Almanack - DRAFT COPY
first published on 7th August 2020, and dedicated to all Loranians on leave of absence

This Almanack is currently a personal venture of Cousethii and should not presently be taken as sponsored by the Loranian Government or any of its officials. Its intention is to log the results of all votes taken by the region of Lorania and of its House of Commons as regularly as possible, in line with the Law Archive Plan.

A list of all legislation enacted in Lorania (not including standalone statute law revisions):


Votes taken by the House of Commons
A historical note on the ratification of Lorania's Constitution:

    In May 2018, Skundi founded the Democratic Republic of Freedom and enacted its first Constitution, which was replaced in 2019 with its second Constitution. Skundi closed the DRF in January 2020 and later founded Thorossia, adapting the second DRF Constitution with little changes and no vote. Although the exact nature of her amendments has been lost, Tinhampton (as a then-MP and Speaker of the Thorossian Parliament) successfully passed a rewrite of much of Thorossia's Constitution through its Parliament some time later; these rewrites were then taken as the basis of Lorania's first Constitution, also adopted without a vote five days after Skundi dissolved Thorossia on April 1st 2020.

Votes of the inaugural House of Commons (May-August 2020):

  1. May 2nd-4th 2020 - CONFIRMED: Nomination of Zweites preussen as Chief Justice of the Regional Court. This vote was required under the Constitution.

    • 3 FOR: North Cromch, Sail nation, Seven seas

    • 0 AGAINST

    • 2 ABSENT: Byuristan, Gwentrev

  2. May 6th-8th 2020 - PASSED: Amendment I (the General Constitutional Amendment), by Sail nation. The proponent explained that his proposal to add Article IV, Chapters 7-9 to the Constitution was "to establish the organisation that would come with a speaker, without the need for a speaker. 7 establishes the system by which votes and debates are ordered, to avoid half-written bills and some motions never being voted on while some are almost immediately voted on. 8 prevents MPs from sending multiple bills in a row, clogging up the voting floor. 9 allows opportunity for debates, while adding a reasonable time in which MPs can vote, but allowing situations where motions can be voted on quickly if MPs all vote."

    • 3 FOR: North Cromch, Sail nation, Seven seas

    • 1 AGAINST: Gwentrev. Gwentrev had earlier attempted to vote for all sections of the Amendment apart from the proposed Article IV, Chapters 7-9, but later voted against the entire Amendment after some controversy surrounding whether MPs ought to vote on individual chapters of proposed law.

    • 1 ABSENT: Byuristan

  3. May 11th-13th 2020 - PASSED: Law Archive Plan, by Gwentrev. The proponent explained that "[t]he goal of this bill is to clearly have a record of all passed legislation.

    • 4 FOR: Gwentrev North Cromch, Sail nation, Seven seas. Sail Nation explained his support: "I spent quite some time considering whether I should abstain or support this bill as I knew that as one of my current roles is the ownership and management of this region's admin account Lorania House Of Commons Founder, who could take on extra responsibilities or be affected at the very least by the passing of this bill. In real life local politics, local councilors (usually) cannot vote on motions related to a scheme that they are involved in, some service they benefit from etc. I also know that I want a life outside NS as well, especially after lockdown. But then I thought that I'd put the interests of current and future citizens of Lorania first, this is something I believe could be very useful and interesting to look back on in the future."

    • 0 AGAINST

    • 1 ABSENT: Byuristan

  4. May 15th-17th 2020 - FAILED: A constitutional amendment authored by Seven seas and co-authored by Skundi. The contents of this proposed law have been deleted; however, it is known that this amendment would have allowed citizens not serving in the House of Commons to submit a bill for its consideration, with the sponsorship of an MP.

    • 1 FOR: Seven seas

    • 1 AGAINST: Sail nation

    • 3 ABSENT: Byuristan, Gwentrev, North Cromch. Gwentrev had expressed concerns about proof of sponsorship. North Cromch had written the word "FOR" on the House of Commons RMB during debate; it was decreed by Chief Justice Zweites Preussen that this was not a valid vote.

  5. May 21st-23rd 2020 - PASSED: The By-Election Act, by Sail nation. After the Act's passage, Sail Nation explained that it "was a just-in-case plan, for if Gwentrev was elected to TKI's Co9."

    • 4 FOR: Gwentrev, North Cromch, Sail nation, Seven seas

    • 0 AGAINST

    • 1 ABSENT: Byuristan

  6. May 26th-28th 2020 - FAILED: A constitutional amendment authored by Seven seas and co-authored by Skundi. The contents of this proposed law have been deleted; however, it is known that this amendment would have allowed citizens not serving in the House of Commons to submit a bill for its consideration, with the sponsorship of an MP.

    • 2 FOR: North Cromch, Seven seas

    • 2 AGAINST: Gwentrev, Sail nation. Gwentrev reiterated his concerns from earlier about the definition and proof of sponsorship. Sail Nation explained his opposition as follows: "The bill has good intentions, but doesn't explain how the system works properly. I believe that citizens' voices shall be heard, but through TGing MPs and co-authoring bills with them. In no normal democracy may bills for a legislative assembly to debate, shall be written by citizen, instead people are encouraged to write to local MPs or congress people about the issue that they believe needs addressing, who will then address that issue best they can, possibly by introducing legislation."

