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English: This page is being updated due to change of government. | The Cosmician Commune
Vestcosmicianą: Den page est updatźr per convertź de governmentą. | De Communą Cosmicianą

This page is undergoing a SERIOUS reconstruction because it's a complete mess!!!

The Cosmician forces were first founded in 1998 when Epsilon Tauri was first colonized. They consist of four sectors: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Space Fleet.

Cosmician Military

The Army
The Cosmician army was initially very important in suppressing rebellions across Cosmicium due to mass pollution, but eventually became extremely unimportant for anything other than defense. They look mostly like real-world modern day soldiers,

but have the accuracy of these:

And these:

Cosmician soldiers are mostly equipped with a combination of the R/S-36 (sometimes the R-440 carbine) and pistol, alongside other standard infantry equipment.

As of 2033, there were 1,055,970 infantry in the Cosmician army, of which 38,943 were on ships.

The Navy
The Cosmician navy was practically useless from the start. There were exactly zero ships sent to Cosmicium during the colonization period, and only one small patrol boat was built between 1998 and 2033. There was a counting error of ridiculous scales that meant this misleading result was shown. It looks like this:

The Air Force
The Cosmician air force is a lot more important than the Army or the Navy, and 25% of the funding goes to it. They are feared throughout the known regions of the galaxy for their strike precision. The fighters look a lot like this:

The Space Fleet
The space fleet of Cosmicium is far more important than the Air Force, the Army and the Navy combined. 65% of the funding went to building spaceships. The first ships sent to Cosmicium travelled at roughly 50% of the speed of light and looked like this:

The next round of fleets, sent in 2004, featured near-light travel, at 98.5% of the speed of light.

In 2010 a third round of fleets were sent to Cosmicium, featuring faster-than-light travel.

Cosmicium however has not yet received access to FTL travel, and so uses repurposed colony ships and near-light speed battleships, which are criticized by X-284 for being way behind.

This is the picture of the Atlantus battlecruiser, which will be the first Cosmician ship to feature FTL travel, expected to be introduced to the Space Fleet in early 2035.

A Note on FTL Ships
According to known physics, the massive amount of kinetic energy due to FTL ships stopping can destroy whole fleets and sometimes planets. This has been put to effective use in several battles against Ancient forces.

RX-9000 Planet Boom
There are also rumors that Cosmicium is developing a superweapon, a weapon capable of destroying whole planets that they insist is not the Death Star from that Star Wars thingy.

Cosmicium repeatedly denies these rumors and says that such destructive power is impossible, the military says that it's designed to destroy whole cities, not planets, and that the rumor was based on a printing mistake.
Cosmicium has been forced to admit that the superweapon can destroy whole planets, but continues denying that it looks like the Death Star. As of 2033, Cosmicium is also building the RX-9001 Planet Boom II, a star-destroying superweapon.

Cosmician Military Hierarchy
President (Dictator) Mortheus Valixor (1998-)
Marshal of All Military Forces of Cosmicium, the Outskirts and all her Colonies: Xenius Grado (2001-)
Fleet Marshal of 1st Navy:
Fleet Marshal James Perry (1998-2026)
Fleet Marshal Octavius Augustus (2026-)

Admirals of 1st Navy:

Fleet Marshal of 2nd Fleet:

This military hierarchy is WIP, will probably be working on this for a very long time.