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The Federal Republic of
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Notable Cossacks

A fine idea taken from other more experienced players, this is not only an attempt to make the numerous important people in the FRCP more comprehensive but also a way for the player to actually remember and keep track of which names have already been used, instead of combing the RMB for horribly misspelled surnames.

Please note: this is meta, and thus your characters and governments will not know many characters.



Dmitri Dmitriyevich Dyatlov
Description: M, 26 years
Title/Occupation: Captain of the Army
Info: A dashing young man who was selected from the armed forces to take part in Operation Grozny, operates alongside Yablonsky.
Status: Deceased, in LEO due to assignment of Operation Grozny.

Yakov Yakimovich Yablonsky
Description: M, 32 years
Title/Occupation: Lieutenant Junior Grade of the Navy
Info: Served on many different patrol ships in the FRCP, born before the FRCP was. He was chosen for Operation Grozny, and currently still partakes in the operation. Universally known as an "old man" or "old coot".
Status: Dead, in LEO due to assignment in Operation Grozny.

Alexei Kutznetzov
Description: M, 41
Title/Occupation: Counter-Admiral of the Navy
Info: Witnessed the FRCP being born, and thus is a pessimist. Had a relatively eventful service in the navy and was chosen to lead the first Yakov-Class, his assignment to the vessel was during the rising tensions between the FRCP and New Vedan. First operation with that vessel was to retrieve covert operatives from Vedanese soil.

He was promoted for his secretive efforts.

Later, he served as the impromptu commander of the CPN's Eastern Fleet in combat against Leonism and Custadia.
Status: Alive, serving aboard FRCPN Miś.

Fyodor Sergeyev
Description: M, 31
Title/Occupation: Corporal of the Army, Border Patrol
Info: Served as a border patrol officer which are notoriously over-trained. During New Vedan conflict was one of two operatives sent to interfere with their election. Lost life to hypothermic shock and subsequent bludgeoning at the base of the Emperor's Spine, a mountain range in New Vedan.
Status: Deceased

Andrei "Romanov"
Description: M,27
Title/Occupation: FRCP Cossack Intelligence Agent
Info: Has a rather classified but otherwise uneventful career prior to the escalation between the FRCP and New Vedan, flies and accompanies Fyodor Sergeyev on his assignment to influence the election of Vedan. After goals of mission were complete, brutally disposed of his weakened comrade. Served in diplomatic staff of Pavel Ilyin during the incident in the Vedanian Conference.
Status: Alive

Pasha Rostov
Description: M, 72
Title/Occupation: Brigadier General of the Cossack Army
Info: Served as a soldier during the First Civil War (on which side is unknown) and had an otherwise uneventful and mediocre career, up until the period of time in recent history known as the Enlightenment (a rapid modernization of all of society) where Rostov was promoted to facilitate training operations of the Army, and later to lead fresh militias and conscripts into combat.
Status: Alive

Wassily Kazakov
Description M, 50
Title/Occupation: Chief Executive of WURCo.
Info: Founded the WURCo. and as such is obscenely wealthy and influential throughout the FRCP. Has a second cousin in the government, Nikita Kazakov. Suspected to be corrupt, but all claims are usually put aside for lack of evidence.
Status: Alive

Lieutenant Vitya Uvarov
Description: M, 24
Title/Occupation: Sotnik in the Cossack Naval Infantry
Info: Manages the influx of cargo in the port of Korf, among other duties relating to the port sector of Korf.
Status: Alive, deployed in Korf

Iosif Knyazev
Description: M, 46
Title/Occupation: Captain of the Navy
Info: A complete buffoon
Status: Alive, aboard FRCPN Szabla

Nikita Kazakov
Description: M, 48
Title/Occupation: Minister of Foreign Relations
Info: Cousin of esteemed arms manufacturer Wassily Kazakov, holds position due to government favors and minimal past experience in speechwriting and political science.
Status: Alive

Anzelm Silarz
Description: M, 92
Title/Occupation: Chairman of the Department of the Interior
Info: One of the sole survivors of the First Federal Republic, held a simliar but obsolete position. When Afonasei "Smirnov" took the office of the acting Principle Chairman, was large contributor to the Counter-Movement dedicated to removing him from that post.
Status: Alive