    • 1 ABSENT: Byuristan

  7. May 31st-June 2nd 2020 - FAILED: Regional Court Procedures Act, by Sail nation. The contents of this iteration of the proposed law have been deleted. We know that this differs from the passed version in that Assistant Justices of the Regional Court were proposed instead of a jury; Sail Nation explained to Seven Seas: "How do you expect we use a jury? Works in a population of millions, but we won't have that many obviously. How many would you want in a jury? The normal (12) is too many for a medium-sized region like us. What I didn't want was to give the Chief Justice too much power, so I thought assistant Justices would be the better option (I also took inspiration from Thaecia's high court, but a little less complicated). I also contacted Tinhampton(the writer of the constitution) and they said that it looked good."

    • 2 FOR: North Cromch, Sail nation

    • 2 AGAINST: Gwentrev, Seven seas. Seven Seas explained his opposition as follows: "I think there should be a jury, these assistant judges seem a little odd. And I think the justice should be able to decide exactly what the punishment is as long as it doesn't go against the constitution."

    • 1 ABSENT: Byuristan

  8. June 6th-7th 2020 - PASSED: Regional Court Procedures Act, authored by Sail nation and co-authored by Seven seas. Sail Nation clarified that "[t]he jury was a compromise with Seven Seas because I needed their support in the bill. We designed it specifically so that there couldn't be a biased or inactive jury."

    • 4 FOR: North Cromch, Sail nation, Seven seas

    • 1 AGAINST: Gwentrev

    • 0 ABSENT (the seat formerly held by Byuristan had become vacant during voting)

  9. June 9th-11th 2020 - PASSED: Lorania Defense Protocol, by Seven seas. Seven Seas intended the protocol as a failsafe against potential future invaders of Lorania.

    • 2 FOR: Sail nation, Seven seas

    • 0 AGAINST

    • 3 ABSENT: Gwentrev, North Cromch, the seat formerly held by Byuristan

  10. June 14th-16th 2020 - PASSED: Amendment II (Constitutional Amendment, Concerning Citizens submitting Bills), authored by Sail nation and "advised" (co-authored?) by Skundi

  11. June 18th-20th 2020 - PASSED: Loranian RMB Regulations, by Seven seas. As a result of amendments made during debating, nations could be sued after accruing three warnings in a month, while "inappropriate content" was defined as "anything 18+ rated."

  12. June 27th-28th 2020 - PASSED: Amendment III (Electoral Reform Constitutional Amendment), authored by Sail nation and co-authored by Devionsa. Sail Nation expressed his main concern during debate as "whether the Electoral Officer could organize the whole verification code system and set up the election in a week between the PM election and the HoC election... last [election] was too short and used TGs, which is not an ideal system of voting. I have seen other regions use google forms before and it has worked. The system takes inspiration from Thaecia's verification system, but it is slightly different as different regions work differently."

  13. July 1st-3rd 2020 - PASSED: Amendment IV (Article VIII - The Loranian Union), authored by Stolkland (non-MP citizen) and sponsored by Sail nation

  14. July 7th 2020 - PASSED: Amendment V (The Second Constitution of Lorania), authored by Cousethii (non-MP citizen) and sponsored by Seven seas

Votes of the second House of Commons (July-October 2020):

  1. July 31st-August 2nd 2020 - FAILED: Prime Minister Veto Amendment, by Gwentrev

    • 0 FOR

    • 4 AGAINST: Cousethii, Matroyska, North Cromch, Sirian. Cousethii explained her main opposition as follows: "When I wrote the Second Constitution of Lorania, I deliberately integrated a two-thirds veto bypass (as in the USA) so that MPs could not simply try to ram through vetoed proposals by the same margins that they had passed with pre-veto. The introduction of a simple-majority veto bypass would effectively render the veto useless - if your bill passes 3-2 and gets vetoed, you can just convince the same two supporters to support the bill again and it passes, regardless of any reasoning that the PM may or may not have supplied for their veto. In such an event, a supermajority veto bypass would either allow popular proposals to pass regardless or require you to explain to those who opposed it in the first instance why they ought to vote in favour after its vetoing."

    • 1 ABSENT: Gwentrev

  2. August 4th-6th 2020 - CONFIRMED: Nomination of Saint sully as Chief Justice of the Regional Court. This vote was required under the Constitution.

  3. August 8th-10th 2020 - PASSED: Amendment VI (Constitutional Amendment on Co-Premierships), by Cousethii. This was proposed after Stolkland and Sail Nation signed a coaalition agreement to serve as joint Prime Ministers.


Elections and referendums in Lorania

  • First Prime Ministerial Election, 22nd April 2020: South ccanda 6 votes (75%), Seven seas 2 votes (25%), Hetlania 0 votes. South Ccanda elected as Prime Minister.

  • First House of Commons Elections, 29th April 2020: Byuristan, Gwentrev, North Cromch, Sail nation, and Seven seas elected. No figures are publicly available.

  • First WA Delegacy Election, 1st May 2020: Sail nation elected over Seven seas and Stolkland. No figures are available because the region in which the relevant poll was organised, Lorania Delegate Elections, no longer exists.

  • Second Prime Ministerial Election, 22nd July 2020: Sail nation 8 votes (50%), Stolkland 8 votes (50%) due to discarding of one puppet vote cast by Benjamin Mark/Sirian. Sail Nation and Stolkland sign coalition agreement to serve jointly as Prime Minister.

  • Second Parliamentary Election, 29th July 2020: Cousethii, Gwentrev, Matroyska, North Cromch, and Sirian elected without a vote due to number of candidates equalling number of seats.

  • Second WA Delegacy Election, 6th August 2020: Seven seas 4 votes (66.67%), Sail nation 2 votes (33.33%).