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Of Which We Are Falsely Accused


The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples has witnessed many large instances of lost life, many with mysterious causes and perpetrators, as well as suspicious political and humanitarian dealings. Of those instances, many have been foolishly pinned on us, the honorable and peaceful Cossacks. This document compiles a list of all the incorrect and fallacious statements that have been made against us, sometimes by radical rightist and leftist movements in our own borders.

Note that some are solved, but certainly are not at all like that because we've refused to really investigate them. The Federal Republic has also had unfair labels put on them, such as a "Psychotic Dictatorship", and along with that has been accused of several violations of laws that don't exist. Of the former and latter are listed below.


Lošemjesto 'Massacre': Mysterious disappearance of all former separatists from prior civil war.

The Blight of 2019: Rapidly and intentionally spreading a deadly pathogen with an unknown source, with even less knowledge about how it functions. Caused fatal fever, with the succumbed to be converted to mindless hosts to the disease. Nearly wiped out 3/4 of the Cossack population, with countless deaths in foreign nations.

As you can see, the notice said that we killed zombies, not people. See? They did it themselves.

Lesbian Sisterhood Massacre: A completely unsubstantiated accusation in which all the population of The lesbian sisterhood was wholly wiped out during the Blight. Naturally, everyone was hit hard by the blight, so there's no chance of the Federal Republic would able to muster the resources necessary to commit genocide.

Various Media Suppression: We don't.

Rewriting/Falsifying of records: We don't. Obviously, this is such a vile accusation based on valid sources nothing but our enemy's personal and deep-seated aggression towards our proud nation.

Convincing children to drink the magic potions underneath the sink: Seriously, why would you think that? We have the lowest death rate in the region, we're that safe!

Inhumane prison sentences and treatment: We have the best treatment of prisoners and criminals, believe us. We rarely have to impose the death sentence on even the worst offenders, and never impose it on those who it never was condemned with. Everyone in prison is happy. Everyone in the Cossack Peoples is happy.

Attempting to influence a foreign election: That's ridiculous! Absolutely preposterous! The FRCP washes its hands of this pathetic idea! That device found attached to a signal tower that had access to voting records was not at all used for espionage and subterfuge, but nothing except a device planted by covert Cossack agents in an attempt to elect a candidate that would be favorable to the FRCP children's toy!

Extorting foreign governments: Pentaga Giudici doesn't exist, and we most certainly did not demand ~800 billion NS$ in exchange for not invading them!

Firing upon diplomatically protected vessels: What complete rubbish! What did a bunch of unescorted and unwelcome vessels expect when waltzing into waters with a history of being extremely volatile? Not that we're condoning the use of violence against them, anyway.


Вечнасць для Cossacks!