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Department of War


Department of War

The Department of War is the department of the FRCP that receives the most funding priority, and as such comprises most of the major projects of many a Principle Chairman's term. They have authority over most aspects of advancement of Cossack society, such having authority over the Science Directorate, the entirety of the armed forces, and even the elusive Cossack Intelligence.

In the government, much of the runnings of the Department of War are parallel to the other departments; but when there is conflict between the Departments, the Department of War almost always overrides all others; they're always vetted for by the Principle Chairman.


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Although originally called the Department of Defense, the Department of War and structures similar in scope and purpose have been first seen in Cossack society after the period known as the Time of Sickness, when Cossack society was rapidly advanced into a modern society out of necessity more than anything else. Many different iterations of Cossack governance, sometimes even contemporary of one another, usually included or revolved around making war, which allowed for defense, conquering, and the seizing of resources and land. As technology slowly seeped into Cossack civilization, another duty of the colossal departments of war became the research and application of new technology into the war machine.
The FRCP's Department of War (Originally called the Department of Defense, relabeled for clarity) was in the draft of the Federal Compact to address the needs and concerns of the protection of the nation. The First Civil War split most of the membership of the original cabinet, but it was later refilled with competent enough members.
The head of the Department, namely, the Chairman, acts both as the Commander-in-Chief in the absence of the Principle Chairman, as well as the superior officer to even the rarely appointed Marshal of the Cossack People. However, the Marshal does have overriding power when it comes to purely combat-related situations.

Previous Chairmen of the Department of War:

  • Petya Lobanov, 1989 - 1993

  • Volya Yeltsin 1994 - 1999

  • Nina Shaposhnikov 1999 - 2005

  • Vadim Solomin 2005 - 2005

  • Sara Lysiak, 2005 - present

Duties and Responsibilities

All personnel, auxiliary staff, soldiers, and scientists and spies under the Department of War are focused towards one ultimate goal: the defense of the Cossack Peoples, safeguarding of Cossack interests, and the destruction of all those who would threaten the previous goals.

The Department of War distributes a majority of its funding to the growth of the standing army, doing so with the funding of propaganda films, raids into the slums, and the sending of recruiters to schools. Most of the military gear the soldiers would use mostly comes from state-owned industries, thus the next largest portion of the budget goes to subsidizing those industries. The Science Directorate receives the least amount of the budget, as most fruit it bears tends to be more of a trifle or nothing more than of moderate interest.

Just like other Departments of the FRCP, they are completely under the command of the Principle Chairman. However, many of its functions are delegated to inferior groupings so that efficiency is maintained. It is for this reason that the Department of War offers so many leadership positions, as opposed to other Departments which are usually more numerous in employees with a very tight chain of command.
At the head of the Department of War is the Chairman, who directs most of the projects and organizations that fall beside or under their command.
Cossack Intelligence, the Science Directorate, the Marshal (a temporary position, assigned during great need)/group of high command and nationalized military industries fall immediately under the Chairman's authority.
The 2020 Doctrinal Draft made by the Department of War consisted of the laying out and explanation of potential threats to the FRCP, foreign or otherwise, goals for the military to prepare for this, and how international politics must never impede the doctrine. One of the first issues mentioned is the distrust between the Federal Republic and its neighbors, and that a state of readiness must be maintained for security. After that, it was the threat of nuclear arms and the unacceptability of a draw in total nuclear annihilation, stressing anti-ballistic missile systems and long-range ICBM's. The document's third-most concern is that of territorial sovereignty, be it of claims within our borders or foreign military presence in our waters. It states that these influences must be repulsed at all costs.
  • The Department of War pushed for a space program, leading to the dissolution of the pseudo space program, see here, and the establishment of the Aerospace Command (FRCPAC) under the Science Directorate.

  • Operation Grozny was completed in late 2019. Plans for Operation Koltsovo began afterwards.

  • In the winter of 2019/2020, a heightened state of readiness was maintained by the Department of War because of the Cossack-Vedanian escalation. Battle readiness, even after the widely considered end to the conflict, has not yet been dropped, for reasons only the Principle Chairman and the highest echelons of the Department of War know.

  • Development of the fighter program has been taken on by WURCo., first line to be constructed in February 2020.

  • A program of modernization of the navy has taken hold of the Department of War, with its main focus on submarine warfare. The fleet of Akula-class Submarines are to be modernized as soon as they reach port. Surface warships are to be labeled for decommissioning while suitable replacements are to be designed and constructed as soon as possible by WURCo.

  • The PkV-16, first Cossack multirole fighter, was presented on January 27th, 2020. It acts as a multirole attack fighter, and an order of 1600 was given to WURCo., to be completed fully in early March. The order was canceled after a few hundred were built.

  • A new fighter program headed by Marina Primakov aims to develop an exceedingly advanced fighter-interceptor aimed solely at engaging and destroying enemy fighter aircraft as a war with The Imperium of Leonism escalates. Related development projects include extensive countermeasure research to accompany the project and existing assets. Program then turned into a cooperative with Vikentiy Ilyich to pursue the development of the ItP-XX fighter series.

  • As of April of 2020, development has begun of aircraft carriers/amphibious assault ships. The project is based in Nova Basan, in hopes that the shipbuilding facilities there would be boosted by the attention.

  • With the closing of the South Seas War, Operational Plan Whetstone was drafted, seeking to modernize and reform the military and military-industrial complex.


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