Sara Lysiak
Description: F, 43
Title/Occupation: Chairman of the Department of War
Info: Recently appointed, has made a wide impression across the echelons of the FRCP. Has a frigid relationship with subordinate officers but tends to apply them effectively to each their own strength.
Survived assassination attempt from Afonasei-backing Cossack Intelligence, helped organize the Counter-Movement to remove him from that post.
Status: Alive

Havel Král
Description: M, 55
Title/Occupation:Chairman of the Department of Industry
Status: Alive

Hogelun Vladov
Description: F, 32
Title/Occupation: Chairman of the Department of Services

Lyudmila Harecki
Description: F, 70
Title/Occupation: Chairman of the Department of Commerce
Status: Alive

Abram Nosov
Description: M, 43
Title/Occupation: (Corrupt) Ambassador to The Sigometh Dynasty
Info: Got job by being business partners with Wassily Kazakov
Status: Alive

Masha Voronov
Description: F, 52
Title/Occupation: Emissary to Northern Rosary Isles
Info: Diplomat sent to establish relations with the northern nation.
Status: Alive

Sasha Chkalov
Description: F, 31
Title/Occupation: Ambassador to Glorious Society
Info: Years of experience in Cossack Intelligence, most recently appointed the first ambassador to Glorious Society. Scared of flying.
Status: Alive

David Kirilov
Description: M, 61
Title/Occupation: Notable weapons designer for WURCo.
Info: Acheived some success with heavy machine gun designs, such as the DKh and DKhA series. Has an odd aversion to plaid.
Status: Alive

Pavel Ilyin
Description: M, 56
Title/Occupation: Ambassador to Leonism
Info: Sent to the old rival in hopes of reconciliation with the country, as well as the establishment of the FRCP's good intentions with the current ruler.
Status: Alive

Vladimir Pavlovich
Description: M,73
Title/Occupation: General of the Army
Info: High-ranking commander in the Cossack Peoples' army, he has a considerable amount of influence in affairs of government which he uses to tip the balance of decisions typically to the most extreme measures. He is effectively a military guru and receives and hears experts, though not as much of an expert as himself, to new additions to the doctrine and assets of the FRCP.
Status: Alive

Marina Primakov
Description: F, 49
Title/Occupation: Aerospace Engineer, currently employed in WURCo.
Info: Designer of the PkV-16
Status: Alive

Vadim Kapustin
Description: M, 57
Title/Occupation: Administrator of Science Directorate
Info: ---------- ---- ------ --- ----- - ------ --- ---- - --- ----.
Status: Alive

Valentyn Shynkarenko
Description: M, 43
Title/Occupation: Colonel of the Army
Info: Commanding Officer over Fort Rayevsky.
Status: Alive

Afonasei "Smirnov"
Description: M, 71
Title/Occupation: Cossack Intelligence
Info: Within the shadowy cabals of Cossack Intelligence, Afonasei climbed the ranks until -- --- ------ - ---- ------- ----- ---- ----- -------- -----. Declared himself Acting Principle Chairman until the return of the original to health.
Status: Alive

Vadimir Bezukhov
Description: M, 53
Title/Occupation: Principle Chairman of the FRCP; honorary Marshal of the Cossack Peoples
Info: Arriving to the office of the Principle Chairman in 2004, Vadimir (the generally obsolete root name of Vadim) is generally accepted throughout the country as one of the most capable leaders in the nation's history, if not the world. His face, pale and sickly but incredibly striking, has nearly become synonymous with the office of Principle Chairman; causing his name to be obscured over his most common title of Principle Chairman.

His early career in office was marked by insurrections and suppressions, border expansions and technological booms. However, hidden in the wake of such achievements and triumphs were always oppressed, suppressed, and heavily abused populace under Bezukhov's campaigns. A policy of rewriting official documents that would appear damaging to the Federal Republic was instigated, as well as direct attacks on foreign academia by misguided Cossack academics. The entire attitude of the Federal Republic had seemingly turned into a hellish authoritarian state.

However, his health has waned in recent years, publicly attributed to age and heritage, but to a handpicked few the diagnosis is very different; the onset of psychosis brought on by past strokes.
Status: Alive

Fedir Tsvetkov
Description: M, 68
Title/Occupation: Admiral of the Fleet
Info: Appointed in early February of 2020 to manage the expansion and maintenance of the Cossack navy by Afonasei the Principle Chairman.
Status: Deceased, aboard the FRCPN Timofeyevich